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  1. 3:05PM BBT- Ken, Rach, Sarah on couches, realize 6 ppl have 2 go in 3 wks, think something crazy is going to happen. Kenny says it may already be happening! They chat about how the house looks different now compared to when they first came in. Heather, Arlie talk come inside from BY. Ken asks her if he can listen to her music. Sab sits on couch by Rach, who tells sab about 6 ppl leaving in 3 weeks. 3:15PM BBT- From the couch, Sarah says, I wonder which 2 of you 6 will get kicked out next. I can't wait to watch! Rach laughs but everyone has ignored Sarah. Jon, Adel, Sab, Arlie, Heather sit down to eat. Sarah is upset she is eating slop, yet has a 2 wk slop pass. Says its like getting evicted while having immunity idol. Sarah wonders what it's going to be like when she leaves the house. Says it will be so nice to be alone. Neda sits on couch by Sarah, Rach tells Neda about 6 ppl leaving. Sarah says it will be so stressful for them. Neda thinks that doesn't sound right, won't be entertaining if 2 ppl go each week. the debate how it will go down. 3:25PM BBT- Sarah tells them to not come up with any theories that include her going to jury. They wonder why the HOH TV isn't working b/c it's so important to watch the house from there. They talk about BB seasons, Jon says he has never watched an entire season. They talk about Rachelle Reily, Jon hates her voice. Heather talks abou her voice, Sarah says her normal voice is ok, it's her sweetsy fake voice she doesn't like. But she hasn't done it for a while so it's ok. Heather replies "oh -thanks". 3:30PM BBT- Sab has gone to BR where Ally is. Sab is crying to her. Says she isn't the only one talking about ppl. Rach walks in asks what is wrong. Sab says ppl are saying mean things about her. Rach asks who? Sab doesn't understand what's the difference between what she has done for her alliance and what Arlie has done. Adel comes in and convo stops.Rach and Sab leave to WA, Rach tries to get more info about what exactly was said. Sab just said it was so mean he was told to stop. Adel comes in so they leave. 3:38PM BBT - Sab joins Neda, Jon, Heath on couch. Tries to tell Neda some lines about not going after Jon, calls Arlie over to verify her story. Neda says you swore Jon and I weren't your targets, but you just said Jon was always your alliances target. Sab says I can't wait for you to watch this show, then you'll see. Neda says yep! Sarah says she is over it and walks away. Neda laughs and looks at Jon. Sab comes back again and they argue more. Neda says they will see what Sab has said, even about manipulating Rachelle and laughing about it. Sab denies all of this 3:45PM BBT - They talk about the lies going around about Heather, Neda says I wonder where that come from. Sarah pipes up from KT, I think Ika did that. Sab says thanks Sarah, at least. Sab and Rach get up and walk away to KT. Neda is mad, Jon mentions how mad he was last night but is better now. Heather says she feels better today, too. In KT, Sab says she can't be anymore hurt than already is. Sarah tells her it's time to let it go, it's consuming her. Sarah says she isn't talking game anymore. She is over it. Sab keeps talking game. Sarah snaps on Sab, tells her to go somewhere else. She is not kidding. Sab, you got had, get over it! I'm the one who is leaving! - sab finally shuts up. 3:55PM BBT- Heather says if ppl hate her voice outside the show, she's going to try do voice overs or something. neda tells her that her normal voice is fine. Sarah has left KT, needs a breather. Sab whines to Kenny about what Sarah said that sab got had and to go away . kenny said he's not talking about it anymore. It's awfully quiet in KT. The say they are hungry but glad they found some sugar, maybe they will hide it in the HOH. Sarah, Arlie and Jon in WA, they talk about Sarah choosing to go with Kenny and she was excited he won POV. She says it's not her fault they didn't backdoor him. Says they f-ed her over, don't come asking for info now. She and Jon hug it out. Sarah and Kenny go to pool. Sarah tells him about the issue with Sabrina tripping out. 3:59PM BBT - Sarah and Kenny talk about Sabrina. Sarah and Kenny are DONE with Sab and her crap. Kenny says something is seriously, seriously wrong. Kenny confesses to Sarah he did tell Jon about the 1st 5. They say Sab can't see what she does to others, only what ppl have done to her. They both have a good, much-needed venting session!
  2. 3:00PM BBT - Neda, Ally,Arlie, Heather and Jon in BR talking about Ika. They assume there will be dbl evictions/ instant evictions b/c there is only 1 month left and many still in the house. Arlie says he is worried about Kenny in the comps. Hopes it's something they can gang up on him and beat him. They all go down to KT to eat. Rachelle in BR by herself -talking to herself, just cursing out Heather. 3:15PM BBT- Sab and Rach at HT, Rach is pretty mad. Says if she doesn't win, she's going to hate herself. Sab says - so long as one of us win. Rach says good thing is they have kenny and he is strong, he can win things. She is cold but doesn't want to go in b/c she hates the ppl inside. Says she would self evict if she was left in house alone with them. Sab says they know she is a strong player. They complain about Alison, then decide to go to BR. Kenny, Sarah in WA. ken hopes Rach wins HOH cause it's probably going to be a dbl evict. Sab and Rach come in to WA and start gossiping about Neda being mad. 3:25PM BBT - In WA, Sar,Sab, Ra, Ken are complaining about Arlie. Sarah isn't happy there is 3 more days of this. She wants to yell at anyone who talks to her. They contemplate starting drama and calling people out for flipping. Kenny says Jon drank a shake when on slop, they want BB to review tapes and punish him. In KT, they clean after eating. Ali worries they are going to touch her stuff, say they should spit in the food cause Sab is being....sab. They wonder if you are allowed to mess with other ppl's stuff. 3:40PM BBT- Adel heads to HT. Ali says he is causing her stress. Arlie is called to DR, told to wear a hat. Ali, Heath, Neda, Jon in KT, they talk about the 1st 5. in WA, Sarah wonders if it's possible Canada will save her. They say yes, Sab says Canada sees they are the misfits now. Sab complains about sleeping in the lions den, wonders if she can sleep in HNR. Sarah tells her its good to be up there listening cause she'll still be in the house 3:50PM BBT- Neda, Heather, Ali in KT. They ask Ali what else they said about them. She repeats heathers voice and being stupid. In WA, they discuss if they win, who to put up - Jon and Arlie or Adel. Maybe neda. ken says Neda doesn't do anything in this game. They talk about Arlie or Jon to go. Jon #1, Arlie #2, Adel #3. She is bottom of the barrel b/c she does nothing. Sarah says don't let Alison stay til the end. Sarah warns them that they can only pick who goes up, don't have the numbers to decide who goes home. They have to explain this to Sab, who doesn't understand why they can't choose who to evict. 3:55PM BBT- Neda tells how Sarah pulled her aside before flipping the vote. Ali confirms sarah said she wants good relations with Neda cause they live in the same place. Neda says how many lies Sab has told, she's the reason everyone hated heather. Neda says Sab think she's so smart, being friendly with every1, but the things she has said - WOW. They wonder if Sarah knows about lies Sab has made up. Heather says Sab was trying to be too smart and cocky about it, she sucks at winning so - she messed up her own game. They want sab on slop. Heath says this is a shock b/c last years game was good, but this year is sooo personal 4:00PM BBT- They talk about Ali/Andrew showmance. Ali says she got distracted for sure. They assure her she is in a better spot now, made new alliances and friends. None of them want to be in Jury with Sab. They wonder how to get rid of kenny. Put him on block or go for the Backdoor. and Hope he doesn't play for veto. They wonder who would go on block if they had to put up own member. Jon comes in and adds that if kenny is on block, he definitely gets to play veto, then will likely win. Ali says she doesn't like backdoor move, it's almost disrespectful to not give them a chance to play for themselves. Jon would like to see him squirm, knowing there is nothing he can do. feed 3/4 in WA are down.
  3. 5:00 PM BBT- Sabrina in HOHR alone, dancing and looking at herself in the mirror. Other HG's sitting on couches in LR, chatting about a comp, and being happy they didn't get a chum bath. We can hear Ika/Neda in KT. The guys joke that Sarah is probably a Lacrosse pro and just pretending she is just a "mom". 5:10PM BBT- Ika and Adel at counter, she is whispering something to him but can't make out what she is saying. Sabrina is still dancing for herself in HOHR. Other HG are talking about food and weapons. Sarah jokes that BB took all her weapons out of her bag. Somehow, HG are talking about drugs, wondering what is controlled substance and what they are made of. Jon says many Newfies are on Methadone now. Kenny said there was a crack house across from his place and it was so much entertainment and drama. 5:15PM BBT- Sabrina, Heather in WA. Sabrina talks to heather about the spoon incident, heather thought Sabrina was mad at her. Andrew comes in, Sabrina tells them about Adel taking the sugar from her and putting in his slop, that's why she was so mad. Andrew says he hopes they show what happened on tv. That was one thing he was his biggest fear about going into the house - how it is editted. Heather tells Sabrina she did good, that she would have blown up if it was her. Andrew blames Ika for more drama but Sabrina says it was Adel who did it. They leave WA and Ika is in. Sabrina has gone to KT and tells the girls that Ika bumped into her on the stairs. The HG agree that she is trying to tick people off. She goes around laughing in peoples faces, type of thing. 5:20PM BBT- Sabrina has followed Adel and Ika out to HT. Ika asks is there a reason you're here? Sab: Is there a reason you bumped into me? Ika: Shut up. Go on the treadmill and shut up. You're so lucky I am not going to be here. Sabrina: Is that a threat? Are you threatening me? (insert *%#$# everywhere). Ika told her she's lucky she won't be there or she'd put Sabrina on the block so fast! She calls Sabrina a snake and tells Adel o watch out for her. Some words are tossed back and forth bewtween the ladies. 5:25 PM BBT- Sabrina finally leaves HT area. Ika tells Adel she came out just to start drama. She is so fake. Sabrina has gone inside. Is telling HG in LR what happened. Someone says that's physical abuse for bumping into her, if she feels threatened to go to the DR. She says they won't let her in. Now Sabrina is crying, swearing and shouting as she repeats her cookies and sugar story how Adel took the sugar away from her. She says that Ika told her she is fat, to go away and go on treadmill. Sabrina tells them she was a model so she doesn't care. She really starts with the cuss words and screaming, and the feeds have all gone to FotH. 5:45PM BBT- FotH. 5:50PM BBT - Ika, Adel at HT, still talking about Sabrina crying, Adel can't stand her. Ika says she won't bash her anymore because it will hurt Adels game. Says Sabrina takes the game so personally. Other HG on couches still, general chatter - no Sabrina on the feeds. 6:00PM BBT- Ika and Adel at HT still, talking about slop. Ika says BB probably did the food challenge for Sabrinas sake. She is upset they put Adel on slop and not the other guys. They chat about music and ethicity. She notes that people don't separate different sub cultures. It's just white, asian, etc. She never knew there were muslims of different ethnicity and such until she moved out this way. He explains Palestine and Israel to her. She thinks cultures are cool, enjoys learning about them.
  4. 2:00PM BBT- Sabrina & Sarah in BR talking about how they are going to approach Rachelle to target Ika this week. They will try and sell it that the guys will protect them if they do. They go to the WA where they see Arlie has a new 'do. (He's done the stripes all the way to the nape of his neck.) Neda/Adel laying on couch in HOHR. He has headphones on and neda is going to try tap a nap in BR. Kenny/Andrew/Alison/Rachelle in KT just general chatter going on. 2:10 PM BBT- Sabrina is in the HOHR crying to Adel and rachelle. She says that she misses people. Then she talks about Rachelle looking good, how lucky her bf is. She thinks Rachelles bf is hot and if he has any hot friends like him. (he does!) 2:15PM BBT- Kenny and Andrew head out to the HT for a smoke. kenny tells Andrew that Heather said she saved him this week because she told rachelle she hates her - just before rachelle won HOH. Kenny stretches his face to try and reach the sun. he says he feels like a plant trying to reach the sunshine. Andrew says they probably look retarded - then quickly corrects his wording and says they look "ridiculous". They wonder if anything crazy will happen today. They talk about what 2million means and Andrew offers his guess that they'll have a big disco party. 2:20 PM BBT- Kenny and Sarah are now raiding the freshly stocked WC like kids in a candy store. Sabrina, rachelle and Adel are up in HOHR, Sabrina is telling him not to use his special power unless he is on the block. She thinks he won't be a target for about another 4 weeks, other fish to fry right now. But not to tell anyone her advice. They all jump up and wonder if there is fighting go on b/c they heard loud screams downstairs. they fly down the stairs to see what is going on only to find out the screams are from elated HG looking at food in the WC. 2:30 PM Racheal & Sabrina go to HOHR where Sabrina tells Rach that she has been thinking long and hard about what to do (her speech she came up with earlier with Sarah). Tells her that when she has HOH it will be both of their HOH, just like rachelles is both of their HOH now. She says that Rachelle should put up heather and Alison, sending Heather home. BUT if Alison wins POV and takes herself down, Sabrina thinks they should backdoor IKA. Says that she is just too dangerous in this game. She continues to say that Ika has no one, and if Ika stays and wins another HOH - they'll have ti be her slaves and do what she says. Yet her Ika is going around telling people she doesn't even like rachelle, how they are a sinking ship and can't win. She tells rachelle that Ika said to sarah that she didn't put up the guys so they wouldn't come after them (the girls), but Sab thinks thats a weak excuse for just not wanting to get blood on her hands and a target on her back. Because now she is saying that rachelle should go after the guys but wont because she is too weak and doesnt want to get blood on her hands and target on her back, but Ika just had a chance to and she didn't either. Sabrina is getting so sick of Ika and her attitude. rachelle says that Ika isn't even talking to her. But Rachelle worries that if she takes out heather or ika, it's a waste of a week. Sab counters that it would actually buy them a week because they guys would protect them both if they got Ika out. She made a deal/promise with them on it. Neda comes into HOHR and Sabrina pulls the crying/upset act again, saying she misses her family. they converse about the 2 million counter and if something is going to happen today.
  5. 2:00PM BBT- Kenny, Jon & Ika in HOHR. They are trying to get her to go after Paul this week, promising they can go after Heather next week. She says that it is easy to beat Paul in a comp, buyt Jon thinks that Paul could beat him in a puzzle comp because Paul is smart. Ika doesn't want heather left ust because she can't really compete and thinks the guys are understating the situation with her. rachelle really wants heather gone and Ika won't go back on her word. 2:05PM BBT- Sabrina/Heather on chairs in hall, hashing out hard feelings over the misunderstanding about cleaning. Heather just wanted Sabrina to know that she was trying to help her because she sees her cleaning all the time and she just wanted to help and was being positive about it. Sabrina thought thats he was tryiong to get recognition or something, and she is already upset because of what ppl come to Sabrina and say things to her, telling her what Heather says about her. Sabrina said she was trying to keep her distance from people when she feels they are making things up and causing drama. She wanted the dus to settke. heather tells Sabrina that she needs to tell her this, and when she is mad- tell her. 2:10PM BBT - Ika & kenny are still in HOHR debating who to get rid of. She can't stand heather, not for one more week! They say they feel same way about Paul. She can't stand how he is being smug, walking around like he is on air so sure he is staying. The boys giver Ika their word that they will go after heather next week, tell her think about it- they are going to give her the day to think it through. They all agree to think about it and come back 2morrow and talk again. They all agree that they can't even handle being in Pauls presence, but they don't want people coasting to the end because they aren't seen as a threat. The boys tell Ika that rachelle needs to put her personal feelings aside for just one week. They say that everyone thinks that heather is the biggest liar and so they'll all want her out anyways. Ika counters by saying that Paul is the biggest, most disgusting one and that's why she figures he isn't a threat in the comp for next week but heather still has a chance. 2:20PM BBT - Kenny/Andrew/Arlie at top of stairs, Kenny gives Andrew a run down of convo w/Ika. Andrew says that Ika is a strong player. Adss that Adel needs leadership, if he losses Paul he will look for a leader. They say the need to get the other votes, and need to get a couple girls on board but careful of emotions w/girls. Andrew said that Sarah is on board, tells how Sarah said the girls corned her in the WC to make her swear on her kids that she would vote out heather. Andrew warns them about emotions and how Emotions make alliances crumble. They head to talk to Alison in WA about Ika going after Paul b/c of Rachelle emotions, it's not even a smart game move. Alison agrees to go with the house. They promise her safety next week. 2:35PM BBT- Sarah/Ika/Rach/Neda in HOHR, Ika is listing off the comps they have already done, trying to figure out if it will be a mental comp and if the guys will win next HOH. She thinks the girls can win next week. Sarah says she will vote with Ika, it's not what she would do but it is not her HOH. She is worried that if she votes with the girls, she will be on the block and gone next week. Ika says that Kenny talks to her like he is worried that she is a strong player, she'd be the bigger threat. Ika lits off the vote count and that she get s to be the tie breaker so it's safe to vote for heather. They keep trying to get Sarah to stop worrying and to vote with the girls. Neda asks Sarah what what Andrew said to her. Neda doesn't like the way the guys think they can "work" them. As they are going to all girls to convince them to get out Paul and they'll be safe next week. Sarah is worried guys will peg them off. Ika says that Paul is against guys, but Heather would be pulled in by guys and be 1 more vote with them. Neda asks Sarah why she is thinking it is better to vote out Paul. Sarah says she tries to seperate her real life from the game, she tries to do what is best for everyone. She tells the girls about her convo with Andrew. 2:45PM BBT- Paul is alone in KT making slop pancakes. All other feeds on ladies in HOHR. Really working on Sarah, Ika tells her the guys trust her. Not to act like she is close w/girls. Sarah says the guys aren't stupid- they know she is up w/them. She just wishes could get Heather and Alison out back2back. Neda says wouldn't be fair to Alison, thinks Canada is protecting her. Ika doesn't think the guys would go after Adel b/c he is stronger and could win the POV an pull himself off the block so they don't want him to play in the pov. Neda says they just need to get out heather and win HOH next week. Ika tells Sarah she is strong and she can win. She did so good in the last come, she was right up there with the guys. They debate when dbl eviction is and if Adel is after them or the guys. Ika thinks he is after the guys b/c he knows the girls kept him safe by choosing not to nom him. Feeds cut to FotH. 2:57PM BBT- Feeds back. Sarah/Arlie in Halfnot room, she is stressed that either side will be mad at her. Guys will know if she doesn't vote out Paul. Arlie says she will be exposed if she votes out Paul. Sarah says the guys keep telling her she could just deny it. Arlie says it's better for her game to get out Heather. Guys are just looking out for themselves. Not to be too worried, she is not in that bad of a position. The guys have bigger fish to fry, she not the biggest threat. It will give her anxiety if she worries about people being mad at her. Says she should just tell both sides what they want to hear, there is still 2 days til vote. 3:08PM BBT- Sab/Andrew talking in hallway, says she can't go back on word and be exposed right now. It's not a big deal to keep Paul. he said it is cause every1 wants him/kenny gone. Sabrina said Paul is useless so what's the point of going after him? She said it would be stupid to expose the 1st 5 over Paul. Andrew says that Ika doesn't trust Sarah, so if Sabrina just denies, denies, denies - Ika might think it was Sarah. They are going back and forth over her being exposed if she votes out Paul. She says she will save their butts but she will be in trouble. She'll go on block either way. He says not if 1st 5 wins. They work out scenarios about next HOH and who would be nomed. Ika can't play so she can go up for sure. 3:28PM BBT- Ika/Neda/Rach in HOHR. Ika says she's getting so sick of Kenny/Andrew, more and more. Neda thinks Jon is smart. Ika says ken/Jon are closer than Ken/Andrew. Tells Neda not to trust Jon too much. neda says he just tries to get info. Sabrina comes in angry, says Andrew just walked away from her b/c she won't agree to vote out Paul. He thinks he can convince another girl to vote out Paul, but he isn't listening to her and is mad at her cause he thinks he is a bigger target than she is. They wonder if the guys got to Alison, Sabrina doesn't think so though.
  6. 2:00 PM BBT - Sabrina & Jon are by the Hot tub. She is telling him how she thinks he is the hottest guy in the house. Also, the nicest. He is quite flattered and takes the compliment well. She says that she thought it was kenny, but only for 10 minutes, now she thinks it is Jon. She rattles off a long list of what she like about him, his eyes, and basically everything else. Adel has joined them and they talk about the strange smell outside, then they all head inside. 2:10 PM BBT - Neda, Rachelle and Ika are in the HOHWA. Neda is hand washing her laundry in the tub. They talk about Emmitt and Gary being fan favorites, they think Kenny will also be well liked by the BB fans. neda thinks its because of his looks, even his beard, and his personality. Jon has come upstairs looking for toilet paper. they suggest newspaper or paper towel. He says he would never do that! He asks why Neda is doing her laundry in the tub, she says it's her whites. Plus, clothes last longer when you do them by hand. Then he asks her what her medicine is for. She tells him it's for her bladder infection. They chat about the comp that's coming up and how they hope BB gives them booze after. Jon says they'll probably get pretty wasted because of being on slop for so long. Once Jon leaves, talk turns to Jon. Neda thinks Jon would have a hard time lying, like her, but that Kenny wouldn't and he shouldn't be trusted. The girls worry about the twists coming up and the comps. They hope it isn't too physical, hopefully something with numbers, so they have a good chance at it. They are wooried about the guys winning and coming after the girls. 2:15 PM BBT - In the BR, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie & Andrew are changing into workout gear. Andrew says tat Sarah is a beautiful mom. She says she works out, tries for 3x/wk. at boot camp. The guys leave and Sabrina & Alison come in. There is some chit chat about what to wear for the workout and what they will do when BB is over. Sabrina wants to go to Vegas, but Sarah wants to take her family for a vacation to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Saraha can't wait to tan. Not fake tan but she she wants "the sun rays to burn her skin off". She knows it's not good and apologizes to Canada for wanting the unhealthy tanning. 2:20 PM BBT- Heather has joined Rachelle and neda in HOHWA. There is general chit chat about what they can't wait to do when BB is over. Family, partying and twitter - quite the range of interests at this point (and who can blame them!). They talk about what their tweets are like. 2:25 PM BBT - Paul, Ika, Alison & Sabrina are in the WA. The girls are getting ready for the workout. Sabrina wants some mascara and under eye concealer - at least! Once all have left Ika and Paul alone in WA, talk turns to serious stuff. In hushed whispers, Ika tells Paul the names of the people she is sure will vote to keep Paul. She wants Heather out, but asks Paul if she can trust him. He says that he has been preparing to go home so he hasn't been talking to anyone, just laying low. She tells him that she doesn't want him to mess up before the vote. She wasn't going to tell him about Heather being her target, but changed her mind because she is worried he will tick off the girls - who already don't like him. Ika tells him to lay low, the girls are emotional - don't even fart around them! She says that the guys want Paul gone because Heather is injured and not a threat in comps, plus she isn't after them. Ika says she wants Paul and Adel to stay because they are voted for her side. Paul says he is worried that the girls don't like or trust him though. She agrees, they don't. Then she explains how she convinced girls that it makes sense to keep him and they've all promised to keep him over heather. Says if he ends up going home, he can throw her under the bus on the way out. She wouldn't blame him. But thats how serious she is. She is putting her butt on the line for him, she just wants him to show a little loyalty at least. he assures her that if she shows she can be trusted, she will have Adel and Paul til the end. 2:40 PM BBT - The rest of the HG's are working out in BY. Sabrina & Alison are very cozy, attached at the hip as Alison gives plenty of exercise tips. Adel has come into the WA where Paul and Ika are still hashing out their trust issues. He wants Paul to go to the Hot Tub but Ika says they still need a few minutes (they still need a couple minutes to repeat their concerns and promises first!). Paul confesses to Ika that he needs someone else to trust besides Adel. She tells him that she doesn't have anyone who has her back the way Adel has Pauls. She tells him how important it is to have that. Paul tells her he is very observant and can see who is together because they always end up back together, talking. Ika assures him she hasn't made any F2 or F3 deals with anyone, and she swears this on her kids. He tells her he believes her because he thinks she wouldn't ever swear on her kids like that. She swears, again, that the girls said he is safe and if he ends up walking out the door, she will be totally blindsided. Paul asks if Arlie will vote with the guys. Ika doesn't know, but he will likely vote with guys because he said to her that he can't go back on his word. Paul then wonders if Alison is vith the guys. Ika tells him that Sabrina asked Alison, and Alison said she is with the girls. But Andrew won't keep Paul because he hates him. If Andrew tells Alison to vote out Paul, not to worry. The votes will be tied and Ika will be the tie breaker. Paul says people can't play on emotions like that. 2:50 PM BBT- After repeating the same info for the last 20 minutes, Ika leaves to HOH room and flops back on the bed with a totally stressed out sigh. Adel, Neda and Heather are at the Dining Table. neda is snacking on a big bowl of chips while they chhat about previous HG's. They talk about Tom and his attitude. Adel says he doesn't know how AJ got on the show. basically thinks he got through the audition process then fizzled out on the show. Neda says she thinks other personalities just seem bigger once in the house and they outshine other HG's. They talk about Lane and Hayden, for example. Meanwhile, Kenny is giving ab workouts instructions in the backyard. 2:55 PM BBT - BB gives the HG a 3 min. ODL warning. This causes half the HG to jump up and rush for water and bathroom breaks. Outside, the gym crew wonder if they should change, how long they will be out there, and if BB is simply setting up for St. Patty's Day. Andrew is huffing and puffing, rushing around the kitchen to make his shake because BB has given a few final warnings at this point. Someone lets him know that Paul is still in the WA so he still has some time. Paul comes down the stairs with some shorts for the hot tub time. Once they all go outside, feeds switch to FotH. 3:00 - 3:30 PM BBT - FotH.
  7. 2:35 PM BBT - War Room feeds are still on Hush. Sabrina & Rachelle go to WA, Sabrina goes tinkle while confessing her fear about going on block next week. Asks Rachelle if she'll have her vote if that is the case. rachelle assures her "of course!". Sabrina wonders if she'll get backdoored. They both go and snuggle with Andrew in the HOH bed where Sabrina continues to freak out about going on the block, and is assured that she'll be ok. 2:40 PM BBT - Sabrina tells Rachelle that she needs her to win because she is the only one she can trust. They all agree they would put Adel and Paul on the block if they won HOH next. Andrew says he will look after both girls and be their protector. Sabrina laughs, prompting Andrew to ask why she is laughing. he informs that that his name literally means 'strong & manly'. Sabrina goes to bathroom, Rachelle tells Andrew she hates it when they speak french because she doesn't understand it. But she says that if she didn't trust them, it would bother her more. Andrew and Sabrina have the talk about promising to trust one another. 2:45 PM BBT - All feeds are on HOHR. After a BB warning that nap time is over, and Rachelle whines the usual reply that "they aren't even sleeping!", Andrew asks BB for an energy drink. (No worries, folks - he did use the mandatory Canadian vocabulary and said "please"). Once they leave the HOHR, the feeds follow them and we get a view of the LR/KT. BB gives the HG's a 3 Min. warning for an ODL. Someone speculates the ODL is to fix the leak. 2:50 PM BBT - BB gives final warning that the house is now off limits. The door to the BY opens, most everyone heads outside. Kenny, who has been cleaning, politely asks that everyone put things away "please"! 2:55 PM BBT - Neda and Sabrina are in the HOHBR. BB again tells HG's to get out of the house. Neda says she thinks that Kenny doesn't like her. They finally head outside. Sabrina pinches her stomach, saying how much weight she has lost. Neda gives the congratulatory "good for you!" speech, and adds " go on slop. You'll lose **** loads of weight!" 3:00 PM BBT - Kenny is tossing beanbags with Sarah. Everyone else is lounging around the BY, most have their eyes closed and are silent. Ika, Sabrina, rachelle and Andrew are chatting about random nonsense. 3:15 PM BBT - Still the same ol, same ol. The same ladies are engaged in small chit chat and giggling. There is something else happening in BY, but BB is not showing it. It sounds like someone else is playing a game somewhere. 3:25 PM BBT - BB tells the HG's the garage door is opening. However, only Neda is allowed inside and she is to go straight to the DR. Ika and Rachelle wonder if it's because she is sad? 3:30 PM BBT - The same group of ladies are wondering what Anick is doing now. Sabrina whispers to Rachelle that Kenny never comes around the girls...Ever! rachelle agrees, adding that it is 'weird'.
  8. 2:00 PM BBT - Most HG's are in the KT/LR area. Just cleaning, cooking, eating - usual idle chatter. Kyle, Adel & Paul at KT talking about having a HT party. Kyle talks about old school music, sings a bit of Warren G's "Regulators" because that's one of his favorites. 2:08 PM BBT - Ika & Rachelle are cuddled under a blanket on the LR couch. Sabrina has a blanket and is cuddled into Andrew, with Heather in there as a 3rd wheel. Mosty sitting around chatting about nothing. 2:12 PM BBT - Kyle is talking to Paul in the BR, says to stay under the radar and not believe what people say. That, sometimes, people will put on a show just to get info. Paul cuts in and says "wouldn't it be something if Adel and I went to the final 2?!". Kyle hopes that next weeks twist works in Paul & Adel's favor down the road. 2:15 PM BBT - Kyle warns Paul not to buy into the girls when they come to him for advice. he says that they all completely shunned the 3 of them (Adel, Kyle & Paul) until Kyle spilled the beans, and only now they are coming around talking to them. Kyle is thinking of an epic speech for tomorrow, he wants to rattle everyone. He says people want him out because he is a physical threat. 2:20 PM BT - Paul tells kyle that he thinks Sabrina is just playing Andrew. he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy she'd be with out of the house. Kyle replies that she is insecure, is using andrew to feel safe, and that she doesn't even realize that most of the girls roll their eyes when Andrew is yelling. 2:25 PM BBT - Kyle has gone to shower, Adel is now in BR with Paul. Paul mentions to Adel that he thinks he may go to the end because he is the bad guy. What he said about Andrew being racist is about the worst it can get. Adel thinks it would be almost impossible to get to the end - they need a miracle. Other HG still lounging on couches in LR, chatting about everything yet nothing. 2:28 PM BBT - Feeds cut in and out for a minute, momentarily showing Adel praying in BR. Kyle is now out of the shower and joining in the prayer. Paul is watching from the bed. Couch guests still chatting. 2:30 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Kenny is in the KT mopping the floor vigorously. He tells Sabrina that he can't stand the dirtiness, but isn't vocal about it because he doesn't want to piss people off. She doesn't understand how people can live in such filth, to which Kenny agrees.
  9. 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM BBT - Still SotH.
  10. 4:01 PM - Andrew bugs Emmitt that he is going to get a call from Playboy, saying they heard he is the thong master - would he like to do a spread for the magazine? Emmitt laughs, and they talk about nudity and having family see. Would they do it for 50,000? (Andrew, maybe you'll get the offer for a fetish magazine. Vampires or something like that?) They talk about potential HG's who would do it, Andrew says they have had some good looking girls this season. Conversation is now back to the BBUSA season 14.
  11. 3:20 PM - Jillian tells Gary she worries Gary and Em are not going to take her to finals. She wonders who Talla would bring if she wins Veto, Gary says he thinks Talla would bring Jillian. Jillian tells him she thinks her best chance is against Talla or Gary, but she wants Em to make final three. Gary continues to pump Jillians tires with Jury house lies, how they all respect her in the jury house. The guys are in the hot tub talking about Talla being a floater, there to keep their numbers up and have her vote with them. Andrew says he didn't know Lala was friends with Tom, Em says he couldn't stand her since the beginning of the game. (It's hard to hear Andrew because of the jets). Talla has joined Jillian and Gary in the bedroom, Jillian is loving the pampering. Gary leaves to get something, the ladies quickly whisper about Gary (so quietly that I can't hear them). 3:30 PM BBT - Andrew is telling Em he like talking with Em, but when it's the five of them...not so much. Emmitt says all the other ones talk about is engagement rings. Em doesn't like the way Talla talks about growing up without milk on the table, that bugs him because he thinks she should appreciate the little things, not worry about an engagement ring and how much it has to cost. Andrew says every once in a while, Talla can have a decent conversation with Talla, but if anyone else is around or a camera - forget about it! The guys then talk about why people would lie about their jobs, like Danielle about being a nurse and about BB season 14. 3:40 PM BBT - Jillian asks how many stitches Topaz had to get from the You've Got Mail comp, Gary tells her she had to get two of them. Gary is taking his sweet time doing Jillians makeup ( I don't think beauty pageant contestants even spend that much time on Makeup). Emmitt and Andrew still in the hot tub, talking about which of the remaining HG's could use the $100,000 and how they would spend it. Andrew doesn't think Gary or Talla want anything but the fame, really. 3:53 PM BBT - The bedroom is quiet as Gary works on Jills eye makeup, it's almost an hour later and he is still "highlighting" her lids. The hot tub conversation is about motorcycles costing less than a car. Andrew says he works for an Insurance company but knows nothing about insurance in Canada, he works for UK company. He says he was lucky to get the job, - not lucky per say, but at the right time and right place to get the job. Emmitt recounts a story about his family saving up to buy a business (i think, hard to hear in the HT area at times) but the owner passed away during the negotiations.
  12. 2:55 PM - The game is over, Talla spends about 5 minutes trying to get someone to play with her (no one wants to, I wonder why?). Finally, Emmitt agrees to play Talla and she is very appreciative. Gary, JIllian and Andrew are in the KT. Jillian and Gary go to the BR, they talk about people not being themselves in the house. They say Talla is not as stupid as she plays she is. For example, where she works and how she plays chess. Jillian says shes not common sense smart, but she is not that stupid. Jillian mentions a few of the comps that Jillian didn't do well in that Talla did. Jill says as long as one of them wins HOH, they'll be ok. 3:10 PM - Gary does Jillians face in the BR, they talk about possible HOH comps. Gary worries that Talla will win it. He wants Talla out next week and Em, Jill and himself as the final three. Emmitt and Andrew are in the Hot Tub, they talk about what would be happening if Gary didn't come back in. Well, Andrew is talking about it...again, and Emmitt tells him it's only 7 days left. Andrew thinks there is 8 days, Em says 7 days not counting today. Gary still talking about Talla knowing how to play chess. Jillian says she still thinks they can beat Talla easier than they can Andrew and Gary agrees.
  13. 2:00 PM BBT - All HG's are in the HOH room, the ladies are playing a game of chess and the guys are sitting around talking about computers. Pretty dull conversation so far, but at least they are talking, eh?! Talla is cheering, she is so happy that she took out one of Jillians pieces. 2:10 PM - Gary didn't get into school, Andrew says maybe he will get accepted now that he is Glitter Gary. Gary says he took the degree because he just wanted to take one course, a collage course. Gary wants the ketchup because BB will allow him to eat it, Jillian passes the bottle to Gary and he squirts it directly into his mouth. BB calls Emmitt to the DR. 2:15 - SotH 2:20 PM BBT - Emmitt is back from DR, Gary thinks he is going to pioneer a new generation of voguing. Andrew says he is lost on what Gary is trying to explain, "like Madonna?" he asks. Gary says Madonna isn't so respected by the gay crowd because some outfit she wore once. Gary says he's never seen anyone vogue on BB before. Andrew says no one on BB has ever been like Gary. Andrew doesn't understand why it makes such a big difference if Glitter comes before or after Gary, Gary says he will explain it outside of the house. 2:25 PM - Gary is upset he told his Grandma he was going to school but then he wasn't accepted. All his family has degrees, and says he will someday. He wants to own a museum one day, but he wants to know what he is talking about first. Andrew says his family also has degrees and he doesn't - it's fine. The chess game is over, Talla doesn't want to give it up. She wants to play again. Jillian goes all Bad Teacher voice on Talla, telling her she is so selfish. The guys are talking about tattoos, Andrew doesn't like hipsters who get tattoos that mean nothing. 2:30 PM - The guys are trying to explain what a Hipster is to Talla. There is general chit chat about tattoos they have seen people get. They're talking about science class and what dissecting they got to do, Gary says he really struggled in Math. Jillia says she is tired, she wants a three hour nap. Gary claims to be fading away, losing a pound a day due to slop. Emmitt says he lost 2.5 pds a day while on slop. 2:45 PM - Jillian and Andrew playing chess, chit chat has died down considerably. Jillian tells Emmitt has hit the ultimate low by giving out strategies against her. Talla is being Talla, asking random stupid questions and asking where they learned the answers. Andrew says it's a thing called school. Gary tells Talla he respects every teacher she has ever had. They had patience with her. They chat about school and Talla recounts being put in a locker, but wouldn't rat out who did it to the principal.