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    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    Has anyone noticed that Rockstar looks like Toni Collette who played in Emma as Harriet Smith?

    Kaycee Clark

    Has anyone noticed that Rockstar looks like Toni Collette who played in Emma as Harriet Smith?

    Brett Robinson

    Has anyone noticed that Rockstar looks like Toni Collette who played in Emma as Harriet Smith?

    Steve Arienta

    now that Sam has brought out her true colors; we see this 40's hateful of women Rosie the Riveter BS look alike with a red wound for a mouth and miss Steve a lot.

    Where did everyone go?

    yea but have been watching episodes late so slow on uptake here.

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    well that annoyance is done

    Winston Hines

    bu bye and too bad it was not both of you

    Scottie Salton

    still my fav

    Angela Rummans

    Owl...double WHO?
  10. NYROSE

    Brett Robinson

    Who is Karaoke?
  11. NYROSE

    Haleigh Broucher

    WAshed out paleness.
  12. NYROSE

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    Yes to Phyllis Diller but in the Twilight zone...and she is funny. I don't blame her for blowing up at Brett's lie and I want to see that snake out of there soon.
  13. NYROSE

    Sam Bledsoe

    Everything she said about her noms is true of herself. She is a two faced hypocrite with the patina of high morals and old fashioned values as her shield. I want her gone...hate woman hating women.
  14. NYROSE

    Kaitlyn Herman

    I liked that she got rid of Swag and I liked that she had a dream that was true about being ganged up on. I was disgusted with Sam for her attitude about her. I hated all her crying and that she did not understand how to play a better game and that she thought she ought to let Fes save her to keep him safe and that lapse also proved her inadequate in the social arena to recognize that Fess would be ruled by his penis in his desire to save. The puzzle was not difficult and I wished she would have made it back in even though I was utterly annoyed at her with all the crying.
  15. NYROSE

    Rachel Swindler

    What bugged you so much?
  16. NYROSE

    Tyler Crispen

    playing a good game props
  17. NYROSE

    Kaycee Clark

    Who? and I think that is a wise game play with this group
  18. NYROSE

    JC Monduix

    The word cunt is forbidden and yet we don't say C word because it is too awful when it is only the English word for the Latin word vagina which though respectable is now called vajayjay because people are so ingrained that there is something wrong with this piece of anatomy of a woman where the word penis and even dick and cock are still acceptable. So where a woman's body is concerned we are supposed to think her too awful to speak of and the same goes for using other words. Now surely a woman ought not be called by that body part either in Latin or English and a person of any race ought not be called by the pejoratives that are rampant for all groups. However, when we ban a classic like Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain because he uses the term in a context of its time simply because that word is so awful, we are going too far. JC did not do anything wrong as he did not call the woman by the term. He used the term to let her know that the word she used was in the same category. If I write the word midget, I don't get banned and the other word is stupidly considered too awful to write. In truth, as long as I am not using the word against someone, it ought not be considered a racial slur. It is only a word that ought not be used against someone.
  19. NYROSE

    Bayleigh Dayton

    Sam took on a high moral attitude that these two women were somehow reprehensible in their actions around males. What went to her head was her own misguided sense of being an arbiter of how women ought to act. Her notion of what an empowered female is, is that the female is beholden to the male. She utterly disgusts me and I hope she is gotten rid of soon.
  20. NYROSE

    Faysal Shafaat

    Stupid and disloyal and pussy whipped...what is not to like? This is the young man in the house that Sam would have these two women behave differently around.
  21. NYROSE

    Baileys comment on the word black

    She does not get it. Has a knee jerk reaction to nigger when she said midget and learned that midget is offensive to short people...by the way, faggot is really nasty for gays since it refers to when they were burned like sticks that were called faggots...and Italians being without papers do not like being called wops nor do the French who eat frogs like to be called frogs and Germans hate that they are called krauts even though they eat sauerkraut. The Japanese feel insulted by a shortening of their name to Jap because it was used so negatively during WW2. Mexicans eat beans and dislike being called beaners and since their food is sometimes fatty also hate being called greasers. I don't know how Jews got to be called kikes, but they really don't like that but hebe and yid also get them het up. Columbus thought he was in India, so Native or aboriginal Americans got called Indians and they also don't like being called redskins although for some reason pale people and dark people are happy to be inaccurately called white or black when NOT one human is that color. I never thought Native Americans looked red, but then, I can see no one is white or black, so I guess my visual acuity is greater than the majority.
  22. NYROSE

    Rachel Swindler

    Of course, the clutched Bible is not open
  23. NYROSE

    Steve Arienta

    wish the young would keep him for the contrast
  24. NYROSE

    Tyler Crispen

    that barrier reef fish understood him completely
  25. NYROSE

    Scottie Salton

    Realistic about himself can't help but like him.