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  1. @ShaunKing @missydepino This white gentleman is very well informed.

  2. @TexasFlipnMove @DIYNetwork the girls turned the cockpit into the caca pit.

  3. @realDonaldTrump @cnn Putin stole you "Fake News" bit. Now when you yell Fake News we know you are saying you are… https://t.co/CBCE4LfOXK

  4. @MayorofLondon You big dummy, how about law abiding citizens who want to carry knives to protect themselves form the criminals with knives?

  5. @JeffProbst https://t.co/PPWFVweMzH can you help Scott the Engineer?

  6. @TedNugent Ironic how a soulless liar calls high school kids what he is.

  7. @imkylecooke You guys really drink too much, what's with the need to get fall down drunk all the time you are 35 not 21

  8. @RickSantorum You are moronic, dummy, imbecile.

  9. RT @TempePolice: Tempe Police Vehicular Crimes Unit is actively investigating the details of this incident that occurred on March 18th. We…

  10. @yahoomail With the new yahoo mail you can't right click and mark as read

  11. @itsSHANGELA You got robbed @rupaul should have overruled the jury and let you be in the lip sync too.

  12. @MetroSupport @MetroPCS Day 913, can't even contact support. my metro won't connect me, calling the 888 number sen… https://t.co/P4eqbI4AQ5

  13. @ABC7SWFL Your Saturday morning 7am news anchor does not know how to pronounce Pompano Beach.

  14. @kailah_casillas What you did to Kayleigh was fucked up, you deserved to be bitch slapped by her. You should have… https://t.co/IbbvLgthUn

  15. @itsjameskennedy https://t.co/Lay4IKQQZB @lala @andy