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    favorite/least player favorite Poll

    Top: 1. Jeff - I really want him to win...seems like such a good person:heart: 2. Jordan - So cute with her dinginess 3. Dani - She cracks me up Bottom: 1. Rachel - Her laugh is so painful and she is too catty sometimes 2. Dominic - So incredibly fake! 3. Kalia - Trifling!!!
  2. cajunIT

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    I definitely like Cassi better than Rachel. I think they should both leave and take annoying Dominic with them. Rachel is so obviously jealous.
  3. cajunIT

    Lawon - Week 2

    I like him...but he is really in the background for now. It will be interesting to see how his game develops. Hope he doesn't float too long, cause then he will become expendable.