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    Followup comment ......... I started this thread and I assure you, I am NOT associated with CBS. Just a guy that likes a good TV show every now and then. I share my observations and frankly am surprised at the replies here. I have learned a few things and maybe can adjust my thinking accordingly. I am a good listener. I am sorry to see Britney get booted, but it was likely to be. She sure got better commentary from the "in case you got evicted" category. Boogie had to humble himself to Ian, and as nice a gesture that was, it had to be hard to do. {OR ANOTHER GREAT SCRIPT LINE!} IF I was scripting it, I would have Ian win. Great dark horse winner. Also; Maybe he could buy some new clothes for himself and give a few bucks to our "pink man" too lol Again, I appreciate all the replies an am enjoying this thread quite a bit.
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    Interesting replies so far. On BB 14 I was hoping Boogie would get booted. A good "player" but he was too cocky.I am not 100% sure that any of them are not capable of some good acting. Most are a bit fame hungry when they start. Most any trademan would take on BB or Survivor for a career change. My goodness, they had a Pro football manager on Survivor! hehe {like he needed the money...great script IMHO} Funny, many lie about where they came from too! lol I will not stop watching any of these even BB, but I think I will now have fun trying to predict the scripting possibilities. Maybe Dan is cheating on is wife with Danielle! lol Ian could be a Jr. CEO trying to find gaps in the show! ah la "Undercover Boss Style". Or just maybe the bosses son. ZingBot could be another brother of the infamous Russell Hantz!!!!!! He I liked! Mean and ruthless. {another millionaire that did not need the money} Then his brother gets kicked off BB 14? Oh and this is really possible for a good script......... Dan and Ian are really brothers. Could be "return" players get paid! due to their character being desirable to the writers.
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    I have watched this show for some time. I am finding it harder to stay with it. I FEEL THERE IS A SCRIPT BEING FOLLOWED! Dan goes in a room a dreams up a mortuary scene? Gets the remaining people to believe it all? Come on! Thought it up in that short a time? I applaude the writers that I believe do daily scripting. They made it "look" human interest at the start, unrehearsed, but this episode is the give-a-way IMHO. Anyone else feel like this was a reality show until they were able to develop scripts for more action thrills and chills?