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  1. Having dinner with wife & friends (@ Los Chaparros Mexican Restaurant) on #Yelp http://t.co/H8B0CjCC

  2. Mailed off my $20 co-payment to Dr. Gene Doo. Had a hard time doing it since he was absolutely worthless! In need of an ENT? DON'T GO 2 HIM!

  3. Finally finished memory block 4. That took long enough! #AC

  4. Pre ordered AC3 & NBA2K13 earlier today. Can't wait.

  5. To clarify, the #NameOfTheDay names are "first" names only.

  6. Black Ops II is looking more and more like a must buy. http://t.co/DcIZ5fa8 http://t.co/ynOrnYyL

  7. My DVR is going to be busy today. Recording all the How the States Were Shaped episodes. Season premier today. #DorkFest #Nerd

  8. The torture chamber aka Zumba class. About to start my 60min cardio sesh! #LetsGo #GigEm http://t.co/k42KprZz

  9. Stumbled across Lego The Lord of the Rings video game. Watched a couple of the trailers. Kinda interested in it. http://t.co/0qQMmEsA

  10. Well at least @nfl got something right by suspending Mays. I thought it should've been more. Obviously intentional. http://t.co/Ad7izT8j

  11. Ah! You know it's winter when the first north swell comes rolling in. http://t.co/WWP5zLDy

  12. Happy birthday to my mom @itzurmama!! I hope you have a wonderful day today. Thank you for always being there and supporting me! Love you!!

  13. Hey @nfl. The integrity of the game is going down the drain. Not that you care since its all about the $$$$. Ridiculous!