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    Dominic - Week 3

    Dom may have made some mistakes in his game and I know he gets a lot of grief for throwing the POV but Porsche & Adam both did the same thing week one and week two, it just happened to work out for them. What wasn't showed on the TV show was Bre threatening that if it even looked like Dom was trying, they would evict him, they threatened for him to prove his loyalty just as they did Porsche & Adam the weeks prior. The difference was that after veto was played Dani screwed the plan up by pushing for jeff to hard, otherwise Dom would still be there just as Porsche is there and she threw the veto. My point is, yes he screwed up a little but, with exception of the veto he had been playing the game hardcore & was the only newbie that was. I am willing to overlook one mistake in light of the fact that the other newbies seem to just be jellyfish who are floating along just allowing the vets to control the game. I hope there is a twist to bring a HG's back because if there is, I well vote like a beast to bring Dom back only because he was the only newbie who tried to play the game, while the others just sit there and do nothing & that includes Cassi as well. I liked Cassi as person, but she had no game what so ever. She just sat in the backyard, smoked & talked about how others hated her. If she came back, She would only realign with Shelly, je, jor, which is essentially what the rest of the house is doing (except for dani.) I like Je but he doesn't needed the extra help when he has shel/ad/rach/jor & kal (to some extent.) Plus when Bre leaves, there will only be 3 guys left in the house Je, Ad & Law. If another female comes back there well be seven girls & 3 guys, bringing Dom back would at least provide another male in the house. So in order to make the game more interesting (and balance out the house a bit by having it be Dom/dani against Je/jor/rach) I well vote for dom if there is in fact a chance for someone to come back. I think he would be the best choice, not only for feeds to be nor longer boring but in terms of the one who will make the game more even & exciting to watch.