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  1. https://t.co/sBy1qtRnF5

  2. RT @TeachThought: Teaching In 2017: A Checklist For 21st Century Teachers - https://t.co/HT16eO1SFZ https://t.co/No9sBi9dcs

  3. RT @misskyritsis: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset "Failure is an opportunity to grow" #TTPlay #aussieED #edchat https://t.co/6qVzjvXpYj

  4. RT @RexFB: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! A first for Syrian/Eritrean students & families who dined with 'Canadian' families yesterday @Broo…

  5. RT @literarymaven: #2ndaryELA check out our FB group to continue the conversation all week long. 1,800+ members & growing! https://t.co/w6e…

  6. RT @prairiemusik: Check out the history of the school! @LauraSecordWSD https://t.co/NOOdNz9LIk I have a great book from the 75th anniversar…

  7. RT @MrDhalla: Isaac Newton School's New Robotics Program - students excited to quickly sort out the Lego pieces and start making Legobots!…

  8. RT @jschwartzcen: Great #rm10Twitter https://t.co/eEShUo9fmQ

  9. My grade 11 English students just told me I give them too much work. I'm not convinced! We need to start off strong!

  10. Participated in a very thought-provoking PD on Integrity today. https://t.co/YnThRpmTBq

  11. That time you went to #UrbanBarn wanting to buy something, but walked out because not one salesperson spoke to you.

  12. @tecvocgrade9 I'd love that. Whom should I talk to about ordering?

  13. RT @WinnipegSD: Make someone happy every day, a smile, a kind word, and an honest compliment can do wonders #MondayMotivation https://t.co/…

  14. @IsaacNewtonWSD Look at those awesome grade 9 students! Wishing you all a terrific year!