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    An Open Letter to Allison Grodner : BB Producer

    Dear Allisson/CBS. Very good season this year. Thank you so much. I was about to give up on Big based on BB13. It made my season when I heard Janelle & Dan were coming. Well worth it. I have to agree though with the ideas of all newbies to find new best player of the season/BB. I love this season. Especially with Dan's craziness. I would also agree with changing the competition a bit/having double POV or Double person on the block for eviction with 3 nominees. Here's a thought on how maybe a possible future season can be: If you are bringing past hgs. let them be in all stars season. Bring only those who did not make it to Jury. Give those who did not get a chance to prove themselves to do so. If by any chance you will bring coaches to all stars, bring past winners or any Top 3 HGs to coach the ones that did not even make it to Jury. Let the price be $50,000 + some incentive for agreeing to come instead for coaches. If it s going to be $100,000.00 then the amount for the winner should be $300,000.00/ $250,000.00. To me big brother has some similarities just like the apprentice, you have to use skills, tactics, intelligence to win or sell your win. The only thing is that big brother cannot see/communicate with the outside world. $250,000.00 should be suffice for the winner. After all, his or her coach help the winner make it to the final & win. The journey was not just one person. Maybe if it is $300,000. Winner gets 250,000 and the 50,000 goes to the charity of both winner & coach choice. I am sure many charities can make good use of that donation. Just a thought. Let me know what others think
  2. userfriendly12

    Dan, Week 11 (HoH - Part 1) 2nd Place $50,000

    Seriously ppl, anyone who is against how Dan plays the game need to get over themselves. I believe Dan could win against anyone. Shane would have won against anyone. So he had to get evicted. let's be real. If Dan listened to himself when he won HOH and put out Shane, all those discussions would have squashed. Frank was lied to by all 3 remaining HGs. If he wants to be honest with himself, Dan plays a better game than the other 2. he may have been cut throat but Ian is a liar & a backstabber, Danielle knows Dan's every moves and accepted/accepts it. Let not fool ourselves. Shane only agreed to take Dan to f3 because he had a lesser chance of winning against Ian. To my opinion, Dan best chance is against Danielle but could win against Ian if the Jury get over themselves. no one was honest this season. Dan just made BB14 more fun to watch. Joe lied about everyone to anyone who had the weekly power. Frank is a sore looser & a liar thinking he played an honest game. Has he forgotten how personal he got with his comments about danielle, dan, ian, & jenn. Jenn is delusional. Ian backstabbed. Shane is a user. Used Joe, Britney, and Dani to get himself further. He even threw britney under the bus when it was convenient for him. Boogie is discussing. Britney lied and told on anyone while making deals with everyone. Wil is a liar. Willie is a nut job. Ashley appeared in the game just when she was about to be evicted and made up a bunch of lies on Janelle earlier in the game. Jojo was a hothead. Danielle is not innocent as much guilty as Dan. Britney said it best when she said this was not "Suzie sun shine". This is big brother. get over it. if you can't take it then don't join. The 2 most innocent hgs of bb14 is jodi & kara. You may include Janelle innocent as she did not have time to damage her reputation before leaving. Just because Dan is cutthroat, he is the best ever to play big brother. not even Dr. Wil can catch up. Love him or hate him: Dan cut throat does not make me change my opinion of how good of a player he is or give Shane a sympathy vote. Please ppl. this my final thought for this week.
  3. userfriendly12

    Danielle, Week 11 - Evicted 9/19, 3rd Place

    I agree Dani knew what was going to happen and agreed to it. As far as Dan, yes he is ruthless. He sworn many times. Everytime he did use his bible and wife, he told the truth. example when he said he did not throw Frank and Boogie under the bus. he used his bible and wife. when he said that he will take dani to f2, he swore on his wife. any other time, he did not use bible or wife. let be real. I know shane said that he used his wife name for f3, but he did not. unless it was a different bb. I know it's a game but is as much as real life. you get cutthroat person just like dan in the real world. What Dan did was slick but it does make me change my mind against him or give Shane a sympathy vote. Dan never attack anyone personally. i.e. boogie. frank lying to himself thinking he was honest, brittney pretty much backstab anyone&everyone. Jenn was delusional thinking she played the game. Joe pretty much lie to everyone about the other person if you had the weekly power. Ian is evil. Boogie is discussing. Wil is liar. Willie is nut job. Ashley is slick & delusional. Shane is a user. Uses anyone feelings to get further in the game included Joe, Brittney, & Dani. Shane even threw britney under the bus. Dani is not that innocent. Let's be real folks. Dan played the game. Brittney said it best when she said this is not Suzie high horse game. This is BB. If you can't take it, don't join it.