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  1. RT @SunflowerSoul71: I can't stand it when people are beholden to PARTY OVER PEOPLE or AGENDA OVER AMERICA. Only a few brave souls and th…

  2. RT @krassenstein: Since "Franken Should Go" is trending. Let's all help get #SexualPredatorTrump trending, and encourage those attacked…

  3. RT @NathanLerner: Roy Moore's accuser consistently recounted her story in 6 interviews Voted Republican in last 3 elections, including for…

  4. RT @onetinyvote: . @MSNBC @maddow #TheResistance LOL! @SeanHannity is a joke! https://t.co/f5ZhA4bPVB

  5. RT @TheDemocrats: RT if you agree: Slashing funds for Medicare and Medicaid so the GOP can cut taxes for corporations and the rich is wrong…

  6. RT @PrincessBravato: #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/z5ZZ63dhcv

  7. RT @BanditRandom: Kelly translation: How dare a meager black woman we allow to serve in our fraternal govt know what an asshole Trump is &…

  8. RT @Randysmith1956: Someone else is trying to get #25thAmendment trending. I think this might upset @realDonaldTrump so please, do not RETW…

  9. @DRUDGE_REPORT Worked as 911 dispatcher. Never once did one call say, help my b/f is violent due to pot. SMH

  10. RT @jaketapper: 126k RTs = $126k for veterans!!! Thanks everyone!!!! https://t.co/KH9nCqUL7w

  11. RT @funder: RT if u agree it's time for Trump to do everything in his power to help the millions of Americans in Puerto Rico. #TrumpHelpPu…

  12. Thank you Senator Collins. It was the right thing to do! https://t.co/bR6SY2M6nw

  13. .@SenJohnMcCain I don't want higher premiums & worse care. Protect care for Arizonans like me #VoteNo #GrahamCassidy https://t.co/4XwQSZ63xy

  14. @USMC_SSDD You wouldn't believe what they put me thru to work as police dispatcher either. Why not the gop?

  15. @SenKamalaHarris Having epilepsy costs a bunch for medications and MRI. I cannot be insured due to this being a pre existing condition.