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  1. BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    I think I'm about done with this season, there's no one to root for and too many nut jobs to make this season worth watching.
  2. GinaMarie - Week 6 HoH

    GM's Mother & Step Father must be so proud of her.... NOT
  3. Aaryn - Week 6

    I have to agree with that ^^
  4. PLEASE HELP! CBS Blackout!

    "If Time Warner Cable is a customer's Internet service provider, then their access to CBS full episode content via online and mobile platforms has been suspended as a result of Time Warner Cable's decision to drop CBS and Showtime from their market," CBS spokesperson Dana McClintock told TODAY.com. "As soon as CBS is restored on Time Warner Cable systems in affected markets, that content will be accessible again," she added.
  5. PLEASE HELP! CBS Blackout!

    If you are a Time Warner customer you can't stream CBS shows living in the black out areas sux
  6. Aaryn - Week 6

    I have a feeling Helen is a nightmare wherever she is, and I bet her hubby and boys are enjoying their time off from her tears.
  7. GinaMarie - Week 6 HoH

    You're forgetting GM lives in her very own bubble (with Nick) and is aware of very little of the game she is supposed to be playing.
  8. Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    Me too, can you imagine the yelling, screaming and crying if Amanda & Helen were on the block together lol..
  9. Aaryn - Week 6

    I'd pay to see that
  10. Spencer - Week 6 PoV Replacement Nominee

    Sadly I agree with most of your post, I doubt I'd like Spenser out of the BB house but I'd rather see him win than the rest of these dolts.
  11. Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    There times to lie in BB and times to be honest (I have no problem with lying) and Howard picked the wrong time to lie.
  12. GinaMarie - Week 6 HoH

    Lol in years past there have been quite a few guys that let it all hang out, I still have nightmares of Cowboy (who knew nothing about manscaping) ick.
  13. Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    Howard had zero game, that hinky vote and lying to Helen about MC was plain dumb. Spenser and Candice had his back and no doubt if he had the social skills he could have gotten Jessie and Ellisa too. Outside the house I think I would like Howard a lot but in BB house not so much.