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    Saturday, August 24 Live Feed Updates

    Haven't seen any updates, so I'm posting what I saw from memory. So, Elissa is not as dumb as they think she is. She talked to Aaryn about working together and backdooring Amanda. She said they would never think that Elissa and Aaryn can work together. It's not high school and they need to get their heads in the game. Aaryn naturally agreed, because she knows that it's either Amanda or Aaryn going out next week. Elissa thinks she can get the votes to get Amanda out over Aaryn if McCrae wins veto and takes himself down. I *think* Elissa and Judd are working together as I caught her telling him not to tell them. (Not sure what it was about). All of that was in the last 20 minutes before BBaD ended. No live feed updates since then.
  2. VinTanner2

    9/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Could it be the Lifetime network? Possibly Project Runway?
  3. Define gameplay. Just because one houseguest doesn't play the game X way doesn't mean they aren't playing it. Not everyone is good at being sneaky. Not everyone is good at other aspects of the game. A good social game is a good game. Everyone brings their own strengths to the table. Everyone is in it for the money (except maybe Lawon, can't figure out why he was there). Jordan and Jeff aren't any greedier than any of the other houseguests.
  4. Porsche was never a target in the whole game. She was on the block with Kalia to backdoor dani or get kalia out. She didn't have to fight and she didn't until Dani's eviction night.
  5. VinTanner2

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Offer money to the winner of every comp. The HG's greed will always win out.
  6. VinTanner2

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    I had to X off the poll and go to the home of Big Brother and start it over to get rid of the validate captcha message. I think once you type it wrong, it won't let you just retype it. You have to start all over.
  7. VinTanner2

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    I get really tired of reading "so and so doesn't/didn't deserve to win." Not everyone is a competitor. They don't have a chance of beating other players in contests so they have to use what the good lord gave 'em. Who have played a better social game than Jordan? Who manipulated better than Shelley? Some might argue that Dani was better at manipulating, but getting Kalia to put up one of her own against Rachel was in my opinion, hands down the best strategic move of the game. Whoever gets to the end and gets 4/7 votes, deserves the win.
  8. I don't think she should make it to the final 3 over anyone or not make it to the end over anyone. I think her arguments are ridiculous. "I deserve to be here." Well, so did, Jeff, Brendon, Dani, and maybe even Shelly, if you want to base it strictly on game play. But, it's not just on moves and comps, it's also your social game and she screwed everyone in the house. What goes around comes around.
  9. Yeah, it's really not fair that someone as deserving as her is voted out for no reason, unlike Brendon or Jeff, those guys who she worked to get out because they were strong competitors. Wonder if the goodbye messages to her will be as nasty as hers were (both) to Brendon?
  10. VinTanner2

    Jordan - Week 9

    I don't think she will because Rachel is not stupid. She knows that whatever Porsche or Kalia tell her, neither one wants to sit next to her at the end. Everyone wants to sit next to Adam. Neither Porsche or Kalia will vote out Adam or Jordon over Rachel. Next week all the power is in the hands of the PoV holder. It doesn't matter who is nominated, only the PoV holder votes.
  11. You forget that in 2 weeks they want her vote. (If one or both of them makes the finals.)
  12. If Shelly manages to spin her way out of this one, I'll be shocked and impressed. That's on a par with Dr Will manipulations.
  13. I think it's unfair to say Jordan acted like a spoiled child. She walked away from Shelly and was minding her own business crying over what she felt was the betrayal of a friend and losing her boyfriend (I don't want to hear it's a fake relationship, I have no idea what their real relationship is outside the house and I don't particularly care) out of the house unexpectedly. Shelly got in her face and started yelling at her. Nothing wrong with Shelly making a game move. But, if she's so savvy, she should have known that was not the time to try to talk to Jordan. She didn't like what she heard eavesdropping from another room. Every single person who has betrayed someone in the house has gone home the next week, so looks like Shelly is next. After that, throw a coin in the air and see who it lands nearest, that's the person going home.
  14. VinTanner2

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    All Porsche had to do was not open the box. It's not cheating if production throws something out there and one of the houseguests bites. Last week people were saying it was cheating because Shelly came back out of the DR with a change of heart. I'm just confused as to who exactly the producers want to win since they're cheating against everyone according to different posters. They will keep throwing twists at the remaining posters until the end of the game. It doesn't mean they're cheating.
  15. I believe that they are exactly who they are in real life. I don't believe for a minute you can put on an act 24/7 for 2 and a half months. Eventually who they are comes out. The very first modern reality show, the Real World, castmember Heather B, said it best (paraphrasing because it's been almost 20 years) in the reunion show, 'the producers work with what you give them, if you look like a b*tch it's cause that's how you acted on the show.'