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  1. So, maybe they will tape the eviction on Tue? When is the PoV ceremony?
  2. Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    How can someone dare to say something hateful about Godness, Saint Jordan??!!! That is not acceptable! (Please, express your hate only towards the other HGs, specially Kalia, Shelly, Brendon, Porshe, Rachel, Daniele, and whoever is on Saint Jordan's way to win $500K)
  3. Jordan - Week 9

    oops, if Adam got some balls, Jordan will be on her way to enjoy the rest of the summer with Jeff
  4. POV- Week 9

  5. POV- Week 9

    well, at least he won, now let's hope that the production give him some ' ideas'
  6. POV- Week 9

    Go Adam, win the vito, take porsha off, so rachel gets rid of jordan
  7. Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    Well, if he wins, maybe the producers will give him some 'ideas'
  8. Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    It would be interesting if he wins and makes such a big move.
  9. Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    I agree! All she has to do is to get to final 2.
  10. Jordan - Week 9

    Oh, I am shocked to learn that Jordan is poor... what happened with her half-million dollars? Did she lose it all?
  11. Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    I am really impressed with Rachel. She used to be annoying, but the last couple of weeks I really start to root for her. It is fun to see her compete, the girl is driven and knows she can only rely on herself, and she really seems to be a 'fighter'. I like that. It is a good personal trait. It makes me happy that at least here, the pool shows that she is the "American's Favorite" - I think Americans see the fighter on her, and being 'driven' is also a trait of most Americans. Have said that, even though she is not going to play for HoH next week, I think it might be early to worry. There are still some game - we do not know what Pandora Box brings, and I bet she will open it. Also, there is still the HoH competition, and she has Jordan and Adam playing against whoever remains next week. So, chances are 2 - 1. Then, there is still a PoV to be played. As for chances for final 2. I do think that if she keeps winning, she has good chances to beat whoever she faces in the final 2.
  12. WOW it's just a reality tv... I never thought that people would get that upset over something like it (a reality tv) to the point where they have to threat others. That is just crazy! I barely remember the names of the HGs a couple of months after the show is over... and next year there will be new HGs for us to make fun of.
  13. don't the final 3 have to hang on their key for the last hoh competition? If Rachel wants to win, she better gets rid of Porche.
  14. Here is my last post: Expect the unexpected! Bye bye Jerky Face, bitch! I hope you don't lose your job, but if you do, you probably deserve it. SHOCKER Shelly =>>
  15. Glad the post was edited (Thanks Cecimon), some people need to review the Forum Rules!