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  1. @larryelder ...but @starbucks is still closing for "racial bias training." https://t.co/qxBbBPMRxU

  2. @RapSheet @AdamSchefter The SEAHAWKS have always let the PLAYERS do what the PLAYERS have collectively decided to d… https://t.co/4BVWKfNaBl

  3. @WhatTheFFacts "research".... haha. ok. https://t.co/9x3LbRPcqF

  4. @WhatTheFFacts https://t.co/4K2BXvTcZ9

  5. @KyleKashuv Something tells me he's not acting.

  6. @SarahKSilverman https://t.co/97kvt41alS

  7. @FoxSportsRadio @ColinCowherd #FAKENEWS strikes again.

  8. @KING5Seattle Wow. I sure hope that wasn't a @KING5Seattle cameraman in the face of that lady in the car. How unpro… https://t.co/2DEQZItoDL

  9. @Alyssa_Milano @amazon @AppleTV @FedEx @NRA No worries @Amazon , i'll order three separate times for the hell of it… https://t.co/XyTHRq9pRg

  10. RT @OwenBenjamin: Of the 27 worst mass shooters in America only one was raised by their biological father. That’s a profound correlation. S…

  11. RT @fleccas: [PROPOSAL]: DEBATE FOR CHARITY. Ben Shapiro VS. Jimmy Kimmel. GOAL: Raise $500,000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. FOR…

  12. RT @RubinReport: Hey @jimmykimmel as a real liberal and not a far Left ideologue I’d love to have you on my talk show to discuss! (Also th…

  13. RT @LoruYaz: Hey @NancyPelosi & @SenSchumer you and your party couldn't even stand for the parents of those murdered girls?? What about the…

  14. @WhatTheFFacts And ZERO have died from https://t.co/WStdWg0Xe8

  15. @AllbrightNFL https://t.co/jJTszzcYYg