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  1. @OMAROSA Why do you say head of house hode?

  2. @AbsolutelyQuad Please stop acting like a petulant child, and find out where all your anger comes from.

  3. @mrjaxtaylor It's lash out at people not outlash.

  4. @WhitneyWay You should have said, Buddy is not in a ditch, he's with a bish.

  5. @courtneyact Congrats on winning Celebrity Big Brother UK, that Unicorn wig was a little crazy.

  6. @Bravotv @danniellestab is a dirty pig for having sex at a family restaurant opening in the bathroom.

  7. @KyleRichards You have to close the dogs ear when you bathe them so they don't get water in them and an infection https://t.co/SFpzhjqIBW

  8. @realDonaldTrump You blame everyone but yourself while making the poor and working class broke and making the rich wealthier.

  9. Check out my @Speedtest result! How fast is your internet? https://t.co/yecgX7qwiC #speedtest Comcast, not very fa… https://t.co/xw9RaW1Xlz

  10. @ProjectRunway @TimGunn It's too bad she admitted to cheating at the time and now back peddles and lies about it.

  11. @Pink I like how you winced when Chrisina @xtina sang badly.

  12. @survivorcbs the cocksman https://t.co/hhG8T4Mlff

  13. @Teresa_Giudice Your mother was only a Gorga by marriage too. @melissagorga

  14. @ProjectRunway How was Margarita out, it was a beautiful dress, Kentaro made a smock to get your hair cut in. https://t.co/f8uqJroKzC

  15. @WalkingDead_AMC How do they have cigarettes and Twizzlers this late into the Zombie apocalypse?