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    Meg Maley (Week 7) + D/E Nominee

    Meg is funny! When she was all over Clay it was hilarious. He didn't act like he was resisting too much (and it's not the first time they have hugged, drunk or sober). I think Meg is finally waking up to the fact that there is a game to be played and she better go out and win something!
  2. 2:17pm BBT: In the Have Not room Shelli has been pleading her case to Meg, JMac, and Jackie. She does not understand why people are not targeting Austin & The twins and she is going to start saying stuff. She tells them "he told me I could put him up (James?) and "he's not winning this game. Shelli does not understand why keeping "that side together is better for their game". She does not understand because they (the people she is talking to) do not have a strong army behind them and when they watch the show they will understand. Shelli says she is guilty by association but she didn't start it! Meg says it's hard to tell how close they all really are
  3. 1:56pm BBT: BB announces to the houseguests that they have an indoor lockdown! Shelli and JMac have been taking in the washroom discussing the votes. At the lockdown announcement, JMac goes to use the facility and Shelli heads to the kitchen area. They have all come in and are milling around the kitchen. Shelli is stuffing her face and Meg say he really wants a meal tonight. Meg has a sneezing fit. The triplets (Austin, Liz, Julia) are discussing if they get free bowling tonight and maybe they will make funnel cakes. "Show at 8, Bowling at 9" according to Liz!
  4. Shelli shot her game in the foot about a couple of stupid shirts (I think Clay even gave James one back when they were still friends). She got herself all worked up into a frenzy and the Twit Twins joined the pack mentality. It was stupid 2nd grade playground mentality. If Shelli wanted it she probably could have simply asked James and he would have given her the shirts. Instead she got worked up, took them and make all kinds of nasty remarks. Is there not a BB rule about riffling through and taking the property of another houseguest??
  5. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Vanessa is either a HUGE liar or she's pathological! The whole scene with Becky was ridiculous. She demanded to know where Becky was, marched across the yard and gave a loud "YO" to Becky then started right in on her. To hear Vanessa tell it, Becky verbally and repeatedly assulted her, backed her into a corner and then chased her out of the yard, pointing her finger and hurling insults, while Vanessa was fleeing for her life. It was so hurtful, Vanessa did nothing but be "the sweetest she's ever been" and Becky was so mean to her, grabs the Bible and starts preaching. The woman is a complete mess. Once the meds kicked is she was back to planning game, including sitting right next to Shelli and telling what she was going to do next week to repair the alliances. Lot of nerve!
  6. 12:25pm BBT: JMac is shaving and talking to Steve. He says "make sure everyone is aware of that". Steve is going to talk to Shelli. JMac says he promised not to come after her until 9 but she came after him. JMac says it's only one vote. Steve is going to talk to her and JMac tells Steve he won't say anything, "this is on you man". Steve heads back to the kitchen for his drink. 12:27pm BBT: Steve has joined Becky, Shelli and Meg on the backyard couch. Liz joins. Conversation is about how hot it is. Liz likes the shade and Shelli loves the heat. Julia is hoola-hooping. Shelli leaves to bring the camera over so they can get another shot with Steve. Jackie remarks that they are some great pictures. Steve says one of the pictures is great and Shelli says "I took that". They all say the picture with Meg is so cute and looks like SeaWorld! 12:31pm BBT: Picture taking continues in the backyard and lots of whooping it up over the pictures. The girls are all gathered around Steve for a group "selfie"! They take a few more and all pretend they are kissing Steve! They tell Steve how cute the picture is. Liz goes to get the Pool Shark for more pictures! 12:33p, BBT: BB to Julia "please put on your microphone"
  7. 12:14pm BBT: Steve and Vanessa are talking in the color bedroom. Vanessa is telling the story again about how she was the last one in the room (for the big discussion, which yesterday she admitted she was 3rd from last). Steve says he wants to give her his vote but he does not want to break his word to Shelli and John. Steve leaves, wanders into the bathroom and says he can't fine his towel. He asks did someone wash all these and Julia/Liz? says she did, she told him that yesterday and he didn't listen. She says nobody else washes towels. Steve said he did it once. Steve takes a towel and wanders out and then in again. Liz (?) is doing make up and Austin is wandering. Liz and Austin are getting ready to take pictures first and then breakfast. Jackie us up and getting her things together. 12:19pm BBT: Steve is talking to Vanessa again. He said a lot of people are pointing a lot of different directions and he wants to do the right thing. Vanessa tells him he would not know anything if not for her. She tells Steve he's being paranoid and she has tried to do the right thing for them. He says he knows that and he wants her to stay. Vanessa said you don't think it will happen and says she thinks it's entirely possible. 12:20pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve is is not targeting them she is targeting Becky and she will tell the whole house. She says she is not going to ask JMac and did he think she was going to do that. Steve said he misunderstood/had it wrong. Vanessa lets out a couple of manacial laughs. Steve leaves, mumbled to himself "good idea" and "not going in there and heads for the kitchen to clean his cup.
  8. 11:59am BBT: Julia asks Steve if he is going to take pictures with Gronk, leaves and asks Vanessa the same thing. Vanessa says she should...and she can't be phoney and fake something. They are whispering and there is noise from somewhere so it's hard to hear them Vanessa tells Julia "especially when there is a deal". BB tells Julia to put on her mic. Vanessa whispers something. Austin enters and is looking for his bathing suit. Vanessa asks if he lost his keys and he replies he only has a couple; he is not a big key guy. He leaves something (his house maybe) unlocked and so does his family. 12:02am BBT: Austin finds something to wear. He asks Vanessa if she is going back out and she says maybe in about a half hour to take pictures. The both say it is going to be hot. Austin leaves and Vanessa is in bed with her Bible. Liz (I think) and Jackie are doing hair and make up and Austin is wandering around the washroom. Liz tells about Clay walking in when she was changing one time and she was mortified. 12:05pm BBT: JMac is sitting in the shade by the hot tub. Becky has the pool shark and Shelli is going to take a picture of her jumping the shark. BB chimes with with STOP THAT and ruins the fun. Becky and Shelli say "awwww" in unison. Meg remarks that she is so sleepy. Becky is saying she can't let the perks of HOH go to her head and she has to make the daily walk among the peasants. They all laugh. Becky is posing with the Pool Shark and everyone is laughing. The say it's an "LOL Laugh out Loud Photo, best ever! Shelli shows Meg the photo and Meg says she looks so awkward. Shelli asks if they got the scary pictures inside and they say yes, lots of Gronk pictures. Shelli says she is pretty sure she's not a red eyed monster. Laughing and chit chatting about the pictures. Meg remarks it feels like 3o'clock to her. Shelli yells "hey" to someone!
  9. 11:51am BBT: Becky has her HOH camera and is taking pictures in the backyard with Meg and JohnnyMac. JMac is having trouble working the camera. Becky remarks that the seats (lounge cushions) are going to be hot. 11L54am BBT: Jackie and one of the twins are doing hair, brushing teeth and morning maintenance. In the Have Not Room Vanessa is looking for something, finds it and leaves. Steve is on the day bed. Vanessa tells him she is feeling better, but it was a bad day. Vanessa says her eyes are swollen and she thinks it's an allergic reaction to mascara. She shows Steve up close and he tells her he cannot tell at all. She remarks "oh Steven". He tells her he has not been called Steven in 2 mnths 11:56am BBT: Vanessa joins Austin & Liz in the crayon bedroom. She tells them she cannot take off her sunglasses because they are glued to her face and her eyes are a mess. Liz and Austin leave the room and join Steve. Austin remarks it's hard when people feel like shit in here.. 11:59am BBT:Julia and Becky come in from the yard whopping it up. Austin and Liz wander to the bathroom and wish Shelli good morning. Julie is looking for something the the closet and chatting with Steve about what she should wear today. Steve suggests her birthday bathing suit. Steve mumbles something about when Becky suggested something it was not serious attention
  10. 11:42am BBT: Shelli is doing her hair and Van is talking to her. Van is asking what was seen on Sunday's show and Wed's show will be the POV and ceremony. Shelli confirms this. We'll be Right Back 11:43am BBT: The feeds are back. Vanessa is the middle of a sentence. Shelli greets someone "hello, we have a camera" and then said everyone is asleep. Vanessa gets up, joins Shelli and is off again about someone being very sterile and cold. She's doing a snotty little sing-song about selling out your best friend, your word is good to me. Vanessa whispers something about "the only one left" and mentions "johnny mac" (the feed are skipping and repeating badly). Shelli starts a sentence then says she is really curious about whom Steve would put up. Vanessa tell Shelli the thing she likes most about her is the way she treats Audrey. Vanessa is bashing someone (Becky I assume) about being a cold person. Steve joins Vanessa and Shelli. They wish him good morning. Vanessa asks if he was woken up by the shark, he replies yes, and Shelli says that is pretty funny.
  11. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    BB must have turned off the sound in the "BB17 Room of The Lost Souls & HG's who have gone before" and then switched the camera to The I Love Austwin Show (also produced and directed by BB)!
  12. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a WINNER!!!!!!!!
  13. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Vanessa is up and running (and sobbing)!!!!! It's going to be a LONG night in the Big Brother House!!!
  14. CaliforniaCowgirl

    James Huling (Week 7)

    Where did that America Player clip come from? A few days ago I was on the CBS Official (paid $5.99 for) feeds and a Joker's Chat window came up as a cbs chat room. Is this connected???
  15. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Net worth is assets minus liabilities. Vanessa can have lots of assets worth a lot but as posted above is she bringing in enough to pay the bills on those assets: if not she has to find someone to pay top dollar for them. If anyone has watched Antiques Roadshow these people have things worth hundreds to thousands but you have to get someone to buy for hundreds to thousands. We've got 600 head of cattle (well 599 now LOL) worth $1500-$2500 a head but with the California drought if we have to sell this half the herd we won't get anything near that because it's a buyers market against drought sellers (cattle, vs water, which they drink and makes feed). I realize this had nothing to do with Big Brother but it may have something to do with Vanessa's freak outs in trying to portray what she used to be and run the last chip on her laurels! Apparently she has told everyone she is a professional poker player since there was just a big discussion about it at the hot tub.
  16. He's all over the map but funny as all get out! I noticed when they visited his family his brother has the same laugh!
  17. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Well, that might well account for the lousy bluffing she is doing in the BB game!
  18. I have a help question about doing the live feeds updates. I was perusing them a few weeks ago and saw Morty was asking for help so I sent an email saying I would try. I was kicked by a cow (we're having steak next week) so I have stationary time to try and help for about a month! I didn't hear anything back so I tried today anyway. I tried to read the format as to how the updating is done but here are my questions: Is there a trick to this? Do people sign up and each take a camera feed to report on at the same time? How do you handle the whispering? (I hooked up the computer to the TV with HD and Close Caption but it didn't report what they were saying so any advice on this would be very helpful). Thanks for any advice or help!
  19. CaliforniaCowgirl

    All time BB favorites

    Houseguests are like originals and remakes/sequels: if they are great the first time they are usually horrible when they play again (I think Dan is the only one I would cite as being almost as good the 2nd time). Dr. Will and Mike Boogie were amazing in Season 2. After that I would not trade a plug nickle for seeing them again. Dani & Jason were my Super Faves of Season 3. They had a flawless game and I almost spit my juice when Amy came back in and sing-song'd how great it was to be back in a house free of alliances! When Dani played All Stars she was still a favorite but she came to play the game and the rest came to screw around (worst season ever except 9) Jack was probably one of my all-time favorites (who also doesn't like a guy who misses his Miata and has a great relationship with his ex) Dan! "The Dan Mist"! It just doesn't get any better than that! Ian Terry (I adore Nerds) Nakomis: the 6 finger plan was a hoot (and woke BB up big time). Derrick only because he came in with a story, stuck to it like bubble-gum on hot pavement, and never wavered from his alliance or lost sight of what he was doing or why he was there!
  20. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Becky Burgess (Week 7) - HoH

    I thought Becky handled it very well. She just basically told Vanessa, as she would tell an employee who wanted to keep their job, "I don't want to hear it, get back to work". I don't think anyone has ever talked to Vanessa like that before! It's funny because until week 5-6 I was saying "Becky Who". She's put her mark on BB!
  21. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Do you really think she would try that? I don't think any of them would be very impressed with her poker record (except maybe the Twirp Twins). When she started in with the Bible last night I immediately thought of the Dan Funeral senario (never saw her read it before) but she can't hold a tealight to Dan's level of play and I think she's too unbalanced to sustain this game for much longer. The HG's would probably be rolling their eyes as they did with Jace's streaking!
  22. That would be a marked improvement if they were simply awful, but for $5.99 a month for entertainment value you get what you pay for I guess!
  23. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Austin Matelson (Week 7)

    This guy is like Almond Joy & Mounds: sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't!
  24. CaliforniaCowgirl

    Vanessa Rousso (Week 7) - replacement Nominee

    Vanessa got her 5pm meds (apparently you can set your watch by this) so she should be off and running when she wakes up from her drama induced nap. I hope she goes out the door Thursday and if there is a BB God Shelli will be right behind her. I would hate to be in the Jury house alone with Vanessa and Shelli can and is the only one who deserves to handle this hot mess!
  25. What is wrong with these people? It was "so unfair" for Shelli and Clay to be on the block together and be split up instead of spending the summer cuddling in the jury house together because they were entitled to be there; Vanessa has "no idea" what she did to cause Becky to yell at her, point fingers and storm off (all of which was greatly embellished and got worse every time Vanessa told the story to anyone who would listen) when all Vanessa did was keep her "word" and "be loyal" to everyone; Clay: what to say except I am glad he's gone! Apparently the "super fan of 3 months" decided the BB experience was not his cup of cinnamon coffee and quit, falling on his sword for a girl who would chew him up and spit him out if it benefited her. The Twinstons: what show are these people even on?