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    Big Brother General Discussion

    This year has been so bad. My 2 favorites (Frank and Tiffany) are going to be gone before jury. They cast too many idiots that have no idea how to play the game. There are 7 HGs IMO that are flat out horrible and just have no idea how to play BB (Jozea, Victor, Paul, Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle, Zakiyah) and 3 others who are highly overrated and shitty players as well IMO (James, Nicole, and Corey). Da, Frank, and Paulie are the only ones making this season interesting. I love Frank but he has made some very poor decisions and deserves to go home. The week Bridgette was HOH he got one of her allies sent home (and he was the one who nominated her... smh) and then tonight when he threw Nicole under the bus he sealed his fate. I'll root for Da now but she is soon out the door after Frank. Nicole and James came in ready to play this year rather than play like Summer camp. But they both are falling in love... smh. James is not smart. He is obviously at the bottom of everyone's totem pole. Him winning this HOH was a bad move for his game. He and Natalie are in the middle of the house, laying low, with literally NO ONE targeting them. He should have thrown that shit to Da or Bridgette and let those 2 sides of the house continue to battle each other why he lays back in the cut. Paulie is running the game... he is this year's Derrick. But I can't stand him! He is doing exactly what Derrick did as far as keeping the easily manipulated people close (Paul, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey, James) but still good competition players that won't target him. I can't stand Paul or Michelle they are both rats who will get cut between 4th-8th (just like Christine). Unless one of them can pull off the switch move with about 6-7 left like Andy did in BB15. I just do not see anyway that Paulie does not win the whole game! This is setting up just like BB16... and granted Derrick was the man (best BB player of all time IMO) but it made for a very boring season.
  2. bindeho83

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Hi what's up everyone? Just wanted to give my 2 cents thus far and see what you all thought. First off this is my 5th BB season and my 2 all time favorites are Frank and Vanessa... I use to posts on here back in BB14 and everyone hated Frank and last year everyone in chat hated Vanessa so I was constantly defending them. So I'm torn on who to cheer for... Frank or Tiffany? The cast as a whole so far is pretty poor in my opinion. I mean Jozea, Paul and Victor have no clue, like absolutely no idea how to play Big Brother. And the returning vets? I thought James, Nicole, and Da were all terrible BB game players. Although Da has surprised me and I'm liking her game play so far this year. She is pretty good when she keeps her mouth shut. I tend to like smart HG who are constantly playing and thinking 24/7 such as Vanessa and Derrick and thus far this year I do not see anyone like that. I'm really hoping someone surprises me.
  3. bindeho83

    Jury 4 Way Competition Will Be Interesting

    It is so funny, sad actually, how we all keep hoping for this to happen or that to happen just for shear entertainment purposes... yet week after week nothing exciting happens. Everything is so predictable and boring. Even Julie threw a dig at the cast at the last live eviction with the twitter question asking about "big moves". The way this season is going I bet Jessie or Candice win and get to come back.
  4. bindeho83

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Did you all watch Kaitlin's interview with Jeff? I think she hit the nail on the head when she said the MVP twist basically is allowing floaters to stay in the game much longer than they should. I would really like to see Howard stay and someone stand up to Amanda because she is basically the puppet master. This far into the season and still don't have a favorite. I'm basically rooting for anyone but McCrae or Amanda to win.
  5. bindeho83

    Jeremy - Week 1

    Jeremy is a tool. He is dumb and annoying. How dear you all compare him to Mike Boogie... I love Boogie, he was an asshole but he was witty and funny.
  6. bindeho83

    BBAD on TVGN

    I agree 100%
  7. bindeho83

    Jessie - Week 1 (Nominated)

    I thought Jessie was pretty damn cute when I first saw her. Unfortunately she spoke.
  8. I thought he said he would have taken Danielle after she asked him right before their speeches. Cause that is what pissed Ian off.
  9. Yup... I'd say you are dead on with that comment.Do you all think Dan would have won if he was sitting next to Danielle in the F2?
  10. Yeah you are right. I totally agree that after Dan Ian deserved it the most. And you have to give Ian lots of credit (I haven't seen too many people point it out on here) but Ian won a lot of comps towards the late stages of the game. He won when he really needed to, even if he didn't know it. Down to the F5 everyone + Jenn was trying to get him out and he kept winning. I think the HG's underestimated Ian and when they finally realized they had to get him out they never had the chance. But I still think Dan played the best game. After watching this I'd have to say that no one will ever win this game twice.
  11. Nothing against Ian... but bottom line is Dan played the best game of anyone BY FAR. He deserved to win. All the reasons Dan didn't win were all the wrong reasons in my opinion (Cause he won before - Do the Yankees not get to play in the World Series cause they won before - , cause he was a coach, and he lied and backstab more people so he is less likable) Dan basically ran that house since the coaches were thrown in the game and he single handedly manipulated and evicted every single person on that jury. And he did it all with only ONE reign as HOH... what Dan did was extremely impressive. To have such a large target on your back and still be able to make it to the F2 (not to mention drag a weak player in Danielle to the F3) without winnig hardly any comps is remarkable and will never be repeated in BB.
  12. I think it was smart/awesome of Ian to actually take Dan's grandfather's ring for collateral. If you notice, after Danielle left, Ian gave it back to Dan in the kitchen. I remember always thinking back to when Dan swore on all that stuff to Frank, why don't you take his wedding ring for collateral? Ian actually did... that's awesome. Now I'm wondering what would have happened if Dan won the HOH and evicted Ian.
  13. Don't bash Dan for talking advantage of Danielle naive and insecure ass. Dan did stay loyal to her and would have taken her to the F2 if he won the last HOH. No way Danielle even comes close to F3 without Dan. I think if it was Dan and Danielle in the F2 Dan would have won. Either way I don't think Danielle could have won 1st place.
  14. I don't hate Ian at all... but I did think what Janelle said during the show was 100% accurate. Remember she got sent home pretty early so she got to see all the game unlike the people in the jury. She said Danielle lies (I about stood up and cheered at that), and that Dan played an unbelievably great game and if he didn't win BB it would be a travesty. She is right. Taking nothing away from Ian... but for Dan to be a former winner of BB and a coach, his target was enormus and he single handley manipulated and sent home nearly everyone on the jury with only ONE HOH. what Dan did this season will never be repeated and he truely deserved to win this game.