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  1. 1:34AM BBT All HG are asleep, Goodnight Canada
  2. 11:46PM BBT Feeds are back. 11:47PM BBT Jon said good night and went to bed. Neda,Heather and Sabrina in the LR. Heather ask if this is what they are aiming for getting rid of Jon, Sabrina said she did not want Neda to go through evicting Jon, that is why she wanted to put Neda on the block. 11:54PM BBT IT is confirmed Heather and Jon was nominated. 11:55PM BBT Sabrina said tomorrow would be someone last day because someone is getting evicted Sunday. Neda is now in the DR. Jon is screaming very loud and pacing around the LR. 12:02AM BBT Jon, Heather and Sabrina talking about Andrew was screwed in the game. Heather told Sabrina that Andrew called her a dumb b**ch Jon confirm that he was right there. Sabrina mouth is open like she cannot believe. 12:06AM BBT jon is now in the Br changing, he is whispering Jon win veto tomorrow, Sabrina and Neda in Wc Neda washing her face. Sabrina is thinking the 20 milion that was on the screen has something to do with tomorrow veto. (Neda won pov and got to see Emmett and Jillian) Looks like Heather is in the DR. 12:22AM BBT Sabrina and Heather in the WA Heather still saying that she is scared. Heather said she is hoping Neda does not change her mind on keeping her in the game.Sabrina told Heather she does not want her gone. Sabrina told Heather she did not make final 2 with Jon. Sabrina said everyone would win over her in final, 12:27AM BBT Sabrina continue to say it is better for Neda and Heather to take her to the final. Looks like Neda was crying and Sabrina and Heather taught they heard screaming. Sabrina asks Heather if they use to talk about her, Heather reply yes. Sabrina asks Heather if Neda would vote out Jon Heather reply Yes Neda would. 12:33AM BBT Sabrina said to Neda if she wins veto if she would send Jon home, Neda reply yes. 12:41AM BBT looks like Neda Cannot remember crying when she was drunk. 12:45AM BBT Jon is in bed looking very restless, Heather is in the WA getting ready for bed. 12:54AM BBT Heather, Jon And Neda are now in Bed, Sabrina getting ready for bed. 1:01AM BBT The lights are dimmed in the BR, Sabrina is still up.
  3. 9:21PM BBT Heather,Jon are now in the KT. Neda is lying down on the couch. Jon is looking for pizza Heather does not want pizza. Jon discover something and called Neda first to see it. And we get HotH 9:37PM BBT Feeds are up and down tonight. Heather is in the SR looking for a snack. 9:42PM BBT Heather and Jon still making dinner, only 2 feeds are working. Heather wants to know if they would be coming in the house next season. Sabrina just join Heather in the KT, Sabrina told Heather to win the Veto tomorrow please. 9:46PM BBT Sabrina sid she is going to make dinner for everyone tomorrow. Jon said if he wins veto he will smash Sabrina HoHR and pee in her bed. Sabrina wants to know if they all get a basket when they leave the house. 9:50PM BBT Jon pizza is almost ready, Heather having toast. The feeds are up and down again. 10:03PM BBT We still have HotH, Maybe nomination time. 10:14PM BBT Feeds are back Jon and Heather pizza is done. Heather and Jon are now eating, Sabrina just watching them.
  4. 8:03PM BBT Everyone getting ready for the pov ceremony. Not much talking going on. 8:10PM BBT Jon and Sabrina in HoH Jon said please do not put me on the block. Sabrina, started laughing. Then Jon said only 3 of them playing for the veto because Neda is sick. 8:24PM BBT We now have HotH. 8:27PM Feeds are back with Jon in the storage having a snack. 8:38PM BBT Heather and Sabrina going over outfit to wear, sabrina wants to wear the same outfit that she wore when Canada nominate her. Heather said no she need something new because she won HoH. 8:42PM BBT Sabrina going over her speech with Heather then Jon. Sabrina and Jon in BY Sabrina said she would never see her picture in black and white. They are going over the past HG pictures. 8:54PM BBT Heather and Jon in SR they confirm the final 2 deal. Heather said we had this alliance since day one. Sabrina went to DR to find out when is the pov ceremony but she did not get any reply 9:03PM BBT Feeds going and coming. Jon Heather and Neda in HT Jon is really babysitting Neda. Heather want to have a memorial for Adel. 9:12PM BBT Heather said Gary was so funny and hilarious, Heather and Jon going over what interview they have to do at the end.
  5. 12:12AM BBT Jon and Heather continue to talk Jon said Neda would say she got Jon to do all her work. Jon told Heather that if she bring Neda to final 2 she would not win. Sabrina walk in game talk stop. 12:20AM BBT All Hg in Br they are trying to figure out again when the show is ending. Sabrina is saying that when Talla came out she was greeted by an audience. (Actually I think Talla did not have a Audience) Neda and Jon are play fighting. 12:30AM BBT sabrina is asking if they are going to get a lump sum of money when they leave, no one else seems to know about that BB announce please stop talking about production. 12:32AM BBT Sabrina is now in bed in HoH she said Rachelle I wish you were here with me. Sabrina is saying goodnight to everyone in her family. Sabrina is all smiles she said thank you god for this blessings. 12:40AM BBT The lights are dimmed in the Br Jon,Heather and Neda are all in bed. Sabrina still listening to music in HoHR. 1:00AM BBT They are finally asleep. Good night Canada.
  6. 11:08PM BBT Neda and Sabrina in BR Sabrina told Neda that she is still on board. Sabrina said not because she wins HoH everything is still the same. Neda is so upset that she lost to Sabrina, Neda said BB please bring me back for all star so she can win a HoH. 11:12PM BBT The girls are getting ready for bed,lots of talking about Adel and how well he played the game. Sabrina looks very happy and talkative tonight. Sabrina said Adel would not win if he made it to final 2. 11:18PM BBT Neda said she is very competitive she hates to loose. just general chit chat about different conversation. 11:22PM BBT Sabrina said she love the letter she got from her sister, Sabrina said her sister told her that everyone love her on the outside. Sabrina trying to figure out why Canada hated her to put her on the block. Neda confirm to Sabrina that it was before that no one liked her. 11:25PM BBT Sabrina said it looks like her sister wrote the letter after she saw her. Sabrina said to Heather and Neda how good it would be to be final 3 all girls. 11:30PM BBT Sabrina told Neda and Heather they made the right choice to keep her, because Adel would of put them both up. Sabrina said she wish one of the girls was Rachelle she really love her. Sabrina said it is better to go over scenarios before Pov. 11:35PM BBT Neda is complaining about not wearing makeup in DR. Jon is now out of DR he said I am back I am not gone yet. 11:38PM BBT Jon is now in HoH he is listening to music. The girls said everyone love Jon because of his social game, (I believe Sabrina is taking over this game) Neda is now called to DR. 11:43PM BBT As Neda leave Sabrina and Heather start game talk. Sabrina told Heather that they can go far. Heather said she is hoping to win PoV and Keep Jon and Neda on the block. Jon walks in and all game talk stop. 11:48PM BBT Sabrina,Jon and Heather trying to figure out what will happen on final night. Sabrina said Adel pull her aside and told her he was just messing up her game. Sabrina said she has the least chance of winning. 11:54PM BBT Jon said he cannot wait until the Veto at least this would be his only chance. Jon called Sabrina Sabrito they laugh and Jon said Good night. Heather just join Jon in Br Jon said they both can beat Sabrina. Heather just confirm that no one know that she and Jon were in an alliance from day one. 12:01AM BBT Jon told Heather if she wins the twenty thousand she can get a loan from his dad to get an apartment. Jon asks Heather what is Neda saying, Heather reply she wants to win Veto. Heather said she does not think Neda can beat Sabrina in final round.
  7. 12:03AM BBT Everyone just lying down quietly the lights are still on very bright.12 12:13AM BBT Jon is also in the BR the lights are dimmed and they are all asleep. We are still here with you just in case they decides to wake up. 12:37AM BBT All Hg are asleep now. Goodnight Canada.
  8. 9:03PM BBT Sabrina is upset today is Rachelle birthday and she did nothing. They are thinking today is the 30th. They are also mixing up the final day. 9:12PM BBT The hg still trying to find out when the show is ending. Jon asks Heather and Neda if they gonna to tell Adel something then we get HotH. 9:18PM BBT Looks like the girls change their mind again to let Adel stay. Jon and Adel alone in the BR Jon said he is trying to get the girls to change and send Sabrina home. 9:23PM BBT We have HotH 9:33PM BBT We have the hush screen i wonder what went wrong. We are here with you. 9:37PM BBT We are back to Heather in WA washing her face. 9:40PM BBT Neda and Jon talking in HoH Jon is trying to save Adel. Jon said sending Sabrina home is best for his game. It is better to keep Adel and if Adel go home he would not be happy. Jon said Heather could in the final three. Neda is really trying to twist Jon head to send Adel home. 9:44PM BBT Neda is still trying to get Jon to send Adel home, she said he does not trust him. Jon voice is really loud on trying to save Adel. Neda said if Heather win the HoH they are screwed. Neda is repeating herself all over. Jon said if Neda win the veto it would be a win win situation. 9:48PM BBT Neda is going crazy covering her face with the pillow, she is really upset she cannot get her way with Jon. Looks like Heather was trying to sleep and BB woke her up. And we have HotH. 9:55PM BBT We are back, Heather and Jon in the WA Jon is trying to sway Heather to vote Sabrina out. Neda,Heather and Jon going over the past competition
  9. 8:03PM BBT jon, Adel, Sabrina, Neda and Heather in the LR Jon is looking very happy today. Looks like Adel made his famous BB slurpee and they are having it as a snack. 8:23PM BBT They are all playing spin Mississippi, Jon and Neda are in the middle spinning. Neda win that round. 8:28PM BBT Adel, Neda and Jon is getting pizza. Heather does not want Piza and Sabrina is on slop she cannot have pizza. 8:34PM BBT Jon is in HoH brushing his teeth. Sabrina and Neda in BR. 8:52PM BBT The HG are now in the BR talking about food. nothing much going on. Looks like they want to cook pasta tomorrow. 9:00PM BBT They are discussing the wrap party, Neda wants to know when the wrap party would be. Jon said when he wins if he has to do an interview. They are also thinking if they are going to be sequester.
  10. 3:08AM BBT We are back to Adel still cleaning. 3:32AM BBT Adel is now sitting by the pool he is very sleepy rubbing his eyes. 3:41AM BBT Looks like Adel have a problem with his eyes so he is trying to get BB attention so he told them do you think eyes grow on trees. 3:48AM BBT Adel is really trying to get in Dr but no one is answering, Adel is really getting mad. 3:54AM BBT Adel is begging BB to give him med for his eye. And we get HotH. 4:17AM BBT Adel is still trying to stay awake. He is up and down the stairs.
  11. 2:20AM BBT Adel is now making a snack in the KT. 2:37AM BBT Adel is now cleaning the floors. Adel has his baseball cap over the cowboy hat. 2:58AM BBT Adel told BB that he need a pill for his right eye which is swollen and we get HotH.
  12. 1:01AM BBT Adel said he know he is going home but if he stay he is the happiest fool alive. Adel said to all the live feeders please shake this house up. 1:35AM BBT Adel still in the water nothing much going on. 1:48AM BBT Adel is now out of the pool and into the HT. 2:01AM BBT Adel alone is up he cannot sleep because of his punishment he has to be awake for 36 hours. Adel is now out of the HT.
  13. Adel alone is up he is wondering what he is going to do to stay awake. He is pacing up and down in the WA. 12:25AM BBT Adel is making a ice Slurpee he called it BB slurpee. 12:30AM BBT Sabrina is up she went to the DR, Sabrina just scare Adel. Adel said the gremlin scare the shit out of him. 12:42AM BBT Adel is done with his BB slurpee he is now in the BY he is now going over the final 2 he said Jon and Sabrina or Jon and Heather. 12:48AM BBT Adel is now going over all the names who left the house. Adel said he love Jon but Jon should of save him. He said he will be a very bitter jury member to Neda.
  14. 11:03PM BBT General chit chat in the Br with Heather,Neda and Sabrina. Adel is pacing up and down the BR. 11:09PM BBT Neda is now in the BY doing laundry, Adel is sitting by the pool. Jon is soaking in the tub. 11:13PM BBT Sabrina and Neda in WA taking off their makeup. Adel is in the By playing with little sticks from the Easter basket. 11:23PM BBT Heather, Sabrina and Neda in WA still trying to stay awake. looks like Sabrina drop her tweezers in the toilet bowl, Neda told her do not put her hands in there because she cannot use soap to wash them. Adel still in BY looks like he is making arrows pointing to his picture. 11:38PM BBT Adel still continue to build his arrow in the BY. The girls in the WA not much talking going on. 11:44PM BBT Everyone scream out good night Jon. Neda and Heather in BR Neda said she would like Sabrina to stop campaigning and she would rather Heather win the money at the end. 11:55PM BBT Heather and Neda said that they wish they could send Sabrina home because she is annoying them. Sabrina walk in Sabrina just pull Adel basket from him while she was outside. 11:58PM BBT Neda, Heather and Sabrina said good night Adel looks like he is done with the arrows. Sabrina just came out to the WA to scare Adel but he caught her. Sabrina is trying to spray tan Adel. Adel look at the camera and said you stop that stop looking at me. Adel is now having a shower.
  15. 7:08PM BBT All quiet in HoHR everyone is resting. 7:27PM BBT Jon is on the bed, Neda is on the floor, Adel,Heather and Sabrina on the couch. Sabrina is listening to the ipod. 7:32PM BBT Adel just jump up from sleeping, Jon said why are you up and we got HotH.