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  1. Part 2 of the HoH winner. lame, Adam didn't stand a chance at the type of comp. i think AG knew that and let porsche win so Rachel could beat her in the third part. Adam would have beaten her at questions. now its more of a toss up... well, leaning towards rachel im guessing.
  2. if i was adam i'd tell porsche to let me win part 2. i'd be frank with her and say that he's alot better at questions than either of them.. that's their only shot at F2 together
  3. I've said this before and i might sound like I'm Raging but how does she deserve to win over the others unless she wins HoH this time? I think she's been spoiled the whole game, being behind brendan and jeff. If anyone would have acted as bad as she had the first half of the game they would have left sooooooo fast. AKA keith. she had advantages no one else had the entire game. Adam had to play his own game to gain protection from both sides, thats something alone. She was given the greatest team in BB from the start and could act however she wanted to. Porsche played hard the second she got off her golden key break and she was never targeted from anyone, that sounds like a winner there. just sayin... Rachel won a few comps (more than 1 was given to her) but i think she should be discredited for her advantages. so that makes her deserving to be F3. Adam played a good honest and social game and made many wise decisons (dani could still be in this game) and he won a couple of the last comps when it mattered because everyone was throwing him under the bus, even jordan. so he deserves to be F3.. Porsche played tough, won things when she was all alone and was ready to get kicked out the door, and she was only a target for 2 weeks in the entire game. Deserves to be F3. Winner? I don't know yet.
  4. Are any of the posters here overweight? because Adam and Porsche get made fun because of it so often. i dont understand why that doesnt get taken off then. im not saying making fun of special kids is right. but they're both offensive so why pick one over the other?
  5. Hixeros

    Rachel - Week 10

    I might anger a couple people saying this buuuuut... I dont like rachel at all and i know she came in as a target as soon as she walked in but i really dont think she deserves as much credit as people are giving her. Dick and Daniele gave her the first HOH, she could have still won but they were both planted pretty good on that banana. Brendan seemed to have threw that HoH when they were the F2 up. (still great she got there but that's a questionable win, No one gives Porsche credit for being second in many comps after all.) And the last Donut HOH she won seemed to have been given to her, Honestly who could have imagined Kalia, Adam, or even Jordan to win it? She Was always targeted but she had a 4 week grace pass. 1.Brendan evicted 2.Brendan revived suspiciously and evicted again 3.Jeff 4.Pandora's Box giveaway saved her Dick got the gears in motion on to who to evict first and Jeff and Jordan got Adam and Shelly to convert to their sides for the first half of the game. I give her credit though. she did Carry Jordan in the end and didn't throw the social game out of the window this time (not doing something bad isn't exactly the best move, doing something good is)
  6. Hixeros

    Jordan - Week 9

    I know jordan won and all, but she didn't even deserve coming back this time around. The other 5 vets were competitors..
  7. Hixeros

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    Rachel and Jordan keep trying to throw Adam under the bus... was this "sincere" or were they lying to each other, wanting him in the final 2 with them so they can beat him? im confused by the whole situation.
  8. Hixeros

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Well i dont know if im in the minority or the majority... I Still hate this lady with a passion >.> she needs out this week.
  9. Hixeros

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    If he hadn't won the veto everyone would be all "shocker!" and now that he won he was an idiot to have won?....To me personally it seems this guy is deserving more and more respect every week but its just not given to him.
  10. sigh... Unfortunately True
  11. I've liked Adam from the start and have remained loyal in that. He has done nothing wrong, -- He never lied and has a nice personality --He helped Jeff the entire time (J/J fans should like him). --He kept Shelly safe by not outing her (Shelly fans should like him.... if there are any). --He was the deciding factor on voting out Daniele (Anti Daniele fans should like him). --He was the deciding factor on Brendon leaving (Anti B/R fans should like him). Perhaps he even won that Veto fairly so he might not be useless in comps. I hope him or Porsche win in all honesty, Hope He doesn't get kicked off in final four like i heard the girls planning.
  12. Hixeros

    Rachel - Week 7

    uhm... what was she doing at 8:30? i just caught the last of it.. she was acting all sneaky with something and took it to the restroom
  13. I think that Dani could pull a homerun by evicting Brendon, Rachel would break down again and possibly self evict this time around from seeing him go twice in a row. I imagine a 30% chance of this happening. which is pretty high actuallly
  14. Hixeros

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    Well, im not saying she's the smartest, i'd have stuck with the alliance and kept Dom with me if i was her. At this point i can understand why she isnt so social though. At the start she was very, she had talked to most of the house. but about half of those people are gone and she's so severed from the rest. I don't hate Rachel (but i hate B/R together) However, if Rachel was in her exact position I dont think she'd isolate herself but she'd fight with the entire house, fully killing her social game..... all that being said, I'd give the advantage (if slight) to Dani since she's been shown to be able to work without a man to hide behind now and isnt a drama queen. J/J even said if B/R were put up they'd probably keep Brendon over her cause they just can't take her anymore.
  15. Hixeros

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    I'm new to these forums, but i've noticed lots of hate towards Dani. but why? she's not a sore loser compared to Rachel. She made a move too soon but she's playing the game the best as she possibly can at this point, has horrible partners and is still sticking in there. I really admire how well she's fairing.