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  1. justcurious

    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Ian

    I could not decide on Joe, but I put his vote for Dan just because it shows Dan likely will need more votes even with Joe.
  2. Didn't Ian win a lot more comps than Dan? And, he got a bunch of people eliminated. So what is the criteria that you are using to decide who played a better game? That he got himself off the block a couple of times? It would be interesting to do a tally, but I don't remember all of the stats.Won HOH Won POV Got off block Got someone eliminated other?
  3. I agree. What is it they say about bullies, they are insecure. That fits Dani. I feel bad for her. I do not approve of the way she has acted, but it was going to catch up with her eventually and when it did it was going to be painful.Looks like it will get worse before it gets better, since likely Shane will not be as interested in her as she is in him. Still, she is so young and she just got to be on BB until the finale. Good for her. A lot of people would like that opportunity. I hope she at least tries to make the most of her last few days of great publicity!
  4. justcurious

    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Ian

    Ian - 4 to 3 Ashley - Ian Britney - Ian Frank - Ian Joe - Dan Jenn - Dan Shane - Ian Dani - Dan
  5. GB, Dani she had $50K and she gave it to Dan when she used the veto on him, she doesn't even realize it yet. I don't think Dan realizes that he likely isn't going to get Shane's vote no matter what Dani tries to tell Shane.Also, Dani doesn't realize that if Dan wins there is no way he is taking her. He needs her vote and he needs her to try to get Shane to vote for him. Ian and Dan Ian - 4 to 3 Ashley - Ian Britney - Ian Frank - Ian Joe - Dan Jenn - Dan Shane - Ian Dani - Dan Dan and Dani Dani - 5 to 2 Ashley - Dani (following Frank) Britney - Dani Frank - Dani Joe - Dan Jenn - Dani Shane - Dani Ian - Dan
  6. Wow! That's interesting! I would never have guessed Janelle to be loyal!
  7. Thanks! I appreciate your thorough response. I am trying to observe the season as openly as possible. Sometimes I like Dan more than others, but all personal feelings aside I am just trying to grasp why some players are more popular than others. From what I know about past players on this season (i.e. the coaches) it seems like Janelle is the most popular by twice as much as Britney and Dan who are about the same, followed by Boogie. I get Britney because she is entertaining (sarcastic, cute, etc...). Boogie is the nice bad guy (or something like that). Janelle, I have not seen that much of, but I think it could be that women want to be like her, and men want to be with her? Dan, I am thinking is so popular because people can relate to him???
  8. Great observation! And, not to defend his using Dani, that would be wrong in the real world! But, in the game he didn't have a lot of choice. She really threw herself at him, and he did try awfully hard up to the very end to not lead her on. If he would have been more honest about his feelings (or lack of) for her that would have been more moral, but been bad for his game.
  9. Thanks! I appreciate anyone's insight in this topic. I know there are a lot if Dan fans and I respect them. I am really just trying to understand.
  10. GB Dani! She is young! I think she will learn a lot from this. Especially after reading some books like "He's Just Not That Into You" etc....
  11. Hi GreatSaltLake! I know you are a Dan fan. This is my first time watching BB and I started half way into the season. I'd really like to hear your insight regarding why Dan is so popular. Is it because of the last time he was on? If so, do you think that he will be less popular or at least less liked after this season? Or, am I missing some reason to really like him from this season alone?
  12. justcurious

    Final Three Picks (with 4 HGs remaining)

    Wow, another great turnout! Thanks to everyone who voted in the Final 3 (with 4 HGs remaining) Poll! Here are the results. Ian - 13 (W- 6; 2nd - 4) Shane - 17 (W - 2; 2nd - 2) Dan - 19 (W - 13; 2nd - 5) and, Dani has 4 votes to win and 14 votes for 2nd.Thanks again for voting! Vote in the new Poll starting today: "How you think the HGs will vote for the winner."
  13. Wonder what happened in the HOH room last night. Did Shane finally resort to kissing her? Is that why he is not on the block? Were people underestimating Shane?
  14. justcurious

    Danielle Murphree, Week 10 (HoH & PoV)

    I think Dani wants the Final 3 to be her, Shane and Dan. And, I think she trusts Shane more to keep Dan than Dan to keep Shane. Especially since she knows Dan was going to vote Shane out. And, it does not make sense to keep Ian over Shane.