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  1. Too much wine and too much plastic surgery.
  2. This season was odd, but I liked it because it was so different then the last one. There was no real hate or the nastiness. It did get boring at times though. Props to Jessica and what's-his-name for winning the Amazing Race!
  3. Don't you mean Queen and Queen? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. I'm happy there's not much time left. For a bunch of "superfans" I'm not impressed. Right now I'm pulling for Mark or Metta to win.
  5. I was all excited when this started. Not so much now. I'm gonna stick it out though.
  6. Yeah, I was talking about Shannon. I wasn't trying be a smart ass with my reply, hope you didn't take it that way. Metta wants to go. The other two have put targets on themselves with the Chuck thing. That aside, the African Americans never seem to last to the end. I don't know that it's racism with these folks though. I hate to throw that around on just speculation.
  7. I know that, but I'll call her Rudy. Thanks though.
  8. Too late! At least Ross was smart enough to bring Omarosa's and Rudy's stupid idea of scaring Mark to light for what it was. Why piss off a third person? The thing is it would have mad Mark mad at Rudy, not Shannon (I think that's her name). I wish I would have taped last night BBAD just to see Rudy and O discussing their new position. I'm sure they will highlight that on Sunday's show.
  9. Omarosa is a drama queen. Be afraid, be very afraid! LMAO! She's just looking to sell her story. I did think it was funny when she compared her time with Trump to Rudy's support of Cosby and Rudy couldn't see it. Rudy, he's an old freaking pervert who drugged and raped women! Keep supporting him dumbass! One thing is certain, this is a three week show so it will move quickly. May be a good thing. I wish they would have kept Chuck, even though he seemed a little punch drunk. He was the only guy trying to do something to stay.
  10. I feel like Fabrizio on the deck of the Titanic... Goodbye Chuck! I will never forget you! LOL!
  11. Good to see you too. I don't get the missing the family thing either, it's only been a few days. I'm always making fun of people on Survivor when they do that. Heck, I would be happy to get away from the family for a few weeks (especially for a 1/4 million!).