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  1. Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    I just really like the shake up moves. Adam should use the veto forcing Rachel to put Jordan up, but he won't. He will continue to play a namby-pamby game and go with the flow. I don't know that Rachel OR Jordan would take him with her to final two. I think the girls believe they both have a better chance against one another than against him. Silly boy. Don't say you didn't have an equal opportunity for the cash that will go to Jordan or Rachel. This was your aha moment.
  2. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

  3. Rachel and Jordan

    Adam will definitely roll to whoever has the power next week, unless he actually wins the POV. Maybe he thinks it is still "too early" in the game to go for it.
  4. Rachel and Jordan

    Good question. Should expand: Can Adam trust Rachel? Can Shelly trust Jordan? Can Porsche trust Rachel? Can Kalia trust Jordan not to put her on the block at the first opportunity? The whole game is a two way street. Each of them went in wanting to win, even if they were spouting, "I am just happy to be here for the experience. My goal is top four." Well, of course your goal is top four until you reach it. And then what? Every dog for himself. Actually I wish it was every dog for himself. It is just so funny when any of the house guests realizes the person they are playing with is actually also trying to win and not just help the other further their game.
  5. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I would have been on Rachel like white on rice if I were Adam or Shelly. Even Porsche should have been smart enough to snag Rachel. When Julie said "double up" it was my first clue that Rachel and Jordan should be separated for the game. I can't blame Adam for not thinking about it, but Shelly or Porsche or even Kalia's calculating thoughts should have kicked into gear.
  6. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Okay, I change my mind on this one. Not only did Porsche open Pandora's Box, ALL the house guest had the option to play for the POV with someone else, so one of the house guests should have saddled themself on Rachel's coat tail. She was due a win and she pulled it off. I blame the other 5 for not stepping up to the plate to divide the nominees. Silly hamsters.
  7. You mean most people don't turn to TMZ for their daily news fix?
  8. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Right, that pesky little detail keeps coming up (LOL) but I still think the timing of someone coming back via PB would have been better suited, but you are right, no one to blame but greedy Porsche.
  9. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I was also just contemplating this subject. I think it would have been more appropriate to use this DOUBLE business 2-3 ago HOHs. For example, instead of Brendon coming into the game as the twist, the DOUBLE POV. The bring a player back would have been better as the later move on the part of production. With 6 players left and an HOH winner, this is a controlling move (in my opinion) on the part of the staff.
  10. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Yeah, I had to resort to this theory many years ago, otherwise it will just drive me crazy. The live feeds are more of a lesson in human behavior than anything else. The show however is a whole different ball game. Too many cooks in the kitchen on the side of production and manipulation. I prefer to see the manipulation come from inside the house without coaching from production. I don't have a favorite, least, one way or the other, and at any given time they all annoy me, but how they choose to play is a choice inside of the house. Once people's lives are threatened, maybe someone should be stepping away from the hamster feeds and take a walk out in the real world. That's some scary stuff.
  11. Wow, kinda scary that Shelly's family is getting death threats regarding this game. I hope their family and home remains safe. That is just crazy.
  12. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Here's 5k and goodbye.... that PB might actually fly in my eyes. Brilliant.
  13. I guess what disappoints me as TPTB deeming it a "doomed season" as the vets left. Would we not have watched a full house of people we didn't know from Adam anyway?
  14. What's your play style?

    I was going to jokingly say Out live, Out last, and be in the best shape of my life going in, but the truth is I would not ever go on. That said, I sure enjoy analyzing everybody who does. The first time I used it for a class (Behavioral Science.) After that it wasn't quite the same.
  15. Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Point, but that is why I was wondering if they goad players into opening the box. I swear I thought I heard Porsche say weeks ago that she would not open it if it was her choice. Also is she lying? I thought I heard her say she won 5k,not 10k as stated elsewhere on the forum. Thanks