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  1. If Adam can make it all the way and walk away with the votes for the 500k I will be satisfied. It's HIS jury that decides, not us viewers.
  2. She loved Shelly because she turned on her friend, that was a feather in Dani's hat. Just like Dani telling Adam, "my daddy hates you"...so immature. None of the cast are perfect but I enjoy the show and look forward to it each summer.
  3. Big Brother, it is what it is..entertainment at different levels. If we don't like what is happening we have the right to switch it off. Most normal people however do not take telling someone how much they love and repsect them in one breathe and deceiving and lying to them in the next. I personally do not associate with people like that and would hope Jordan doesn't once she is done with this season. Hate it love it I am pulling for Rachel to take the prize after all that has happened!! Have a great Sunday everyone!
  4. Lol..too funny! She should have taken some nicorette for comp times.
  5. Shelly seems seriously jealous of Jordan and Rachels friendship. I think this is what made her flipout! She doesn't do well with social gaming at all.
  6. all I can think to say at the moment is..unless Shelly goes home instead of the jury house she will at least get time to bond and build on her new love for Dani and maybe even give Dani the same camojacket she first gave Jordan..love BB! and the game play with drama is what makes us all watch it! IMO! All I can think to say when Shelly walks in the house is Jeff looking at her and saying "AWKWARD".
  7. No I agree, Shelly is not a devil. She is just a non contributing player. She is miserable and wants everyone else to be. The comment Adam made about her being no good at anything really has been eating at her. She doesn't like her Tony and Josie and people from where she lives thinking she is a loser. As for those girls D/K/P being mean girls, lol..my chihuahua is meaner than they are. Those 3 are clueless, pretty much, IMO! I really wish Cassi had the chance to play the game, but fencesitter, I mean Shelly got to stay instead.
  8. Omg dedeisafan. Why such hatred for people you will never have in your real life? CBS loves to get ratings and that is all this show is about. Rachel is not the devil, even though she is red-headed. =)
  9. Shelly will not win, unless Jordan takes her to the final 2. Would it not be a real twist if these 2 have this planned since they supposedly intended to be BFF's after the show. Shelly wants to cajunize Jordan, or so she said. Shelly kept preaching to her she wanted to go to the final 2 with her. In BB one never knows the real truth of what goes on behind closed doors. I love BBAD! how about you 2KrazyBBB?
  10. If Shelly intends to win the 500k maybe she needs to win a Veto or HOH , instead of jumping side to side, do you not agree??? Maybe if she had her mind on the game and not seeing how often she can smoke cig after cig she might do a little better. I could care less if Jordan wins, btw.
  11. Jordan officially broke up with Shelly. She gave her the hoodie back. Shelly was sniffling-maybe crying..Good lord, what does the woman want? To be team Jordan or Team Kalia/Porche? Doesn't matter, K/P are already plotting her demise too.
  12. I have no idea at this point whose name will be on the big check. Dani did a good job of turning Shelly. I don't expect to see her name (Shelly Moore) on the check either though, regardless of how big a game change she thinks she made. Also, I found hate pages on Facebook already bearing Shelly and Porches name and pictures. Unreal how much we like BB in America. =)