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  1. @JessePalmerTV why is the sound on Daily Mail so bad whenever you talk to Pargo in NY?

  2. @Barrett_Jackson people who appreciate the beauty and styling of automobiles are some of the greatest people on earth!

  3. @RichEisenShow your glorification and whitewashing of the McGwire/Sosa debacle is an insult to Maris, Mantle and Aa… https://t.co/FS8sIiSxLV

  4. #TheWalkingDead what if they end this season with all of the gang on their knees in front of Negan again?

  5. @4_lukesimpson Kiss ass much?

  6. #TheWalkingDead Georgie is requesting records because she heard that somewhere in Georgia was a rare copy of "Easy Street"..

  7. @AroundTheNFL Pouncey cared more about lockerroom politics than football

  8. #TalkingDead did Negan and Jadis know each other before the apocalypse?

  9. No need for re-districting if they can create their own constituents! https://t.co/zC1fnvGFCH

  10. #60DaysIn Matt is a legend in his own mind...

  11. @WKCDOGS Slick the Border collie or Biggie the Pug! It's going to be a hard group to judge!

  12. Trump could always have a bidet installed... https://t.co/N4CjnnYvT6

  13. @MadDogRadio @MadDogUnleashed @Colts Maybe the Colts will make him a tribute video for his time there like the Celt… https://t.co/J3lVl834bi

  14. It would suck if Carson Wentz never got to play in another one... https://t.co/yMqtsctu37

  15. #UndercoverHigh I expected to like it as much as 60 Days In..but I didn't think the High School chosen was a good r… https://t.co/7eFWEInbKs