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  1. Oh yay here goes crazy doing her "gymnastics" lol her cartwheel/ handspring is hilarious! She's awful!!! Then she tried to do a wall handstand and fell!!!! she is such a pathetic liar, there's no way she did gymnastics for all those years, she can't even do a cartwheel. this CRAZY girl infuriates me! Dan is really making her look like an idiot now. I really can't wait till she gets out and sees it from Americas point of view....if she's capable of that. Oh, and her lying about her "breast cancer/not breast cancer" is a new low, that is the sickest thing anyone, muchless a WOMAN can do. I will never understand this ignorant girl! She should have to sit in a room of cancer survivors and their families and listen to their stories. She's SICK! Who does that?
  2. Oh no, she's using her creepy voice, well one of three.
  3. What is this "mist" you all are talking about??? All I know is I really like dan, and he is going to go down as one of the greatest in BB history! He has had a really rough time this year and had to play a really dirty game, regardless if he wins or not I think we should all send him $100 each because he is such a great guy and best player ever! Go Dan go!! ;)
  4. Ermergerd! I can't believe she's doing that to Ian and her and Dan planned it! Wow, an all new low. That's just not right. I understand it's a game and they lie,cheat, and sell their mothers...but come one, Ian was stuttering and bouncing around and it was all for show. That's just awful. I really can't believe she and ( Dan too) would go that far. Don't give any of the jerks the $!!!!!
  5. I feel bad for Ian too, but having said that...he can dish it out but he can't take it. Danielle girl, your crazy is showing..might want to tuck that back in. She's being a bully...while still managing to look at herself in the mirror and suck in her cheeks. Ugh this girl!!
  6. Maybe Ian should stop drinking gallons of DIET COKE! I know he has "other issues" but the amount of coke he drinks cannot help!
  7. Annoyed14

    Danielle Murphree, Week 10 (HoH & PoV)

    Oh please, oh please, oh please don't give that crazy nut job the $!!!! At first I really didn't want Dan to win it again...but I think he has brain washed me too!!! He's an evil genius in this game, give that guys another $5,000 he played a great game!!!!!
  8. Hope Danielle goes, I am so over this psycho, self centered, stalker, pathological lying, narcissist! Did I leave anything out??? Too bad this isn't The Hunger Games.....
  9. I swear I can't even watch after dark because of her. She sits in the kitchen on that chair staring into the mirror at herself and sucking in her cheeks!!!!! What is wrong with her? She looks like a complete idiot. Oh, yay..she's eating cereal again. She chews like a cow into her mic. I would rather watch Ian swing and swish his spit around for hours... Where do they find these people?
  10. Hey joe is finally good at a game in BB.....corn hole! To bad they can't make that into a comp game!
  11. Annoyed14

    Danielle, Week 8

    Ha! Those are great!! Too funny...watch your back, she seems vendictive! Bunny boiler, as iv seen it put!! yikes.
  12. Annoyed14

    Danielle, Week 8

    A little self-absorbed...have you seen her? And when I say lies, I get they all lie. Dan has showed how to play this games like a champ, and still manages to not be a complete psycho! She has said her fathers an alcoholic and violent to her, She broke her back, she has ibs, she has liver problems (really? Drink another one) the list goes on and on. I get you have to lie,and manipulate in this game, but this girl is delusional!! She's hurting her family, and possibly joes, I know if I was his wife I'd be a little more than pissed!
  13. Annoyed14

    Danielle, Week 8

    She brings it on herself. Constantly fishing for compliments, and asking everyone if they think she's fat. She should be less worried about people's opinion on her weight and worry about all her lies, her crazy is showing big time! Plus, she sat right in front of all the guys and had her boobs in their faces, while she pushed them together with her arms and sucked in her cheeks. She kept bringing the conversation back to her boobs over and over. Joe even asked her to change shirts...then she goes and tells Jenfloater that joes a dirty old man!!! What?? She's ab-so-freaking -lutely NUTS! she's so needy, and trashy. She better not win, ugh!
  14. Annoyed14

    Danielle, Week 8

    I wish someone would please explain to Danielle freakin murphree exactly what a MICROPHONE IS AND IT'S PURPOSE! this girl is so annoying! Can she go 5 minutes without hitting, playing,eating,getting hair caught, or laying on the dang thing?? Seriously, does she understand what it's for? I can't even stand to watch her on after dark, I have to fast forward!! Don't even get me started on her multiple voices. And can she go more than two minutes without saying "me or I " ???? I have NEVER disliked someone so much. Run Shane, run fast!