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  1. And I will feel that anger if Porsche or Adam win. Porsche did NOT do anything ALL summer long. She sat there and ate the whole time and slept. She has no clue what talking game is and is only playing Daniele's game. Adam on the other hand is too much of a fanboy and coasted back and forth between people in power. They did NOT have a target on their backs the whole time like Jordan and Rachel did. Adam and Porsche do not deserve that money at ALL. I will be disgusted if one of them win. Who cares if Jordan won once? She played the best social game. Not one person in that house dislikes her, which is totally to her advantage. If she got to the final two she would deserve to win.
  2. I cannot stand this girl. It must have been nice sitting around the whole entire summer while everyone else did all of the work. She just literally slept, ate, and hung out in the backyard and such. She had NO gameplay at all, and won a couple of things near the end. It disgusted me when Jeff said that she did not discuss one bit of game with him until day 53 or something like that. Even when she attempted to talk game with him then, it was pathetic. If she wins this season, it will definitely be the worst player of Big Brother history. She was not a good social game player, won a couple of things when the strongest competitors were gone, and now she's sitting pretty. I wish she'd keep Jordan around because I think it'd get interesting, but of course she'll follow Queen Daniele's advice. She doesn't have a mind of her own. She is still not playing HER game, she is playing Daniele's. If Adam and her make it to the final two I will be extremely disappointed, but I'd root for him to win. Although I hated his flip-flopping back and forth, he played more of a game than her.
  3. I was really hoping that Jordan would have made it to the final two. I think she would have won, depending on a couple of the jury members. I do not think that Dani would vote for her, nor would Porsche, Adam, or Brendon. I think she would have Jeff, Kalia, Shelly, and Rachel though if it came to it. Who knows. I wish that Jordan would fight. She has some good things that she could say to Porsche to try to convince her to keep her. For instance, she could tell Porsche that she has a better chance to get to the final two with Jordan over Rachel. If Rachel won the last HoH she'd probably take Adam with her. Jordan could try saying that the jury would never give her the money twice, and that the newbies would all vote for Porsche to win. Jordan could even step up and say that Porsche clearly won more competitions than Jordan, but Rachel won a good amount too. Jordan is my favorite female Big Brother player. Obviously she's no huge physical threat or anything, but I do not think that Jordan is a dumb game player. She had a target on her back from the moment that she stepped in the house with Jeff. She played a great social game. A part of why Jordan got so far is because everyone LOVES her. She knows how to win people over and befriend them and honestly guilt-trip them about sending her home. Porsche coasted through the entire game until the end. Even Jeff said that it was day 53 or something and she never talked ONE bit of game with him. She sat pretty the whole entire time. Through that, people were gunning for Jeff/Jordan and Rach/Brendon. How can Porsche say she had a good strategy when she literally just sat around? Talking no game is not a strategy at all, it's actually pathetic. At least Jordan dicsussed the game with others and attemped to form deals/alliances. Porsche never had to worry about anyone sending her packing until she woke up near the end. Same with Adam. I still don't think he's a "great" competitor, a lot of it is luck. And I am still tired of the, "Oh - Jordan had the HoH handed to her" bit. Jeff and Brendon both said that Jordan was clearly the best at the golf game. Before the competition they wanted to have her go third to last because they wanted to make sure she beat everyone else just in case they had to try to pull something out of their behinds. Instead, she scored the best so the two of them just let it go. If Jordan was supposedly the best and both of them said it, obviously they didn't think that they could score higher. I will be SO disappointed if the final two is Porsche/Adam. In that case, I'd pick Adam to win. Still crossing my fingers that there is some way Jord will stay. Love to see her comeback like BB11.
  4. I do not like this woman at all. At first I thought she was sweet, constantly talking about her husband and daughter - but she is just a witch and a liar. Her daughter said that she hoped her mom stuck with Jeff and Jordan and stopped lying - well, she's going to be a very disappointed little girl. Shelly had a good thing with Jeff and Jordan. Sure, they would take one another over her in the final two, but they wanted to take her to the final three. Who knows what Kalia and Porsche will do? They want the final two to be them and not to involve Shelly. If there came a time where someone needed to go on the block, they'd throw her under the bus in a heartbeat. She flipped sides so easily and they know that they can never trust someone like her again. What Shelly did to Jordan was way more than just a game move, it seemed very personal. Jordan gave up the phone call so she could talk to her daughter, and that truly is how Shelly repays her. Jeff was HoH and Shelly just sat pretty and did nothing the whole time. The only thing she is good at is butt-kissing and trying to get on the HoH's good side. She is a poor gamer in so many ways. She lies way too much, she can't cover her own tracks, and she can't win anything for crap. Shelly set herself up to be one of the most hated players ever.
  5. I absolutely LOVE Jordan and Jeff and they will always be my two favorites. I hate the way that Shelly went about things with Jordan in a few ways: One - Shelly just voted Jeff out of the house. Obviously Jordan was fuming and needed time to regroup. I think she has an excuse to be upset - the one person that she trusted more than anyone and her boyfriend just left the house in the blink of an eye. She was upset, felt backstabbed, and probably stunned by the whole thing. Two - Shelly didn't just backstab Jordan like a gameplayer, she acted like she was truly her best friend which made it all worse. That would be like Jeff going against Jordan! Shelly tricked Jordan into thinking they had some special bond with her that she had with no one else. Jordan gave her the phone call and Shelly just sat pretty while Jeff was HoH. So to Jordan it wasn't just a game move, it was way more personal. Three - Shelly claimed she wanted to talk to Jordan when she wasn't upset, but then she got down in her face when Jordan was just lying there. What was Jordan supposed to do? Let someone scream in her face like that? We never see Jordan freaking out and screaming, and this time she had good reason to (in my opinion). Hopefully she and Rachel can suck it up and fight back instead of rolling over to die!
  6. Jordan is by FAR my favorite, and needless to say, Shelly is easily my least favorite. No respect left for her. She talks about setting good examples for her daughter - well sheesh, what she did to Jeff wasn't a very good one. Josie wanted her to stay with J&J and stop lying - that sure didn't happen!