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    "Coach" Wade

    I <3 Coach!!!!
  2. Angelic

    Semhar Tadesse

    I am soooooo glad she is gone. She was annoying!!! She made me "feel kinda bad"
  3. 650 BBT Rachel and Jordan are upset of Kali's HoH and nominations for the live double eviction. Rachel crying asking Kalia, Porsche and Shelly for her stuffed dog. Rachel and Jordan talking about how Jeff hid his wine and wanting to get drunk before the HoH competition.
  4. Angelic

    8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1018PM BBT Shelly making English Muffin Adam studying the wall pictures "eyes and mouths" Dani asks what he doing and Adam says he's not gonna give up his secrets
  5. Angelic

    8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1007PM BBT Jordan comes into bubblegum room Kalia changes convo to how her eyes are aggravated with the bubbles Porsche Kalia and Jordan discussing the HoH competition 1014PM BBT Jordan/Kalia/Porsche sleeping in Bubblegum Room Dani/Adam/Shel in Kitchen
  6. Angelic

    8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    BBAD 08/18/2011 10PM BBT Porsche and Kalia in Bubblegum room discussing veto competition and the possibilities of Kalia getting back doored awkward silence Kalia hopes "somehow someway may I can convince them to take out Rachel" Kalia whispering / Porsche Whispering (can't hear much, but it sounds like Kalia said she worked her butt off to keep them, J&J, safe -Angelic)
  7. Jeff won HOH Kalia trying to cut a deal Dani consoles Kalia in Bubblegum Room
  8. Angelic

    8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Kalia and Dani in hoh Por rings bell to come in por asks who opened her bud-light and says everyone in the house says they didnt do it (rach opened it -Angelic) por says she wont drink it now Dani and Kalia said poor it in a cup for them then
  9. Angelic

    8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    hot dog eating contest rach and dani in hoh discussing possibilities of votes rach trying to convince dani to save bren rach suggesting they try to make a deal w kalia. suggesting bren pull kalia to the side to discuss a deal. rach saying if kalia votes for bren they can say it was por rach saying j&j ditched her last week and she was by herself j&j in hammock outside talking about jeff going to win next veto talking about kalia and wondering what rach is talking to dani about jordan says she needs to give rach a pep talk rach and dani still in hoh talking rach trying hard to keep bren j&j still in hammock rach in bathroom talking to bren bren saying rach wears her emotions on her face and wants to know what rach and dani discussed rach telling bren her plan but says dani is not gonna save him rach and bren in kitchen rach opens Porsche' beer and tell bren to drink it bren asks why she did it and says is it bcuz it was porsche's rach laughs and says yes bren is visibly irritated and not happy rach did that and tells rach to stop it and she is f'ing pissing him off and storms away rach stands at fridge with an evil grin bren tells her to go talk to him now! bren and rach in hn room lecturing rach saying she will get herself evicted doing this stuff. rach said he should never have came back they argue once more
  10. Angelic

    8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Shel and Jordan in BY by pool table gossiping J: She was like, uh she was... S: I never said Adam; I'm sure I said her J: ... like umm, you said somethin' I know you did you said Porsche that somebody...I think you were passing like talking... S: mention and now she's turned it into fact J: ...and then you go backdoor and you kinda' you didn't say it but that's probably where it's comin' from 'cuz I do re.. S: Did she say it to you too? J: Yeah she mentioned somethin' to me too....Just somthin' you need to know S: Today? J: No, just like another day. I just kinda like blowed it... S: I hate her! I mean you know what you guys are askin' me to do? You know I must love you J:*giggle* yeah, yeah I'm sorry Shel walks towards/passed glass door S: It must be true love. Friendship love let me clarify that J: *giggles*
  11. Angelic

    8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Dani calling for Kalia; assumes she is in the shower. Asks if Kalia wants her to save her some snax. Kalia says no. Porsche enters the Kitchen Shel asks how she's doing Random chatter about Pilates and Kalia leaving food out Porsche helping cook w/Shel Kalia enters Kitchen Dani joins rest of HG outside random chatter about old school games Jeff Adam and Por inside prepping for hotdogs and talking about food eating challenges Shel comes in to help w food Brendon enters the room Jeff suggests they dress up Adam says he is gonna wear Hoboken Jeff says put somethin' else on
  12. Angelic

    8/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8/16 BBAD 9PM BBT Shel and Dani in Kitchen Porsche bashing Shel scrubbing red carpet and Dani snacking S: ...desperate. I have not even talked game this week after talking to you guys... not once D: I think she, I think she said it was a clique(?) last week or whatever. But I'm just saying, I'm just saying seriously I don't even care but just to a point. S: First of all Adam D: That's what I said um yeah Dani sets timer(?) Cooking something D: This literally looks disgusting, like I wanna throw up, gross (talking about the food she is making -Angelic) Shel spraying/scrubbing carpet still S: God, I hate liars... So aggravating to me. Now I'll clean the whole f***in' floor because o' somebody like her Dani at counter snacking; Shel walking around kitchen w/spray like she gonna clean more D: I'm just letting you know because I'm wanting.... (can't hear -Angelic) S: No, I appreciate it. Because I don't care, because it's absolutely false Shel spraying floor S: She's such a bitch! I don't call anybody that. She sits out there drinkin' her wine and actin'a fool. No couth!When do we get rid'o her? D: *giggle* umhuhaha, wait. Hopefully soon. Last week Shelly! Last Week!b*giggle* humph, gimmie your wrist; I wanna slap it. S: Go 'head. Slap my head while you're at it. F***in' unbelievable. Wait 'till your hear my f***ing speech. D: You're getting excited S: I don't call people out individually; it will happen D: Hey, you have to be nice until you get the information we need though Shel and Dani share a laugh. Dani drinking wine and there is another glass for Shel S: Hey, I'll be super nice about that. Have somebody else help me read my speech D: Wait what did you say S: Have somebody else help me with my speech D: Really? S: ummhumm (in aggreeance -Angelic) Dani sips wine while Shel continues to scrub. Silence Shel continues srubbing while she and Dani continue Porsche bashing