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  1. Kronnie

    Cody Calafiore (Week 5)

    Even though it would be interesting for us, I don't think getting Caleb out would really benefit him at this point. Yes, Caleb would probably nominate him if he were to win HOH, but Caleb is only one person that very few people in the house like. Keeping a target like that in the game is probably good for Cody, especially since he would become the biggest physical threat (besides Amber, of course ) if Caleb were to go. Not that getting Brittany out is a good use of an HOH.
  2. Can any of these people keep a secret? None of them so much as wipes their butt without first consulting the entire house.
  3. Kronnie

    GinaMarie - Week 10 (HoH)

    I'm glad GinaMarie will (hopefully) be getting McManda out of the house and she has been much more likable and pleasant lately, but she is definitely a malicious person. Some seem to be quickly forgetting her comments about Candice being adopted and blaming it on who she aligned with now that GM has teamed up with their favorites.
  4. Kronnie

    GinaMarie - Week 10 (HoH)

    This season everybody has a "vote with the house" mentality, it shows her loyalty to her new alliance (which includes Andy), and Aaryn told her to so as not to be a target
  5. There's no way she would have a talk show if she weren't married to the president of CBS. And talk shows can be considered a step up from news shows many times, if people like Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper are any indication. But anyway, the point was that Julie Chen is definitely not someone who should be morally self-righteous. It doesn't really matter anymore though, so that's all I have to say about her.
  6. Technically, yes. They were living apart, but I have no doubt that she jumped on him the moment he filed for divorce. ITA, though I'm not really a Jeff fan. Rachel and Brendon's interview was the worst, her interviewing skills have gotten even more horrible and Brendon seemed less than enthused over his marriage. I hope it isn't tight, I do not want to see Spencer in a unitard.
  7. I just thought it was a bit laughable that Julie Chen--the woman who slept her way onto CBS with a married man, the woman who makes all kinds of Asian jokes on her show--tries to act morally superior to anyone. Aaryn definitely deserves harsh interviews, but leave it to the professionals Ms. Chen, especially since no one else has received that treatment. Anyway, I'm glad GM won HOH. I figured she would win once the competition was revealed though. I cannot wait to see her nominate McCranda, especially since Amanda seems to think GM will do what she says.
  8. That was horrible. Definitely have no love for the girl, but I don't think anyone deserves that treatment. It seemed almost like an attack (in terms of both Julie and the audience), and it looked like she was about to cry. Though I definitely am not compassionate towards Aaryn in general, I definitely did feel sympathy for her in that moment. It has to be overwhelming to be evicted and then told that America thinks you're a despicable racist. This is Big Brother, a reality tv show that has their contestants dress up as bunnies, and Julie Chen's "hard-hitting interview" approach has no place on the show (nor does she have the credentials). Especially when she doesn't give the same treatment to others who have said things that were just as nasty. Not to excuse Aaryn's behavior, but she hasn't said anything that was worse than many others in the house, so I expect Spencer and Amanda to receive the same treatment (won't happen though).
  9. Kronnie

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    If she wants to somehow recover from her dumb nominations, she needs to nominate Andy and hope he goes home. If he won HOH he wouldn't bat an eye if Amanda told him to nominate Elissa, no matter how much he cries and claims to be her friend. Even though Aaryn is on the McManda train now, if she won HOH next week I think Elissa would at least have a chance. With the little rat gone, McManda's only guarantee of safety would be if they won the HOH themselves, as I think their spell over the house has finally been broken even though they have the power now.