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  1. 3:43 am Cam1 but use Quad - it looks like the alliance is flipping again. Howard and Spencer convinced Judd, Gina Marie and Kaitlin to switch. I was totally shocked. Howard made them "wake up" to see who has the power...Amanda, McCrae and Elissa and Helen. Howard said he has Candice on his side and Spencer thinks that Andy will switch with them. Judd (if he agrees to align) will talk to Jessie in the morning or today. This came about much earlier when Aaryn told Kaitlin she think's its America's vote (which it is) and Amanda is probably going up. Amanda had a hissy. She confronted Kaitlin and of course poop hit the fan. After the nomination ceremony I think a house meeting is going to happen and they are going to confront Amanda/McCrae and Helen and Elissa. I am just in shock how quickly things are falling apart. It's 8:24 am and I beat...going to bed and hoping this is a nightmare...but of course it's not.
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    Amanda - Week 4

    Sorry, forgot to add the you tube link. Thanks for the catch wildcat and mendes. That video is pathetic and it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. It's just sad. It's hard to watch without being appalled and shocked.
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    Amanda - Week 4

    I am very sad about Amanda. She's playing an aggressive game and there is nothing wrong that but I am having a difficult time liking her after the comments she made in the You Tube video BB15 Bigotry Supercut. She very clearly says she'd like to cut Elissa's throat and then pass her body around to be raped by the HOH men. Now this was probably bravado talking but I am a woman and I cannot understand how that kind of hate could come from another woman. It isn't right. It is just so sad that the new generation is so warped and far away from how I was brought up. I liked her in the beginning, but now not a fan.
  4. Elissa and Helen are the only two people I am rooting for. Nick is playing the best game. He knows how to manipulate and keep his mouth shut. I am still on the fence in re McCrae. He blew it when he let the house make the decision to put Elissa on the block -- wimpy move. Howard and Judd...not sure what to think but floaters comes to mind. Amanda is a hoot. She is fun to watch when she is in action. She missed her calling -- she is a better actress and is SO believable. Andy is hard b/c you can still be a double agent w/o going overboard on Elissa bashing. He went too far just for the approval of assholes. Really? As for the rest, it is sad that pretty people are so ugly inside. Candice and Jessie fall In this category b/c attacking someone when everyone else is...is so not cool. Spencer is not pretty but his overuse of c**t is so offensive and doesn't surprise me he is still single...ugly is as ugly does. This by far is the saddest BB group ever. I really hope that Elissa and Helen make it to the end but it doesn't look like that will happen.
  5. FAV = Ian and Britney LEAST = Frank and Dan As I stated in the scripted thread (my analogy of BB14=Wizard of Oz) Bri and Ian are my favs and Dan and Frank need to go out the door!
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    Scripted, most likely. Here is my analogy of BB14: The Wizard of Oz Dorothy – home Scarecrow – brain Lion – courage Tin Man – heart Toto – just there Wizard – controller Glinda the Good Witch – good The Wicked Witch of the West – greedy and wicked Dan – Wizard: Controls his destiny and others while scheming for the gold at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. Using a bible to get you out of a pickle (greed) isn’t what it was intended for, shame on you. Danielle – Dorothy: Girl, you need to go home and get your lies in order. Sweetie, you’re a hot mess and I cringe every time I see you open your mouth. Britney – Heart: Didn’t like you during your season. This year you have heart, hope you make it to the end. But it doesn’t look like it if Shane doesn’t get a backbone. Shane – Scarecrow: I guess brain and brawn doesn’t apply to you, too bad. Grow some balls. Keep Britney and put Dan and Frank in their places – out the door. Frank – Wicked Witch of the East: Bad to the bone. You’re a bully behind your southern charm. You need to go to etiquette school and learn not to be such a pig. Nana needs to whop you aside the head and teach you better manners. Ian – Glinda: Silly boy. Your intentions are good but hubris will bite you in the ass all the time. You’re my favorite to win but your remark to Boogie might have cost you your end game. Not back dooring Dan when you had the chance is your fatal mistake. Jenn – Toto: Girlfriend, you needed to wake up long before now. This power move won’t last and unfortunately isn’t going to keep you in the game much longer. Joe – Lion: You need to find your courage and make a stand with one side and stay there. Janelle ruined it for you. Running around the house trying to get the scoop has hurt you in more ways than you can fathom to guess. Sorry buddy, you’re not a threat and they all want to take you to end because of it.