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    Dominic - Week 3

    Not sure he totally took the fall because of Dani alone. I mean the plan was Dani's. But she and BR had talked for a couple days about backdooring Jeff and Jordan and BR sounded most of the time to be on board. The group didn't get CAUGHT until Dom tried to get Old Lady Shelly aligned with him in the Have Not room. Early the next morning, Shelly tattled to Jordan and they both went up to the HOH and confronted BR. That is exactly the point they got caught, and also exactly the point that BR were no longer on board with Dani and the backdoor plan. So Dom is the proximate cause of his own demise. But he didn't do it alone...Brendon and Rachel threw Dani under the bus and ultimately THAT is what caused Dom to be evicted. They were in on the plan too...you can't argue it, and Dani should have done a better job of calling them out. Funny thing about the editing of the cbs show is that they showed JJSBR confronting Dani PRIOR to Dom talking to Shelly...that is editing at it's best. Dom and Shelly convo was first and that is what outed the backdoor plan. I think CBS did this to make Dom seem more innocent than he actually was and put Dani in a bad light. It's also funny to note that Dani called BR out in the house meeting saying that BR were on board with it until they were caught, but JJ never picked up on it cause they were too pissed to understand who they really should have been pissed at. All in all, Dani is one of the most honest and up front people on the show this season. Seems like everyone else is talking way more $hit than she is, yet she has the rep. It's crazy how the editing for the CBS shows makes her look so bad. Ah well. That's my take...now hopefully they bring Dom back!
  2. Moid

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I'm thinking the twist this week will be that ONLY those who already have a golden key will be able to compete for HOH. When they explained the golden key in the first episode, they mentioned that the key would give the person a distinct advantage. What is the advantage for whoever doesn't go home tonight? They get the key, but big deal, it doesn't do anything for them. I don't think Cassie will come back tonight because BB might actually want to have Dom come back instead of her (despite our desire to gaze at her all day long). I think BB waits and lets Dani compete against Shelly, Adam, and Porsche (only those with golden keys) . If Shelly or Porsche win then Dani goes home and it makes sense for the show to bring back Cassie. If Dani wins and puts up and gets rid of BRJJ, then they can bring back Dom and it would be more even. I'm thinking they'll make it so Dani wins and Dom comes back in a week. ...or something like that. Just some thoughts.