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  1. RT @FoxNews: .@ericbolling: "The mainstream media... just can't believe how they got it all wrong." #WakeUpAmerica #FoxNewsSpecialists http…

  2. RT @JanelleBRogers: @mitchellvii I think God everyday that @realDonaldTrump won! #MAGA

  3. RT @___Justyce___:

  4. @greggutfeld mika and joe. They're not victims, they're volunteers.

  5. RT @bfraser747: Just imagine in Dems & GOP stopped trying to score political points & worked together to create a Health care program that…

  6. RT @ericbolling: *BOOM!! https://t.co/UohygFx7P1

  7. @ericbolling Good morning!

  8. @GilSutton1 @ericbolling @FoxNews He's speaking the truth. If the truth hurts, sorry.

  9. RT @njdotcom: Meet the 4 siblings who never missed a day of school https://t.co/D0F92pESUm https://t.co/aatGKGEC2K

  10. @NewsThisSecond CNN a small minded network

  11. RT @WPBF25News: Cancer Survivor Completes Amazing Feat https://t.co/xEz0jJgy6Q https://t.co/tXsjjPIXNz

  12. Wow! Trump haters are obsessed with pres every word! Sad

  13. 202-456-1111 presidential comment line. Call and let the president know we have his back - per Herman Caine

  14. @PressSec @SecretarySonny @USDA Missed you. Glad you're back. Don't let the bastards get you down!