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  1. @Tuaamann_ You better run, Tua...@RichEisenshow wants to have your babies!

  2. @BBCocoBear What a motor mouth clown!..should be doing 20 years hard time.

  3. #agemtsofshields..quake should just blow you all out into oblivivion....start over..who needs you weak pieces of rubbish?

  4. @Psychosylum @JackOsbourne @OzzyOsbourne Totally agree..this show makes me laugh out loud!..Ozzy and Jack have a na… https://t.co/u2NgJCDOBO

  5. @nytimes Not to mention drainage...

  6. The harsh spotlight being shined on the entertainment industry is no more important than politicians/interns, teach… https://t.co/1qccm4DqDn

  7. @TalkOfTheDead Would have liked some dead bad guys...right now all Rick has is a picture and everyone's hiding in their trailers

  8. #BelowDeck wonder if Kate knew that Chef Matt was so high maintenance and needy?

  9. #ProjectRunway would be hysterical if Tim Gunn used his save on Batani!

  10. RT @UF: Chomp. #GoGators https://t.co/x0oe5eJq28

  11. #hurricanewarning South FL under Irma can at least say they were watching when the #Patriots got beat by #KCChiefs !

  12. @Kate_Chastain welcome back to #BelowDeck ! You were greatly missed! Sorry for the cream of the crap crew, but you'll make it work!

  13. @hot1027 Big El talking relationships?!!? Really? On the air?!? The guy who says for real, for real and for real?!?

  14. RT @mernsaq: I have the ppv stream For #MayweatherMcGregor Retweet i will share it with you https://t.co/aRzG42vXfS

  15. Lucky needs to change his name... https://t.co/pmT5wuBfm9