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    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    I find it highly suspicious that you come here AFTER the season has ended.....But anyway....I think America got it RIGHT this season and finally saw the Rachel I have been seeing since lst season. Sure she is over the top at times but thats what makes her so lovable IMO....The good qualities Rachel possess far out weigh any of her negatives. You will have a hard time these days finding someone with such loyalty and integrity and with such a big heart! Does she take chit from others?? Hail no! But that just means she is a strong women with conviction and someone I admire greatly. You may not be alone, however I think you are amoung the FEW who didnt take the time to get the feeds and see the REAL Rachel that MOST know and LOVE now. I think some people are just so set on hate that they are blind to the good in people. Not just Rachel but in general and those are the ones I feel sorry for.... Congrats to Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can not express how happy I am that you won!!!! AND you get a free trip to Aruba?????? WOOOT WOOOT~!!!!!!
  2. Rachel had nothing to do with Jordan voting for Kalia, Jordan thought of that all on her own.......
  3. Seriously?? Dragging Rachel?? Its definatly the other way around....
  4. brenchfan101

    Jordan - Week 9

    I completely agree, but let her screw herself....And piss Porshe off....I also cant believe she hasnt even bothered to think of waking up Rachel for the FT night time "readings" just bc the FT says its for HOH doesnt mean it will be....Could be for Veto....
  5. brenchfan101

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Hi all there is some "buzz" going on with the live feeders in chat that they SWEAR they saw Rachel shove something that looked like a DPOV in her shirt earlier today.....I am NOT saying this is true, just want to know if it is....Did anyone else hear about this or see it????? I think its just a rumor but figured I would ask. It does seem a bit odd to me that CBS would reuse Jessie in a PB for a 2nd year in a row....But who knows....
  6. PLEASE provide me with some feed times for this, because I havnt seen it...Sure if she sees something she doesnt like about someone she goes TO them and speaks her mind. But Rachel has NEVER sat around for HOURS on end saying cruel malicious things about ANY of the other HGs...So if you have I would LOVE to see them...And I dont mean calling someone a bitch or floater etc...I mean times like when Shelly Cowlia Porsh and Adam made a big joke out of saving Rachel the $$ by pushing her down the HOH steps or throwing a medicine ball at her tummy so that she looses her baby (had she been pregnant) I do agree with a PP that people still have the blinders on when it comes to Rachel and just refuse to take them off or admit they have been wrong about her.....
  7. brenchfan101

    "Short"Version of Celebrity BB

    Actually if Alan Jackson was in the house he could sing as long as it was his own songs....(I think)
  8. brenchfan101

    "Short"Version of Celebrity BB

    thats a been there done that type of thing....I wanna see real celebs not reality celebs...A totally fresh new cast of ppl never before seen on BB... and who ever suggest Ozzie...That would be awesome too!!!
  9. brenchfan101

    "Short"Version of Celebrity BB

    I thought of her too..But I would actually LOVE to see Sharon Ozborn on BB....Could you imagine????
  10. If this isnt allowed plz forgive me, I just came across an older link from "The Talk" where the girls went into the house and I have to say it was very fun to watch even tho it was only about 50 seconds long. So I was wondering if anyone of you would like to see a celebrity BB as much as I would, as well as sharing the link. I even think a half celebrity half reg HGS twist would be freaking awesome and very fun to watch. Esp knowing that the celebs would have a hug advantage of great acting skills (should they cast an actor). I would even be ok with it being a shorter version of BB bc I think CBS would have a hard time finding celebs willing to give up 3 months of their lives to make in 3 months what some can make in one week...Anyway would love to hear your thoughts on this...I hope this link works. Gonna post it below http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/?play=true&pid=mybkMGif52fswojmVkHrB4dZhWT__yBb
  11. Hands down Rachel is and always has been my favorite. Altho I also adore Jordan, she is a great sweet person but for me I have always had a soft spot for Rachel. I guess its because I value the same things in life that she does and she reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age (ohh oh long ago that seems these days lol) I think Rachel is a very sweet good hearted person who gets a bad rap because she is misunderstood sometimes. The girl is loyal almost to a fault and has a cute sense of innocents about her that I admire. Having spoken with her a few times over this past year on FB has only made me like her even more and I really am hoping she wins it all!!! GOOOOOO RACHEL!!!! You ROCK chickie!!!!
  13. Those two things are completely different, I dont see Rachel as HAVING to be the center of attention I see her as being frustrated because people assume so much stuff about it, which is then why she wants to be understood which is when she does stuff like reenter a game were she got so much backlash and talks w shelly etc...She is taking careful consideration into this game move and trying to decide which is best for her. Had she decided as soon as she won POV that Shelly was of fuuuur suuure going home, people would have accused her of being too "personal"..And if Rachel always had to put herself first etc then she would have went along with the plan way back when to BD the other couple with Dani and Dom. I see her integrity and loyalty being way more important to her than being 1st or the center of attention. Not because she walks around preaching about it all the time but by her actions thru out the entire game so far. I also dont see Rachel as being insecure either sometimes she is over confident IMO. Which is what gets her introuble and makes people think she is boasting. I agree that anyone as desperate as Shelly can not be trusted however Adam has said many times he wants Rachel out too. So she has every right to hear what they both have to say and decide from there what the best choice for her is. Esp having in the back of her mind that Jordan has betrayed her once so who knows whether or not she would again...I think its very smart on her end game wise to consider them both.
  14. Im not sure what your getting at.....I also don't see her as wanting to be accepted I think its more of her wanting to be understood...
  15. If I rem correctly if Rachel wins she plans a using part of the money for her wedding and for getting settled down in w brendon etc. Not just spend it all on Brendon, so lets give her some credit here. Not to mention that Brendon DID play a part in here being where she is in the house right now so of course she would share some of it with him... As far as her bouncing all over the place, I would love to know what you mean by this because the Rachel Ive been watchin on the feeds has been very level headed and "normal" even when constantly being attacked personally from all sides thru out the entire season. Yes she has has a few moments but seriously who hasnt? I think some people are still stuck on last years season and just refuse to give the girl any credit. Last year I think we saw way more of the Rachel encouraged by CBS for ratings (a good example of this is when they sent her bk in and told her to pick a fight etc) than the "real" Rachel we are seeing this year. The girl has some amazing qualities that most people only wish they did which is why I adore her so much and probably why I get so aggrivated when I see people over exaggerating anything the girl does do wrong. I also dont see where she needs to be the center of attention (THIS year) so would love to know.