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  1. Hi all! I keep reading about people's opinions on each house guest. I'm just curious to know who do you want to want win! Are your favorites based on a personal level or how they play the game? I've been watching Big Brother for 12 seasons and I realised that my favorites are based as how their personnality shines through the game. I'm really not a fan of Rachel but she plays a good Big Brother game. However, I just can't get passed her personnality. Everytime she talks, I cringe. Anyway's let me know your list...I'm curious. Here is mine. It's based on personal and game level. Btw - this may change next week lol! 1- Dani 2- Jeff 3- Jordan 4- Adam 5- Porsche 6- Shelley 7- Kalia 8- Lawon 9- Rachel
  2. I'm just curious to know something about the POV. If you win the POV and save someone off the block, can you get nominated?