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  1. It did! I'll be checking my mailbox with bated breath while I await my portion of his check!
  2. I wonder how many will be at his Halloween party this year? Paul might have had a chance if he showed a little humility in his final speech. All he did was pat himself on the back. Did you notice how during Josh's speech, when Josh mentioned Paul, Paul was sitting there pointing at himself! He was so arrogant that he couldn't fathom how he couldn't be rewarded for lying and betraying all of those people he was in an "alliance" with.
  3. Yeah, I agree. His ego is too big to not try again. He's the greatest ever in his own mind.
  4. There's nothing like an idiot who claims to be smart. Meet Josh! I love how he kept telling the jury how he was smart. If anything he is lucky everyone hated Paul because he was nothing but Paul's lapdog all season. I mean once he even asked Paul if he should take a nap! (Paul said no) I may have found an ounce of respect for Josh if he apologized to the jury and said he was just being mean as part of his game. I'm sure people will "ax" him about it in the days to come. Hopefully his mommy and daddy will help him spend his money wisely and not waste it all on pop rocks and stuffed Disney characters.
  5. I wonder what her family was thinking as they sat there and watched the final 3 play out?
  6. I'm hoping it was a slap in the face to everyone evicted after Cody. But you're right, Paul's face was priceless!
  7. Josh is an immature twit and the only good thing about him winning is that Paul didn't. What else can I say?
  8. I loved when Mark called him on that too.