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  1. So agree. I have also seen the same type of behavior here than ever before. People are being attacked for their thoughts if it doesn't agree with some others in here. And I am not going to name names as everyone here knows who is doing this this season, is like the hatred as poured over into this thread. Hope you all all have a great summer!
  2. I'm not going to get drawn into a confrontation with you on this. I think one way and you another. DONE!
  3. BBLover4ever

    Cody Nickson BB19 Houseguest

    I hope it goes further than Josh and Paul. Doubtful with the entire house of idiots serving Paul's every wish, but a person can dream right?
  4. Of course she had to mention her disease in her speech! From what I have seen, it isn't stopping her from being "normal" in any way. She eats and bangs just fine!
  5. Sorry, but I disagree. He didn't call them fat but he did call them other names. I am sure of it.
  6. I know right! They should say thank you for volunteering Mr. Friendship! Then they can see how much he really trusts them.
  7. I don't blame Jess and Cody for saying ANYTHING to this moron! He has been relentless in his antics (of course being pushed by Paul every time), and he needs to learn to take what he dishes. I do believe he called Cody and Jess a few names during his rants.
  8. BBLover4ever

    Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    Not happy that she is HOH but she is better than Raven! Hope Cody can pull off safety this week even though Paul is already working the group to keep him from it. Not understanding why someone doesn't ask Paul to be the 3rd nominee and see how he feels about trusting them!
  9. EXACTLY! CBS picked a group of morons to play this season. Probably asked each one who their fav BB player was.
  10. I do not care for her at all. And she can't even compete? Hate she is going to jury. Doesn't deserve it at all.
  11. BBLover4ever

    Jason Dent BB19 Houseguest

    Not feeling Jason anymore. Something about him just doesn't fit. Anything he hears he runs to Alex and tells her. Wait til he finds out she has a F2 with Paul.
  12. BBLover4ever

    blind loyalty to paul

    Me either. Paul is anything but honest and loyal.
  13. BBLover4ever

    Big Brother General Discussion

    So, what do you think the special show on Fri Aug 18 is all about?
  14. Kevin does what ever Paul tells him to. At least for now.