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    9/11 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    read that Jenn was voted out 2-0 and Danielle is the new HOH. Can't verify if confirmed
  2. scooterdog

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    Congratulations Rachel!!! You proved yourself to be a great competitor. Once again congratulations on winning & making this season well worth watching.
  3. Did Porsche win part 3 of competition for HOH? From conversation on the live feeds, it looks like she might have.
  4. scooterdog

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    Doesn't the last HG get sent elsewhere & not to the jury house? That would mean there'd be no campaigning against either of the final 2. Wouldn't that also leave the final evicted HG in the dark as to who the jury is voting for?
  5. scooterdog

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    I wonder if Jordan will plea her case or figure she doesn't stand a chance with Porsche? Jordan doesn't seem to be the type that would give up.
  6. scooterdog

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    Watched BB After Dark last night & thought it was strange that Rachel & Jordan weren't pitching themselves to Porsche as to why they should stay. Did anyone watching the live feeds see either one of them telling Porsche why she should chose them. Sorry, I don't get live feeds. Computer problems.
  7. scooterdog

    Adam - Week 10 - HOH

    Jordan came in HOH room last night & asked R/A/J when she leaves for jury will she be going with Kalia etc. Adam immediately shushed her & the HGs started talking about different veto scenarios. HGs veto conversations sounded like they were trying to elude us into thinking that R&J were still on the block. From what I perceived while watching BB After Dark...Porsche won veto & took herself off block & voted Jordan out. Another person on the forum also said it sounded that way. It was originally posted on the live feeds & deleted as it should have been posted on the fan forums discussion site. Did anyone else watch BB After Dark & perceive the conversation as Jordan having already been voted off?
  8. scooterdog

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    When Rachel said she had to pack, Adam jokingly said "maybe you will & maybe you won't have to pack" Rachel also started joking about it. The expressions on their faces also seemed questionable. It just seemed like they were trying too hard with their conversation to elude us as to what had already taken place. Perhaps what we perceive while watching BB Afterdark is different than the live feeds. In any case, we'll just have to wait til tonights show for confirmation.
  9. scooterdog

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    Thanks. That was the same impression I got.
  10. scooterdog

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    10:14 p.m. After Jordan came to HOH room & asked if she would be following Kalia tomorrow, Adam immediately shushed her & the HGs started talking about "if" the veto was used tomorrow on her & other veto case scenarios. The HGs were talking as if they were trying to cover up what Jordan had just said. Sounded like Porsche already used the veto on herself & voted Jordan off . Saw it on BB After Dark. Unfortunately I did not tape it. Can anyone else go back & listen to it & tell us if it sounds like Jordan accidently slipped & let out who already got voted off. Maybe BB told them not to talk about it so fans wouldn't find out before show tonight.