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  1. I came across this today and become angry. Zach is selling pink breast cancer awareness bracelets. He is donating 20% to charity, and pocketing the rest. I feel he is using his fans to make a few quick bucks, and using breast cancer as a money making device. If you want to support Zach, that is fine - but if you want to support breast cancer, donate directly to them. I am disgusted by this sad attempt at "cashing in" on his new found BB fame. http://instagram.com/p/t3bJpIq4KT/
  2. Hawknose

    This really offended me. Am I wrong?

    It just feels like he is turning a large profit and masquerading it as raising money for charity. He is donating $1.00 on every $5.00 bracelet. Seems sheisty as hell to me. http://zachrance.squarespace.com/
  3. If you use BBviewer to watch the feeds instead of CBS viewer, you can turn on "info" in the tools tab and see the exact day/date/time. BTW BBViewer also has CBS and custom bookmarks in the tools tab also - you just have to click the refresh button to update them. Since this topic hasn't been updated in two weeks its probably a safe bet most of you guys use BBViewer anyway Peace
  4. Admins can we pin this topic? Here is a quick tutorial I made to show you how to upload your pictures to Morty's. I am tired of going to other sites to look at BB media! Let's make Morty's the best BB site on the internet. Remember to keep it classy. Also you can upload multiple images at once and then individually copy and paste the links to Morty's. STEP 1 - Go to imgur.com
  5. Hawknose

    How To Upload Pictures To Morty's

    Thanks so much for the tip Jedi! I only wish I knew that sooner as I must have deleted a million of them to date - still I thank you much for saving me future unnecessary work.
  6. "Raggedy Andy Limited Edition Individually Signed and Numbered Collection"
  7. Hawknose

    Amanda - Week 8

    Not after what she just described! OK so I'm a little out of the loop today, McManda just had a conversation in the BY and it seems that they are considering outing Aaryn and picking up Spencer as part of their alliance - anybody know what Aaryn said (it had something to do with GM) that turned them off? She has been behaving like a whiny little twit the last few days (Aaryn) and VERY publicly throwing everyone under the old bus.......her time is coming..... and for her there will be no "re entry" to the house.....
  8. ^^^No problem GingerSnaps - bump away! "Raggedy Andy (life size model shown)"