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  1. @muzikobserver interesting... thoughts? This is the man who took the selfie with Steve. https://t.co/2146IJVn7W

  2. RT @OnThisDayGaming: The PlayStation 4 was released on this day in North America, 4 years ago (2013) https://t.co/4Nm5n6lejg

  3. @muzikobserver @YouTube Watched your video, You said to search for info on the feud. I couldn’t find anything. Links? Where do I look?

  4. @miguel_TTR https://t.co/n9jodEu1Ch

  5. RT @RealJack: How many retweets can we get on this? Now that Uranium One is being investigated & Fusion GPS info is coming out.. https://…

  6. @toddschnitt I'd love the MJ Morning show to return. Food for thought.. Tedd Webb is retiring in January and I'm su… https://t.co/i3heGDEHD3

  7. Me https://t.co/er2kVmM6k7

  8. @ColetteLala No, not me

  9. RT @madisongesiotto: In a DUI, we blame the driver. In a bombing, we blame the bomber. In a shooting, we blame the gun?

  10. @tdiamond8 @BBGossip @BigBrother__USA Lol, Cody's short shorts.

  11. @BretBaier @MeghanMcCain I like Meghan, but HATE this show. Wouldn't waste a minute of my life watching what joy Ba… https://t.co/aCOeqOTq0H

  12. RT @VolunteerFla: Amazing service from @SalArmyNaples! They've served almost 30,000 hot meals and are feeding at more than 15 locations in…

  13. @BBGossip I think this is the same person on your last periscope. She made the same two comments and seemed to be g… https://t.co/srFHQP3F5b

  14. @realDonaldTrump @TheEmmys no award shows, network late night shows, morning shows etc. for a good year 4 me. 60m v… https://t.co/DtoJjL7YbA

  15. @thejessicagraf come join us! https://t.co/O8k4lFYjr5