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  1. #BB16 8:08 pm BBT Derrick steps in to finish off Caleb's head shave. It appears they are using a 1 guard so he isn't going completely bald. Caleb asks Victoria if she would let him cut hers off to make for good TV. #BB16 8:11pm BBT Caleb runs his hands across his head like he just entered Basic Training back in the Army. Without the Drill Sergeants in his face, yelling at him to get down and eat some grass maggot. #BB16 8:18pm BBT Caleb hops in the shower and realizes he is still mic'd up. #BB16 8:24pm BBT Donny, Christine and Cody are out in the living room.. Derrick is sweeping up Calebs hair. Nicole is up in the HOH with Hayden talking about how uncertain she is who she would want to put up if Zach comes down. Hayden says he is terribly afraid that if Jocasta is still up on the block during voting, that she will go home. #BB16 8:27pm BBT Still in the HOH room, Nichole explains how she says it would be a waist of an HOH if Jocasta goes. If she puts up Frankie up against Zach that they would still be stuck with one of them. Hayden says that Donny would seriously vote Frankie out before Zach, and that Frankie has a really good chance to win HOH next. #BB16 8:33pm BBT Still up in the HOH room Hayden and Nichole are pow wowing over what way they need to go. Nichole is so scared over Zach gunning for her. Down on the couch, Cody, Derrick and Christine are joking how Derrick will live vicariously through Cody when they are out of BB. Derrick tells Cody that his wife will be checking to see if he is talking to Cody again about the amount of women that he is now dating and will want him off the phone immediately. She will love and hate Cody all at the same time. #BB16 8:34pm BBT Caleb sitting out in the kitchen with Victoria discussing on how they should have played so they wouldn't of had all of these punishments. #BB16 8:38pm BBT Looks like a little "Jedi training" is going on out at the couch with Cody reciting the postions some things were in at the comp. ( I think, I came in a bit late on that conversation) Zach has made an appearance and is by himself in the kitchen. Caleb begins talking about Army regulations on hair cuts and how you could get "scuffed" for incorrect cuts. He is doing all of this while wearing the crown in the LR. #BB16 8:47pm BBT Looks like Frankie is making some cookies in the kitchen with Christine and Cody. Victoria is being drug around by Caleb. (He maybe taking the whole Adam and Eve thing a bit to literal.Just kidding) #BB16 8:53pm BBT Frankie gets Nicole in the HOH room and asks her what she wants to happen this week. Nicole says she wants Zach to go. Frankie really emphasizes that she should try to keep the nominations the same. (Almost as if he realizes he's her target if Jocasta comes off) He says it would really suck if Donny wins the Veto and pulls Jocasta off the block. #BB16 8:56pm BBT Nicole rehashes how Zach asked to be put up by her down in the storage room, and how she wants him out even more now that he is running around saying she is his target. Nicole continues to tell Frankie that her and Hayden haven't really talked about the POV and what would happen. (Stuttered way to much in that lie) #BB16 9:08pm BBT Checking in, Caleb, Victoria and Donny down in the LR talking over the BOB comp. Nicole and Frankie still in the HOH talking game and how she needs to worry about next week and the votes she will need. #BB16 9:09pm BBT Caleb admits to making up the lie about him having a questionable tattoo on his head in hopes that Victoria would cut hers off. Tells Victoria that she would've went straight to Ellen if she had, and that she could have gotten some serious TV time off of that. #BB16 9:20pm BBT Back in the HOH room Nicole still talking to Frankie. Frankie says that Amber is going to see everything and it will make her crazy seeing .Caleb still down talking to Donny and Victoria on how he feels the nominations should stay the same. Jocasta has had her chance to save herself. #BB16 9:25pm BBT Frankie tells Nicole how that if he becomes a Have Not that he would have to up his medication for his condition about his circulatory condition he has. Evidently BB told him that they would help him if he became a have not. Down stairs in the condition, just general chit chat around the middle island. #BB16 9:28pm BBT Nicole telling Frankie about her nursing class that she would've been in had she not been chosen for BB in the HOH
  2. #BB16 1200PM We still have FOTH. Im guessing that nominations are happening or they are informing them that Lebron signed with Cleveland. #BB16 1:15PM Devin questioning Nicole on if she plans on back dooring him. (Evidently Donny is put up with Amber for Nicoles noms) #BB16 1:17PM Nicole informs Devin that he is the target and that all of the noms are pawns. #BB16 1:18PM Over on Cam3 Americas team is conversing about the mission. Donny is now being informed of it. #BB16 1:19PM Christine, Amber and Victoria are in the honeycomb room talking with Cody about the noms. Back in the storage room. It appears that they are going to say that Zach is related to Amanda and that Paola said that to Donny as she left on eviction. #BB16 1:30PM Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb. He is still talking to Donny in the storage room. Derrick says he thinks Donny is a bit upset with him and he is trying to have Donny understand why the noms are the way they are. #BB16 1:38PM Derrick makes a very compelling case to try and build Donny's trust in him. He is not allowed to talk about his alliance (Americas Team) with any other HGs, so he hopes that Donny takes what he is saying to heart. #BB16 1:42PM Donny "i hope you realize that after being nominated 2 times, I'm not my happy go lucky self." referring to Derrick sensing tension between the both of them. #BB16 1:44PM Donny points out that after their talk the other day (ATeam), he felt that the 3 of them would work together to show America their collaboration. Derrick apologizes and says he didn't think of that and that he had no answer for his actions. #BB16 1:51PM Switching over to Cam1, Nicole and Christine up in the HOH room. (Trying to pickup on the conversation mid stream is difficult) Nicole asks if Christine understands why she did what she did. "Absolutely" #BB16 1:55PM Caleb is talking to Amber in the HC room. He says that even Devin said this was a smart game move. (Devin knows about the back door) Caleb insists that Devin will not win if he participates in the Veto comp. #BB16 2:13PM Jocasta and Brittany on the couch pondering whether the noms were chosen so that one of them was possibly back doored.
  3. #BBCAN2 1:08PM BBT: 1 feed up with Heather listening to music in the HOHR. #BBCAN2 1:12PM BBT: Feeds appear to be done for the season.
  4. #BBCAN2 12:00 to 12:11PM BBT: Sabrina, Neda and Jon in the WR. Heather went to the BR and Jon followed for a sec. "You realize I'm still taking you to the final 2." Heather. "Yes. Im so excited." They hug and jump up and down. Jon goes back to take a shower and Heather goes down to eat in the Kitchen. Neda is getting her eyebrows waxed by Sabrina. "Hush" comes on all feeds. #BBCAN2 12:19PM BBT: Feeds came back for a sec and all HGs were in the SR. #BBCAN2 12:23PM BBT: Feeds back with everyone still in the storage room and one of the cameras pointing at the front door. There evidently was a leak of Gary's audio at the front door. #BBCAN2 12:25PM BBT: door bell rings and Gary comes in....... #BBCAN2 12:26PM BBT: Gary, "BB sent me to have an awards show with you." #BBCAN2 12:30PM BBT: Gary's brilliance shuts down servers. Film at 11.
  5. #BBCAN2 11:54AM BBT: Neda and Jon, Rock,Paper,Scissors in the WR and Jon wins. Jon runs out saying Neda and Heather are now on the block. Sabrina walks by and says fine. (I know it doesn't matter, but if Jon just got himself a bit of security with Rock, Paper, Scissors he gets my vote even though I don't have one.)
  6. #BBCAN2 11:26AM BBT: Neda would've beaten Sabrina by 1 had she not changed her card the last minute of the HOH comp. #BBCAN2 11:29AM BBT: Jon enters the HOHR with Sabs. Sabrina tells Jon that he is going on the block. Jon, "I knew I would whether it was any one of you guys winning." #BBCAN2 11:31AM BBT: Jon. "Right now, nominations don't mean anything. It's who wins the veto who gets to make the decision." Sabrina, "Your not getting voted out by nobody. Your gonna winn 100G!" #BBCAN2 11:34AM BBT: Sabrina "If anyone of you bring me, you all will win." #BBCAN2 11:35AM BBT: Jon "Why would you keep me over Neda?" Sabrina," I don't want her to make her feel uncomfortable." (God they would make great politicians never answering the question directly) #BBCAN2 11:40AM BBT: Jon with the girls in the WR. "Let's do Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes up." Neda and Heather are in. "It doesnt matter who is on the block. Its all about the veto unless you want to make choice Sabrina." Sabrina. "Are you really doing this? You agree to this eh?" ....and the winner is...Neda....Heather is going up on the block with Jon. (Assuming this is real) #BBCAN2 11:43AM BBT: Sabrina, "You guys agreed to this, I have nothing to do with this." Jon, "Isn't this better for you Sabs?" #BBCAN2 11:47AM BBT: Jon goes in to the BR and hugs Neda and laughs his ass off. Neda, "You're such an ass." #BBCAN2 11:47AM BBT: Jon, "At least you are safe unless she decides to change her mind." Neda explains a bit of her convo with Sabs in the HOHR. He says it doesn't matter but he is sketchy of Neda. Neda." I dont know why? I tell you time and time again." Jon,"Its not what you said, its because of (waves motioning to produciton meaning they are asking weird questions in the DR room.)" We get a HG, please stop talking about production. #BBCAN2 11:51AM BBT: Last tweet should have been 11:49. And we have "Hush" on the feeds.
  7. #BBCAN2 10:00AM BBT: Heather doing ADLs in the WR. Jon and Neda drinking coffee on the couch talking about BBCAN season 1. Sabs is listening to her music in the HOHR. #BBCAN2 10:05AM BBT: Sabs comes down and joins the rest downstairs. Neda says."2 more days and I get my sh@# back." #BBCAN2 10:11AM BBT: "Sabs, you're gonna put on so much weight when you start eating again." Sabrina responds "JON!!!!" #BBCAN2 10:13AM BBT:Sabrina and Heather will wear their BBCAN2 hoodies on the plane when they leave. #BBCAN2 10:16AM BBT: Jon smacks Neda on the head as he walks by "Should've had a V8" #BBCAN2 10:17AM BBT: All sitting on the couch drinking coffee. #BBCAN2 10:22AM BBT: Neda comments on how long of a setup they are having right now. "They were setting up for about 4 to 5 hours now" #BBCAN2 10:25AM BBT: Jon is about to stroke out trying to determine when women say they are "Fine" and they really aren't. The girls keep piling on and are enjoying it. #BBCAN2 10:26AM BBT: "If your pissed off with me, you want me to sit down with you?" Heather, "We just want you to sit and show you care, when we are ok we will talk." Jon "When I am annoyed with you, I don't want you anywhere near me." Neda. "If I say get the eff away, RUN!!" #BBCAN2 10:40M BBT: Jon "It doesnt matter who goes on the block right now.Put me on the block" Neda" It does in a sense you can see what Sabrina wants." Sabrina " Jon. Im pretty sure you have a 90% chance you will win the Veto." Jon "Actually 95%" #BBCAN2 10:40M BBT: Sabrina "Quit making it seems like my HOH is worthless. Your being mean." #BBCAN2 10:43M BBT: Neda "Im exhausted. I had like 3 hours of sleep." #BBCAN2 10:48M BBT: Jon "Dont know why you think I'm a d#*k, I'm a nice guy." Jon says to Sabrina. #BBCAN2 10:50M BBT: Jon, Neda and Sabrina on the couch discussing who has to say "I love you." Neda, " I don't say it first. I will say it if said to." Jon. "I make Neda say it first before I leave the room." #BBCAN2 11:02 to 11:09AM BBT: Jon gets called to the DR. Sabrina says immediately after he leaves." He has to know he is going up because he is the biggest threat." Neda and Sabrina head to the HOH. Sabrina" Here is my thought process. I'm thinking of putting you and Jon up. If you win the Veto that you will make the decision." Neda. "I will be in that position if I win the Veto anyways." Sabrina, "Do you want to make the decision to evict Jon?" Neda, "I don't know." #BBCAN2 11:10AM BBT: Neda describes how she heard cheers when she got one of the HOH questions wrong and starts to cry. #BBCAN2 11:13AM BBT: Heather is showering while Neda and Sabrina are still in the HOHR chatting. Jon comes up and heads into the HOHR. Sabs "Get the hell out of my room!" sarcastically. "but, yea, can I have a minute still with Neda?" Jon leaving. "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!" and heads to the WR. Sabrina says "If I have my way, it's us 3 (Neda, Sabs, and Heather) because we have no chance against Jon." #BBCAN2 11:20AM BBT: Sabrina, "I'm curious if you were put in the moment to choose who went home, you would get soft and not evict Jon. Tell me what your thoughts are." Neda "I would prefer to not be on the block. I would not be mad if I am on the block #BBCAN2 11:23AM BBT: Neda."I would make my decision based on the game." #BBCAN2 11:24AM BBT: Neda, "This will not leave this room, but understand Heather already assumes what we are talking about. She is not stupid."
  8. #BBCAN2 4:07PM BBT: Jon swears that if he wins the veto and Heather is on the block, he will take her off. He swears on everything. Parents, Grandparents. He will take her to the final 2. They hug. Jon "If you feel comfortable with Neda, then that's what we will do." #BBCAN2 4:14PM BBT: Sabrina is fact checking. She gets Jon in the HOHR and asks if he was seriously going wanting to save her. Jon says "I was the one who initially brought up keeping her over Adel." She then says that Heather came in with Neda and confirmed that they were keeping her. Jon "Didn't me and Neda already tell you that? That is sketchy." #BBCAN2 4:18PM BBT: Jon telling Neda and Heather."Adel said he is 90% effed when he got out of the tub." #BBCAN2 4:18 to 4:25PM BBT: Heather leaves to go keep Adel calm. Jon now talks to Neda about the earlier conversation with Heather telling Sabrina that they are keeping her. "What did you say when Sabrina asked if I wanted her saved?" Neda "What? I said you were on board." Jon, "You are really sketchy. What were you and Heather talking about in the WR?" Neda responds that she was just trying to figure out who to bring to the final 3. #BBCAN2 4:30PM BBT: Neda and Jon are questioning each others trust right now in the BR. Both feel each other are being sketchy.
  9. #BBCAN2 3:39PM BBT: Sabrina "Does Jon want me to stay?" Heather ..long pause " I dont know" Sabrina asks. Neda responds. "He's on board." #BBCAN2 3:49PM BBT: Sabrina gets Neda alone in the BR. "If I get the choice, I swear I'm taking you to the end." #BBCAN2 3:51PM BBT: Sabrina is making her pitch to Neda on why she should be taken to the final 2. She really feels that the only person in jury who would vote for her is Rachelle. #BBCAN2 3:56PM BBT: Heather has Jon in the WR "I think it is the best decision to have Sabrina stay." Jon "Fine. If that is what you want. If she makes the final 2 she will win." #BBCAN2 4:00PM BBT: Jon to Heather. "I think we are both in the exact same position. The only chance of winning, is right here." gesturing between the both of them.
  10. #BBCAN2 3:30PM BBT: Neda "What should we tell Jon we were talking about" Heather " Just that since we are the ones voting, we wanted to make sure who we wanted to take to the final 3." #BBCAN2 3:30PM BBT: Jon is listening to music in the HOHR while Adel takes a bath. Sabrina is in the BR folding clothes while Neda and Heather are still having their private moment. (I would like to thank everyone else for staying silent so that I can try to hear these 2) #BBCAN2 3:38PM BBT: Back in gossip central. Heather is talking how much crap Sabrina is stirring up. And like that Sabrina pops her head around the corner. "Wanna go chat?" "Yep, we were literally just going to come get you" Heather, Sabrina and Neda go to the BR. Heather informs Sabrina that they are keeping her. Sabrina hi-fives and hugs both.
  11. #BBCAN2 2:48PM BBT: Jon is wanting to take a bath. BB chimes in with a 15 minute warning. "The backyard will be off limits." Jon says to go ahead and close it because nobody needs to go outside. #BBCAN2 2:53PM BBT: Adel is taking a bath while Heather Neda & Jon are in the kitchen. No real game talk. #BBCAN2 2:57PM BBT: "If nobody is not coming back in the game, there has to be a huge twist coming." says Neda. Heather "Do you think so?" Neda "Yea" #BBCAN2 3:08PM BBT: Jon and Sabrina go up to the BR and interupt Heather and Neda. They say they want a moment to talk and get up and leave. They go to the WR. Neda goes over what has happened with Heather. Sabrina goes into the WR and they boot her out. Neda tells Heather that she is afraid that if keeping her is allowing her to "skate" to the final 2. (For someone who is being supposedly kept safe, they really are trying to make her paranoid.) #BBCAN2 3:11PM BBT: Sabrina ends up in the BR with Jon and Jedi trains a bit. Heather and Neda are talking whether Jon thinks Sabrina would take him to the end now. (whispering is making it hard to pick up on everything) #BBCAN2 3:16PM BBT: Both Neda and Heather are scared that Sabrina will slide through to the final 2. #BBCAN2 3:16PM BBT:Heather doesn't understand why Jon is tripping out. Neda says it's because he likes to have control of things. #BBCAN2 3:18PM BBT: Neda tells Heather that she told Sabrina earlier that she would be stupid to take Jon to the final 2 with her. So anything Sabrina says is her trying to play a game. #BBCAN2 3:22PM BBT: Heather "At least we have a fighting chance against Sabrina." #BBCAN2 3:23PM BBT: Heather" We really need to win both the HOH and the Veto" #BBCAN2 3:23PM BBT: Heather "Why do you think Jon wants to take Adel" Neda "I think that Jon feels he would get taken to the end with Adel over Sabrina." #BBCAN2 3:26PM BBT: Heather and Neda both feel that Sabrina is horrible in her game play and that they can see right through her.
  12. #BBCAN2 2:06PM BBT: Adel says he has his speech ready for tomorrow. Sabrina says, "If you doing something to me during your speech, I will put my foot up your @##" Adel responds. "It's not all about you burrito" #BBCAN2 2:06PM BBT: Adel says he has his speech ready for tomorrow. Sabrina says, "If you doing something to me during your speech, I will put my foot up your @##" Adel responds. "It's not all about you burrito" #BBCAN2 2:11PM BBT: Jon evidently got knocked out in a hockey fight. "I was so bitter." #BBCAN2 2:18PM BBT: Adel didn't think Ika was hot when he came in. Jon said he doesn't think anyone was his type in the BB house and that he wouldn't date anyone of them. He thinks everyone who was gorgeous, just not his type. #BBCAN2 2:18PM BBT: Jon views that if a guy doesn't give a girl the attention they want, they will become closer. Sabrina says she always wants someone she can't have. Heather says that she has a lot of friends who are not like that and will go find someone who gives them attention. #BBCAN2 2:25PM BBT: Sabrina tells a story of when she let her guard down at a club. There was really good looking guy at the club dancing. She notices he is paying attention to her.He comes up to her and they hit it off. They are dancing the night away, and she was enamored with him. Right at the end, he says. "If my girlfriend sees these pictures, I'm so effed" and walks off. Just stuns her. #BBCAN2 2:36PM BBT: Stories are being traded about flings and hook ups everyone has had. #BBCAN2 2:40PM BBT: Heather is still in the DR. They all head up stairs. Jon gets on the scale and tries to get the cameras to look at it. They wont move, but move when Sabrina shows her bra. Jon then proceeds to brush Neda's teeth. Heather is out of the DR now and is up in the WR with the rest of the HGs.
  13. #BBCAN2 12:55PM BBT: HGs making lunch. Neda is trying to talk to Heather in the SR, but people keep coming in. Heather "I'll talk to you later in the bedroom." #BBCAN2 1:07PM BBT: Sabrina doing her hair. Adel, Neda, Heather, and Jon down eating. Heather said that her goal coming in was getting past week one, then getting to jury. "Anything else is gravy" Neda is just grateful to be here. "You shouldve seen how many people tried out for this. The lines were long." Adel "I just cant get over how quickly you got a call back." Neda "Seriously, I was walking away and got the call" #BBCAN2 1:17PM BBT: Neda and Jon out laying in the hammock. "I love alone time" says Neda. Jon says "If Sabrina makes the final 2, she will win." They continue the conversation to the point if they are in the final 2 together. Jon lists down votes and thinks Neda will win over him. Neda thinks Heather is now wavering on taking Sabrina to the final 2. #BBCAN2 1:17PM BBT: Up in the WR Heather reassures Sabrina that she is safe and that she needs to play like Adel is being blind-sided. #BBCAN2 1:25PM BBT: Heather joins Jon and Neda out at the hammock. Still going over votes and how it may play out. (Love how they are downplaying whether they would get votes or not) #BBCAN2 1:26PM BBT: Jon sighs "ahhhh..I can't believe we are keeping Sabrina in this game. I swear that if she wins HOH, I will be livid." #BBCAN2 2:00PM BBT: HGs out at the hammock. Neda came out earlier with a garbage bag and colored straws. She is assembling them together to make larger necklaces and bracelets.
  14. #BBCAN2 12:37PM BBT: In the WR Jon says that he finds it ironic that when they take Sabrina to the final 4, if she wins anything, she is going to the final 2. #BBCAN2 12:43PM BBT: Talk in the WR is about super powers now, and Jon says" We should probably get back to who's going tomorrow. So Sabrina is staying 100%? Hundo? 1 Billion %?" Neda and Heather say yes. Jon "Whatever, I dont care" #BBCAN2 12:44PM BBT: Heather shows Jon her tatoo. "I swear it was smeared." Heather "It was, I shade it in everyday because isn't finished. I didn't have time to get it done."
  15. #BBCAN2 12:12PM BBT: Jon showers. Sabrina and Heather still in the WR. Heather says she is surprised he is showering in the WR and not the HOHR. Jon "Oh yea...I forgot." Heather "Its gonna suck so bad if Neda wins the HOH and I can't see her HOH room" #BBCAN2 12:18PM BBT: Jon wanders out in the BY and checks the cameras to see if they are pointing to anything in particular. Doesn't see anything and check the HT door. It is still locked. #BBCAN2 12:22PM BBT: Awkward silence in the BR between Sabrina and Adel. (Sorry, just used to them bickering) Adel gets up and goes downstairs. Talks to Jon in the storage room, but can't make out what they are saying. #BBCAN2 12:32PM BBT: Adel corners Neda in the HOHR about walking in on Heather and Sabrina in the BR. He says he is about to start calling out Heather for her actions, and Neda says "No don't, its fine. We need to keep Sabrina calm." Neda goes back into the WR and tells Heather and Jon that she thinks Adel will start causing havoc. She mentions how Adel walked in on Heather and Sabrina putting on her Bra. Heather scoffs and says he is getting so paranoid. "I was literally putting on her bra."