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  1. RT @9GAG: I don’t like morning people... or mornings... or people.

  2. @jOhn_mOel @oevank @YosiaHandy @bin_c00l Perlu diramein sm sepuh2 jaman old kayaknya tuh

  3. Found some interesting place while biking, unfortunately left my phone at home. Definitely will take some shoot for… https://t.co/LQJq63VB3c

  4. Don't miss Ep. 187 - Difference of Lunarbaboon. #LINEWEBTOON https://t.co/fYdg0S2R3u https://t.co/FvDBWDCBYh

  5. @tajakusumah @drannisafadilla baca deh recomended

  6. RT @byRHSin: date yourself until you find someone willing to love you as much as you love yourself

  7. RT @9GAG: A day worth remembering! https://t.co/VF58g0dJYy

  8. RT @byRHSin: a beautiful composition of broken | https://t.co/rMmUb0IGXF https://t.co/reppRNkHiU

  9. RT @RealTouchingPic: Soo true https://t.co/ckH8BFLhtb

  10. RT @9GAG: Dating is collecting information about someone until you realize you don't like them

  11. RT @RealTouchingPic: You should remember this https://t.co/F85LZuS7s2

  12. RT @byRHSin: people are exhausting. i'm in love with being alone.

  13. RT @NARMAK13: While I work on getting the video back up, I'll just post it here. Might as well haha https://t.co/rjucAwOdTH

  14. RT @shitlicious: Jangan takut sama kesendirian, takutlah sama kesepian. Sendirian tak selalu kesepian, kan? https://t.co/kOkYmd6M6C

  15. RT @RealTouchingPic: This is so powerful https://t.co/zvBsxxFhA8