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  1. DerangedBanana

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    I'm hoping it means purge the whole cast and bring in a new one. We can always dream!
  2. DerangedBanana

    Spencer - Week 6 PoV Replacement Nominee

    I am tired of Aayrn being CBS's scapegoat while Spencer and Amanda both get off scott-free. Both are a thousand times worse than Aaryn or GM could ever hope to be. Whether it was a joke or not, what kind of sick pig finds child rape funny? And If you ask me, he got way too much joy out of making up the the awful little details. A basement in Minnesota?! This vile pig makes ED and Mike Boogie look like Mother Theresa.
  3. DerangedBanana

    Candice - Week 4

    Yeah seriously I'm confused... What's his objection to her buying a house? This cast is so weird. Is it just me or do none of them ever make any sense?
  4. DerangedBanana

    Jessie - Week 4

  5. DerangedBanana

    Amanda - Week 4

    I didn't get the feeds until recently, what racist things has Amanda said?
  6. DerangedBanana

    Helen - Week 4

    Seriously. Why take that big of a risk to try to backdoor someone who doesn't win comps anyway?
  7. DerangedBanana

    Jessie - Week 4

    Reminds me of a less psychotic version of Danielle from last season. Clingy, male-dependent, weak-minded.
  8. DerangedBanana

    Spencer - Week 4

    But spencer has no redeeming qualities or entertainment value and adds no drama or interest.
  9. DerangedBanana

    Spencer - Week 4

    Most pointless person of the season, IMO.
  10. DerangedBanana

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    Sorry to veer off topic but I was fairly young and barely watched that season. Why was Maggie so hated again?
  11. DerangedBanana

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the poor little fool... So clueless.
  12. DerangedBanana

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    I'm sure she'll just do whatever mommy's publicist tells her to.
  13. DerangedBanana

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    Willie and Chima were probably not allowed to come back to the finale because they were expelled from the game. My guess is Aaryn will stil be contractually obligated to come back. I hope so, because I don't want them to let her off the hook that easily.
  14. DerangedBanana

    Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    Oops, I guess I should probably specify exactly what happened that I was disgusted by, lol. In a conversation between Elissa and Helen about how Kaitlin might be the MVP, Elissa said that Kaitlin had told her and Amanda that she had gotten an abortion right before the show, and expressed how immoral she thinks abortion is. I thought outing Kaitlin like that on the feeds was a crappy thing to do, and I think she did it to get votes away from Kaitlin in the future case Kaitlin was indeed the MVP.
  15. DerangedBanana

    Elissa - Week 4 - POV Winner - Saved

    Not a fan of Kaitlin, but I really just lost all respect for Elissa after what she just did. She and Helen were talking about how Kaitlin might have won the MVP, so I think she did it just to try to keep America from voting for her again. SO low-class.
  16. DerangedBanana

    Lisa Whelchel

    Felt bad for her but if she wants to stay she really has to suck it up and get in the game.
  17. DerangedBanana

    Abi-Maria Gomes

    And people say RC is the one who's full of herself? This woman is crazy.
  18. DerangedBanana

    Roxy Morris..voted off 9/26

    Weak and catty. She and Angie are an embarrassment to female survivor contestants. She fought to stay, which is more than I can say for Angie, but she still deserved to leave. Russell also needs to go.