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  1. @AllbrightNFL https://t.co/jJTszzcYYg

  2. @OrwellNGoode "If you're white and not racist, never fear, we'll do anything to make sure you too, are included" -… https://t.co/LKHdws13VS

  3. @perlmutations Sad part is no one was there to record this tantrum. Would'a made my week. https://t.co/tEprxhMjsI

  4. @JoyVBehar she makes for good meme... so there's that.

  5. @EricPaulLeue today's politicians were teachers in the 70's ? https://t.co/CVF0Jnyaya

  6. #NationalNachosDay Well then, who's Day is it ?

  7. @WhatTheFFacts WTFF is colluding with the Russians.

  8. RT @ThomasSowell: “I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebo…

  9. RT @arttavana: Clinton: I can't know for sure exactly how much money I took from Harvey Weinstein Answer: $1,492,673.45 since 1999 https://…

  10. RT @TimKennedyMMA: I wanted to thank all of the brave NFL players that ran into sniper fire to try and save lives.. wait those were police…

  11. @WhatTheFFacts sounds cheeky...

  12. @abc13houston Come on guys, you need good shoes to run from a hurricane !

  13. RT @PrisonPlanet: The left is losing its shit over these pics of happy black people asking for Trump selfies. It would be a shame if you r…

  14. @Mediaite Imagine what her skin did when she saw that blue dress. Or a cigar.

  15. @WhatTheFFacts https://t.co/1k71DzOis4