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  1. diamond

    Frank, Week 6 - Nominee (PoV)

    Frank should be happy since he was one of the first to want the coaches out after reset.
  2. If Porsche is overweight by the standards of those here who insist that she is then they must be very proud of all the pre-teen girls who are anorexic but then... children who are overweight and little kids with disabilities are not likely reading these threads or at least shouldn't be.
  3. Pinkie: "the haters will always find something to hate on" So basically, anyone who posts their opinion of the HGs or their actions (as you did above) is a hater. Why not call us posters and say "the posters will always find something to post on"? At least we're both wanting Rachel to win!
  4. Good grief! I'm not a hater but I do think she handled what could have been an opportunity badly. I don't hate Jordan or any HG... couldn't get that personally attached to people I don't know to develop feelings of love or hate. I reserve those emotions for people I know.
  5. Hell no! He'd have to physically drag me out of that room. I wouldn't leave until I promised him the moon and gave him every possible reason (real or not) why he should keep me. In any case, I would use a better argument than 'you owe me' and 'I carried you' then storm off mad. Would that convince you to take me to the end? It would have helped if she made Adam believe that he could only win if he was with her in F2. And yes Jordan looked surprised over something she should have seen coming. Every person in there believes they deserves to win but only some think they are entitled to win. If none of us have any idea how we would act in the house then why proceed to tell me how you would act in the house?
  6. Actually I'd be pi**ed that they beat me to the punch but I certainly wouldn't be surprised. An alliance only helps you both along the way but only a loser stays in an alliance that no longer serves it's purpose. I wouldn't expect anyone to stay true to me even if it meant they'd likely lose.
  7. Uhhh yeah that's exactly the way it happened... so that's our story and we're sticking to it!!! And I say this in the nicest sweetest voice too. Wait!!! You forgot the part where Adam was smiling like some kind of pedophile then screamed at her "I don't f'n know yet".
  8. Jordan handled her eviction very well but I soooooo didn't like the way she was talking to Adam in the HOH room. It sort of confirmed her sense of entitlement and expectations that others should allow her to win. Adam was gracious about the whole thing, though he may of been doing so just to avoid pissing her off further and losing a possible jury vote. It appeared to me that he couldn't lie to her face so he went with the old 'not sure what I'm doing yet'.
  9. I'm not even one of Adam's fans but I doubt anyone who plays for themselves is 'selfish'. He's only met these people two months ago but he has to go back and live HIS life with HIS family so not considering that would be selfish. I agree he'll get blasted by jury not because he was a floater but because he's an easy target. He stumbles and stutters a lot when put on the spot so I hope for his sake he psychs himself up before facing them. He has to stick to the truth and tell it well because lies are written all over his face.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by Adam turning his back on her? Adam did what he thought was best for him like he is supposed to. He's not there to help someone else win.
  11. That comp was totally unfair!!! It was specifically made for people who worked out all summer, don't smoke, eat healthy, have small feet and have used an egg beater.
  12. I don't even know who to cheer for now!!! I'd be happy for any of these three... they all played hard to be in F3. If I look at it from competitions I would have to go with either Porsche or Rachel. With Adam, he actually did play with about as much integrity and honesty as one could without doing it to a fault and managed to hang on coattails when he had to then pulled out the gusto when he needed to save himself so he's earned it in his own way. Just my opinion. (forgive that run-on sentence!!!)
  13. Aaaaaaaaaand she's out! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!! She sure bounces back from disappointment well though; went out with a lot of class and sportsmanship. Stay well Jordan.
  14. Yes the game blew up for Shelly because of the twists that (dare I say it...) always seemed in favour of the vets and somehow screwed the newbies. I hope they never do this vets vs newbies thing again, it was unfair to both sides. I understand the producers manipulating the show to keep ratings but this season in particular was way too blatant and overdone. I'm starting to believe speculation of a deal to help vets win; afterall, production staff probably feared for their lives from over zealous JJ fans.
  15. Jordan dindn't play a good social game. That implies that her strategy was to do nothing but make everyone like her. She is likeable by nature but she's not good at game and worse at competitions. Unless Jordan was only pretending to be sweet and adorable I doubt that making people like her was intentional. Shelley on the other hand, had most of the house thinking she was someone completely other than she was until it all blew up in her face. If she had been able to carry that off to the end (and she did go pretty far with it), that would have been a good social game and...... ...don't get me wrong here! I haven't rooted for Shelley from the start and the 'pretending to be mom' strategy never works except for people who still need a mom to say things like "you can't eat all the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms, you have to share them with the others". To me ---------> just being yourself does NOT equal 'good social game'.