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  1. 10am Feeds return. Nothing has changed. 10:05am While evry1 else makes themselves pretty, Emmett heads back out to the HT. 10:18am Feeds go off for a few min again & return to Gary still doing make up. Jillian, Emmett & Talla in the WA talking about drinking. Talla says she can drink but can't mix drinks. Jillian sits beside Gary to work on her make up. Emmett getting dressed. 10:25am Jillian & Gary talk baby names they like. He likes Theo. Jillian says she wants to trim Emmetts hair but he says he's getting called into the DR soon. Gary & Jillian talking about how many days are left compared to the US version. Jillian thinks it will be a couple of days longer then they had thought. Talla goes to clean.
  2. 9:50am (No Andrew = no talking?) Emmett alone on LR couch. Jillian in BY doing laundry. Gary still working on make up in BD. Talla ask Gary what colour eye shadow she should use. Purple. Cams playing around zooming in & out of LR items & Emmett. 9:55am Gary & Talla talk a bit about make up then it's quiet again. Emmett adjust his hat then bites his nails. (riveting). Gary & Talla talk about boyfriends for a min before Emmett & Jillian enter looking for laundry & we get SotH again.
  3. 9am All HG still asleep. 9:15am Still quiet in the house. Cams 2 & 4 are on empty SR for some reason. Rooster crows (stuttering). Emmett & Jillian jump out of bed. Talla covers her head with the covers. Gary doesn't move for a bit but finally gets up. Talla finally emerges & goes to WA to lie down. Rooster continues. 9:20am Gary goes into SR. HN room cam focuses in on creepy clown pics on the wall then we get SotH 9:30am Feeds R back. Emmett in HT. Evry1 else doing ADL's 9:41am SotH for a few min. Feeds come back to Emmett & Jillian quietly making breakfast. Gary doing his make up in the BR. Talla walks in to get her shoes & says good morning to Gary then leaves.
  4. 10:05am Andrew tells a story of his brother Pete being seriously sick & going to the DR & being told go to the ER now. His brother passed out in hosp waiting rm. Says evry1 was freaking out that it could be leukemia or some other blood disease. They were told it was chrones. The nurses were on strike so they couldn't do surgery. Andrew says his brother was green. Went back to hosp couple of days later & were told it was salmonella poisoning. Emmett says his brothers best friend actually had surgery he shouldn't have. Had hernia surgery when he didn't have it. Has lifelong issues now. 10:10am More illness/Dr stories from the KT. Gary lying in WA while Talla does her make up. We get SotH for a min. Cams flash to all empty rooms in the house. Andrew says how lucky they are to be there & we get SotH again. 10:15am Andrew & Emmett complain about how long Talla & Gary take to put make up on. Jillian asks BB for something for her lip burn but they didn't give her anything. More SotH.
  5. 9:38am Gary goes into WA & complains to Talla that he has no shampoo or conditioner. He can't take a shower now but when he can he wants it & says that's coming from a bitter b!tch who just woke up to an alarm. Close up on his manacle. Jillian cleaning HOH. 9:45am Gary almost falling asleep on WA couch. Talla in shower. Andrew in KT as Emmett enters. Andrew complains about extra alarms for Gary although he isn't sure who it was for. Emmett complains that BB turned the HOH BT light on again. Talla talking to Gary from the shower. Hard to hear her. he's getting his apartment in Aug. She'll be in his area so she can stay with him. He'll do her make up & they'll have summer time fun. 9:52am Gary goes quiet again. In the KT Emmett & Andrew talk about playing hockey, soccer or softball. Emmett tells his progress with working out & being able to hit a ball over the fence. Says he's been working out for 3 years. Andrew asks how he got into it. Emmett says 1 of his best friends was going. Alarm for Gary. He stands up. 10am Jillian in the KT sitting on Emmetts lap. Close ups of Jillians lip shaving burn. Andrew suggests she wear a bandana over her face. Talla out of the shower. Jillian tells a story of her sister Brittany being rushed to the ER. She was told she had appendicitis & was going into surgery. 20 min before surgery she was told it wasn't appendicitis it was chrones. Next day she was told it was cysts & not chrones.
  6. 9am All feeds are off. SotH 9:13am Feeds are back. All HG up & doing ADL's. 9:20am Talla & Gary lying down together in HN. He's complaining that he can't wash his face & that his stomach hurts. Andrew making coffee. 9:30am Andrew checks on the weather & says another beautiful day in paradise & goes back in to eat. In the HNR, Gary wonders if he could wash his prison outfit. Talla goes to leave & Gary asks her to wedge something in the door to air the room out because he was gassy. She places his ball in the doorway. He lies there wiggling his fingers & shouting that he's awake as the alarm starts. The alarm continues & he says that he's awake & strategising. The alarm continues. He sits up & say that is so F@ck!ing annoying & shut the F@ck up.
  7. 9am All HG still asleep. 9:05am Andrew is lying in bed staring at the cam. No other movement. 9:10am Alarm sounds & evry1 but Gary jumps out of bed. Gary moves a bit but stays in bed 9:20am Cam 1 is black. Evry1 up & doing ADL's 9:20am cam 1 still black. Cam 2 giving us behind the wall shots then back to Andrew making coffee in the KT. Gary & Jillian walk in & Andrew says good morning. 9:30am Andrew eating in the KT. Jillian casually chatting with him. Emmett in HOH shower. Garyin WA. Andrew says he feels a roller coaster of emotions. He's upset because he feels they're going to get rid of him but then he can't do anything about it so 'whatever'. Jillian says if there's a twist or another double eviction they're s no way to say what's going to happen. 9:40am Talla & Gary in WA. Emmett & Andrew on KT couch. Gary goes into the KT. Gary complaining about HN bed. Evry1 pretty much silent right now. Just odd chatter. Gary talking about best pizza place near him. Andrew mentions Greco's pizza & Pizza delight. He & Emmett mention donairs pizza sauce. 9:50am Gary says that when one place is good others hear about it & copy it. He mentioned restaurant makeover & we get SotH for a min. Gary says he wants to open his own restaurant. He's worried that the stress of it would tear his family apart. Emmett asks Gary how it is sleeping with his ball & chain. Gary says it twists & scrapes his ankle. Andrew says they can hear Gary coming a mile away with that thing on. Talla doing her make up in WA. Andrew says he thinking of cutting his hair. Says what are they going to do, take his veto away. He doesn't want to have his eviction interview with his hair like that. Cam zooms in on Talla toes in WA. Talk turns to how many punishments Gary took to win the veto. 10am Talla enters KT & Gary leaves. She's trying to put her mic on the back of her pants & Andrew says he puts his in his pocket. Emmett said they turned his BR light on in the middle of the night. Talla says creepy. Emmett said he asked for it to be turned off. Gary walks back in carrying his ball & asks if Jillian is upstairs. Can't hear the answer but he heads up there. She's in the WA there & he asks if he could use her make up. Gary in BR doing his make up. Talla & Andrew talk about the weather. It's nice today. 10:10am Andrew saying how long they've been there. Emmett says how bad it must have been for AJ being in jury for so long. Andrew doesn't think it would be that bad. They're still part of the show. The guys liken it to prison & Talla takes offense saying prison is so much worse. They say that they only mean that they're stuck there & can't leave & where else can you make that comparison. She says an island. THey say you can watch tv & communicate on an island. Emmett asks if they've seen the movie 'the Rock'. He explains the movie to them. Talla asking why they would put a prison there. He explains that it was said to be impossible to escape from. Jillian offers a facial to Andrew. He says removing his dead skin will leave him like skelator. Andrew leaves to join Jillian in the WA to prepare for his facial. Emmett left listening to Talla talk about how smoking affects her skin. Talla goes OS. Talla gets OS & says it's so pretty. She talks to herself & says she's trying to figure out her situation. She's talking to the moose. She says she'll figure it out & goes back inside. She gets into the hammock & shouts ow. 10:20am Cam 1 now working. Jillian & Andrew washing their faces. Talla in hammock says she's so tired. Her mouth is moving but no words. (must be thinking). Emmett watching Andrew & Jillian. Andrew says that he does moisturize after showers. Jillian asks how Emmett slept & tells her about how BB turned the BR light on & how it p!ssed him off. 10:25am Andrew announces to Emmett & Jillian in WA it's day 61. Single digits left. Talla sleeping on hammock. Jillian says she's going to grab a coffee & go up stairs to brush her teeth. Maybe play ches & asks if they want to come. They follows her. She says she needs to loose 5lbs.
  8. 9:55am Gary said he's had conversations with evry1. Talla says with who, in the house. H says yes. Gary says he's better then the others because we was voted back in & was honest & Talla arguing that you don't know what's honest until later when you see it all that you see things differently . Gary says that once AJ left he thought & said to himself that he's been honest. Andrew walks in & asks if she's been dissing him the whole time. Gary says he doesn't think he's better then you guys. Andrew says well they only voted on who was in the jury. Gary says it's a fresh start guys. Talla goes to tell Jillian what they just talked about. Emmett still in the chair. 10am Andrew walks in & says Garys full of sh!t that he told him he wasn't aligned with Topaz. Gary enters & Jillian asks where's getting his clothes from. He says he only has what he's wearing & yesterdays but tells BB he really needs clothes. Jillian tells him that they've been keeping the KT clean. talla leaves to tell Emmett a quick version of the story & Gary telling them that he feels blessed to be here not better then them. Jillian shouts to Emmett asking if he's going to share the chair. 10:05am Jillian telling Gary some luxury things they won like the dress & shoes she got & how the guys got to see the hockey standings. She saks Gary if he would have like. No, he wouldn't. The deck of cards was one of the best they got. Talla talking to Andrew who's in the pool. Emmett still in the chair. Jillian asking BB if she can have a turn in the chair. Gary follows her out. 10:10am Emmetts finally out of the chair & heads OS to see what it's like. Jillian says that's the one thing she has patience for which is lying down for an hr long massage. She's telling Talla about looking for specific teaching jobs across Canada. Emmett comes back & tells them it's warm out. He asks if Jillian ate breakfast she says no. Talla talking again about her conversation with Gary this morn. 10:15am Jillian whispering to Talla & Andrew. Emmett going from room to room looking for water bottles. Talla says that Gary didn't campaign against Topaz because he thought that Topaz was leaving. Andrew thought that he did campaign. 10:20am Evry1 but Gary by the pool . Emmett comes out & tells them all to taste this protein drink he made. Talla tells them what Gary said about her feeling safe when she was on the block. Gary said he wants to start fresh 10:25am Gary told Talla something that someone said (I think on twitter) about giving Talla a beer because it's live entertainment when she has one. She thinks it's hilarious. They're just joking around now & relaxing.
  9. 9:25am Andrew telling Jillian in SR that he is over slop. Gary telling BB that he needs his clothes. 9:30am Andrew makes a slop shake. Emmett & Jillian kissing in the SR. Gary taking a shower. Emmett & Jillian join Andrew in the KT. They're asking about milk. Sounds like they only have choc milk. Andrew asks if they've tried the chair yet. Jililan says no but she might have choc milk in her serial. Then Emmett sits in the chair. He & Jillian trying to figure it out. 9:40am Andrew tells Emmett & Jillian different types of massages they can choose. Jillian asks if he's feeling it. He say yes. Andrew says it feels really warm out there & Talla had said it was too cold. Jillian goes to check. Andrew asks Emmett if Gary was up late & if he was talking game. Emmett said he gave them the down low & they talked about what happened before he left. Emmett starts vibrating visibly in the chair & Andrew suggests Jillian get in there. More playing with the settings 9:40am Emmett has the chair remote in 1 hand & a carton of choc milk in the other. Evry1 leaves him alone to play with the chair. Gary & Talla in the shower. Jillian & Andrew talking about getting together when the shows over. 9:45am Andrew telling Emmett about massages he's had when he's had bad back pain. Gary still in the shower. Talla asks if he's enjoying it. She asks him what he's thinking about. He says, I'm thinking OMG I just took a shower 'in here' . 9:50am Emmett still sitting in massage chair. Looks like he's asleep. Still in the WA but out of the shower, Gary ask Talla if she's been on the block. She tells him about it. He asks if she felt safe being on the block. She says she doesn't know how she felt. He says he's trying to think about what they have in common now. She says lots of things. He says being on the block is about it. She says being dance sisters. Talla says she didn't get asked a question yesterday which was fine because they got down to business. Gary says he's resurrected. Canada resurrected me. He says he feels on top of the world. Andrew sitting alone in the KT. Can't see Jillian.
  10. 9am All HG still asleep 9:10am Alarm sounds & keeps going as Gary shouts that he's up. Talla is taking her time standing & the alarm stops. 9:15am SotH for the past 5 min. 9:20am Feeds return to the WA & Andrew asking Gary how he enjoyed the alarm. Talla delivering batteries asks how late Gary went to bed. Jillian in HOH ADL's. Talla walks around saying it's gold. Jillian & Andrew in the KT. He asks how she slept. Talla & Jillian head OS & see a massage chair in the middle of the BY. Gary & Jillian say it's for the haves this week. Andrew comes to check it out. Jillian shouting to BB that the batteries she & Emmett received R dead.
  11. 9:45am Emmett, Andrew & Peter in KT. Talla tells Jillian that Emmett wants Jillian to be in the final 3 with 2 guys & Talla doesn't want that. Jillian tells Talla what Emmett told her this morn about voting for Peter but Jillian says that he says that in the end he agreed to vote for Talla too 9:50am Talla telling Jillian why she deserves to be there. Feeds go to SotH 9:55am Feeds R back quickly. Jillian is too quiet to hear. The guys talking about the bachelor in the KT. The girls finish & R heading back. Talla feels safe now. Talla tells the guys it's dreary out. Jillian leaves the KT but Talla stays. There's an awkward silence with her & the guys. 9:58am Talla goes to BY to lie down. Guys talking about previous BB US seasons. Sounds like season 2. Talla shouts out to Andrew in KT but he doesn't hear her or is ignoring her. He looks at her but doesn't go to her. Jillian now sitting with him & talking.
  12. 9am All HG still asleep. 9:10 HG up 9:20am HG ups & doing ADL's. Jillian & Emmett in HOH. Talla delivering batteries to them . Andrew & Peter in KT 9:23am In HOH Jillian tells Emmett he can vote for Pete if he likes but she's voting for Tala. He says he told Pete he'd talk to him today. BB tell Jillian to turn on her mic. They join the others in the KT 9:25am Talla, Jillian & Emmett go to the storage room where Jillian gets a wrapped gift. Talla's all excited. It's something that Jillian has to wear. She's on the LV sofa opening it. It's a red cocktail dress with spaghetti straps & matching shoes, earrings & rings. 9:30am Emmett & Peter talking by HT. Emmett tells him how Jillian wants to vote. Peter says that once Jillian starts to waver it's all over & that makes him sick to his stomach. He says he hopes Emmett makes it to final 2. He tells him that they all think their best chance is against Andrew in final 2 so he has to win if he wants it. Pete says hes going to keep his speech short and sweet. Emmett says that it's going to be a rough week & he'll see Peter in a week. Peter says he hopes he does see him in a week with both of them still there. Emmett says that would be nice. 9:35am Talla & Jillian in the SR. Talla whispering to Jillian about final 4 & if Emmett will be voting to keep her. She's worried & Jillian tells her that she trusts her & will be talking to Emmett. She starts to joke about not being able to sleep because she thinks about this stuff at night & Emmett walks in. Evry goes into the KT. Andrew says he weighs 181lbs which is his lowest. Talla is still at 96. 9:40am Talla asks what it's like OS. THey good. Jillian asks if it's warm enough for the shorts they're wearing. They head out to the HT. THey're whispering about if Talla should try to win next HOH & what will happen if she does or doesn't. (it's hard to hear) They want Andrew to win HOH & don't want Emmett to win VETO.
  13. 9am Evry1 is up early today. Talla goes to the SR to get todays supply of slop & complains to Andrew in the KT that it looks like it's been there for hrs. Emmett, Peter & Jillian doing ADL's. 9:05am Andrew chugs a glass of slop & struggles to keep it down. He gives on to Talla & tells her his recipe. 1 c slop, cold water & ice cubes. He says it's easier to drink cold. She sips hers. 9:15am Emmett, Andrew, Talla & Jillian in the KT talk about the calories & sodium in slop chips & their weight gain or loss. Andrew says his sister in law is very health conscious & that his sister in laws R great mothers. Jillian says we're not born wanting sugar but R brought up on it so we crave it. Talla & Andrew bring up portion control & how when we go out restaurants serve way more then we need. 9:20am Andrew says he's a fan of gluttony. He likes chili cheese fries. Jillian hates eating out. Talla likes to eat healthy too but likes to spoil herself once in a while. Andrew talks about when he lived in Germany for over a year he would eat one meal a day & it would be a big mac meal. Talla ask 'legit'. He says yes 9:25am Jillian & Emmett playing badminton in the BY while Andrew & Talla watch. Then Peter & Emmett play. Jillian, Talla & Andrew talking about how they slept last night & Emmett says he heard Peter talking in his sleep. 9:32am Games over. Talla says she's too tired from being on slop to be active & lies down. Evry1 else has moved to the KT. Andrew says he's surprised that people on slop haven't been in worse moods. Peter says he thought that Gary might but he wasn't bad. 9:35am Jillian & Andrew talking about other reality shows like the bachelor, bachelor pad & some island show where couples go & R tempted by others to cheat & they all broke up but one couple. Andrew says if someone said to him, do you want to try sleeping with someone else his reaction would be here's the divorce papers. He likens it to wanting more then a ham sandwich but something diff evry day. Peter says he can have the same thing evry day. Jillian says he'll be great in a committed relationship. 9:40am Andrew says he lives alone & likes it & will b that way until he wants to b with someone forever. He says lifes too short & he'd rather be alone then b miserable & with someone. Good morning, talking with Andrew in the morning. Jillian laughs, walks away & says I don't know where you just went with all of that. She comes back & he asks if shes a serial monogamist. He asks how many relationships she's had in the past 9 years. She says yes, 3. Talla walks in & asks what they're talking about. He says you. 9:45am Talla asks where they would travel if they could. Jillian says Australia. Andrew says he has no desire to go there. He & Emmett say New Zealand. Emmett talks about going somewhere where you could see people hang gliding. Andrew says that almost evry single person who goes to whistler is Australian. Talla says she met a lot in Banf. Many British people too. Talla says she wants a Kangaroo. She wants to see the pouch. Andrew says it's gross. An animals body part. Talla thinks it's fluffy & soft. 9:50am Jillian tells a story about a rat being stuck & dead in the fireplace of a very nice house & stinking horribly. Emmett tells a story of rats that ate so much they couldn't fit back through the hole the got inside from & were very big & their dog bit at them. Not eating them but snapping. Jillian asked how they got rid of these rats (30 of them). Emmett says Jessie their dog did. Killed them. Feed sound keeps cutting out. Emmett says that he saw one rat running along the rafters so he threw a corn cob at it. Missed but the rat tried to squeeze into a hole that was too small. Talla say oh so adorable. Andrew says no, not really. Talla says she loves rats from the movie ratatouille. They tell her it's a true story but she catches on when Jillian trys to embellish the story but giggles. 9:57am Jillian asks if anyone is afraid of camping where they live because of bears. Talla tells a story which Andrew interrupts about seeing a bear. She saw a baby cub & got very excited.
  14. 10:05am Andrew about watching the Emmett & Jillian videos. Peter says that part of being a have not is only for 3 days right. Andrew says yes. Peter says he feels like they're the parents in an empty nest looking at all the faces on the wall. Talla joins Emmett & Jillian in the BY & talk about food. Jillian tells Andrew she's going to make cookies tonight. He 'whoops' & says he loves Jills cookies. He walks around like he has a hunch like an 'Igor'. 10:17am Emmett opens a deck of cards in the BY. Andrew soaks his feet in the LR. Peter & Emmett go to the HT area. Emmet & Peter sits with their feet in the HT & Emmett deals cards. Andrew talking about his brother yesterday & says he doesn't remember much of what he said. Jillian says that Emmett couldn't hear any of it. JIllian's giving him a pedicure. 10:23am Andrew talking to himself while waiting for Jillian to get the stuff for the pedicure. He can't wait to decompress from this game. Sounds like Emmett & Peter R playing crazy eights. Can't see Talla & no real game talk going on right now. Andrew telling Jillian how Talla is driving him nuts. He says that Talla was saying how great it was to see cheerleaders yesterday & he says, you saw your family. Sounds like Jillian might have seen her mom & that she told her she's complaining too much. 10:27am Andrew says he's going balls to the wall for this next HOH. Jillian says sadly that she can't compete & asks if there's even another HOH after that. He says the finale one.
  15. 9:35am Andrew give Peter peanut butter toast & yogurt then heads to the BY to join Talla telling Emmett her dream. Andrew complains that she wouldn't tell him her dream but tells Emmett. Jillian is doing her makeup. Talk turns to what they've eaten lately & how it's affecting their weight. 9:40am KT cam playing around zooming in & out on Peter & odd items in the room. Andrew saying how it annoyed him when Topaz would repeated come out in the morn in the beginning without her mic & how often she slept & got them in trouble. How she would act like it wasn't her & in the beginning no one wanted to say anything to her. Talla explains her napping. Talk turns to farts. Andrew says his are more bark then bite & Talla's R silent but deadly. Emmett says his R bad when he eats MdD's. Talla says she isn't a farty person but does a lot her. Andrew says it's the slop & slop is so disgusting. 9:45am Andrew joking about how much he hates Talla. Apologizes then says it again. He asks how she's doing & says he doesn't know how she can sip the slop. She says she isn't talking to him because he hates her. She asks if he really hates her. He says no. She asks about the cherry again. SHe says the cherry is the evidence & Emmet can be the lawyer. Jillian walks in & she explains it again. 9:50am Talla, Jillian & Emmett in the BY talking about card games. Crazy eights, war & cheat. Talla tells them about watching the video of them kissing. Says it was cute but they muted some of it. 10am Peter telling Andrew in the KT that he isn't sure how many of his family can follow his progress in the game just because of their location or their technical skills. Andrew assures him that they'll be following & will find a way. Andrew says that when people go up to him after the show & he'll say no, he's the twin. Peter says even though they're twins you can tell them apart. Andrew says people will always ask if they're related & they always say no. Talla comes in & says the slop is already moved through her. She leaves & Andrew says to Peter, what do you think it's like in her head. Peter says void. 10: 05am Andrew talking about them bringing his brother in yesterday. He says obviously they did it because they're twins. He says he felt great but also like crap because no one else got it. He jokes about his 1 1/2 year old nephew being smarter then Talla then says her family must hate him for constantly ripping her up but there isn't much to do there. Peter says the game is winding down & picking up at the same time. Andrew says he thinks about AJ being in that house for 18 days & how you don't usually go on vacation for that long.