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  1. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    this is great and I will read it after seeing the show
  2. yes I think both speeches swayed the vote...Paul so arrogant and Josh with his last minute "I'm the guy behind the curtain" ploy
  3. Matt the cereal killer...easy cooking ...tumbles for easy sexing too.
  4. It would have been interesting to know if Josh would have won had he taken Xmas... thanks for the meme on watching Paul lose priceless......good laugh there...and that odd mixed up photo shopped thing with Mark raising a tent...glad to be here with all of you...we can bitch about them bringing all those people back to play this winter together again ...I hope they leave the Munchausen puppet master out of the mix...
  5. Well that feels better...and Cody got AFP and got revenge...the final vote got to be like the presidential race which was anyone but...not a worthy way to win BB but a real crappy way to get a leader of the country
  6. Cody's Revenge

    Josh made good points for himself...and Cody got shafted by Paul and by the producers...so indeed Cody got revenge
  7. BB rigging

    so where are the entertainment police to cite them for lack of enjoyment, sheer stupidity and misrepresentation on all levels.
  8. Will will be a shill for the producers...you have to give up your anger at being played and recognize the best player whom we gave three weeks to inculcate himself and the answers to comps and so much more...but he played the best game so he has to be the winner what BS hope they vote for whomever he takes to the jury ...just to let us be really entertained for once this season...yea that is the only reason to watch Wed.
  9. paul lost taking a woman so he will take Josh and figure he is pan smacking hated
  10. O I guess I hit too close to reality saying you are jealous...was not trying to push a button...
  11. Raven lied to herself...lives with the lie of being ill...has a relation with a mother who is ensnaring her in a Munchausen Syndrome relationship...and was completely snookered by Paul into believing she was pulling stringw with him. O the madness
  12. I was poking fun but how does that seem the least bit addled to you? are you one of the "cody is unstable" people too? LOL
  13. I think he is dealing with being sideswiped by production ...he was told to shut up and put up with it...and at teh same time all the other HGs are going along and no one is saying anything...his military training kicked in and he knows when he is up against authority, layers and the money he needs to make this summer work for him...nothing unstable there at all. 'just harsh reality in an ugly world
  14. I think you are jealous of their intimacy...since you see that act as an action of giving up when it is a separate thing given what we see of how that house formulates its responses to anyone trying to undermine Paul.
  15. Alex as dumb as Raven under Paul's spell...and she ought to have been wakened when Jason went out thinking she had turned on him because he thought she was that influenced by Paul....that ought to ahve been the kicker for her that Paul was fully in control of everyone.
  16. you do not know what he was told in the DR...and we know that the answers were given to P so we also know that the HGs are told how to behave and what to do. I suspect his recalcitrance is his reaction to finding himself in such a travesty that he can not open his mouth about due to the stuff they sign and how small they are against the show
  17. Who should get AFP?

    I'm for Cameron, but Cody is a good slap in Paul's face too.
  18. Josh screaming and banging pots gives me a headache and I am not in the room and my volume is not up...imagine what it is like in the house...I would probably attack the guy out of sheer anger at the audio assault
  19. I think his anti' social aspect that you are relating to is more a reaction to the quality of the show and the other HGs than that he is actually some jerk. Watch his face when the HGs come to realize they were played...he is not a poker face. There is a mind inside and he is dealing with a swamp.l think he is more than you see because he knows he was set up from the beginning. He won head of house and had to evict five people to get to having two people on the block...it was massively unfair and he knows it. And remember, they think it is a game when it is not...remember this is supposed to be entertaining...but he got on wanting to win a game...he feels used. I don't blame him at all.
  20. Xmas worked for P's mom? so there is def a fix in there. But this is not a game show so nothing about fairness is at stake...so where are the entertainment police to shut this boring utterly expected result down?
  21. did not like Cody at first, but after seeing what and whom he was dealing with and the slanting that production gave to support paul, my opinion of him really changed. I liked his walk out, I like what he says in the jury house and when the insanity shows of how off base the others were, he gets a look in his eyes that says he knows the reality of the situation is being revealed. So he is not that much of a poker face after all.
  22. Cameron for fan favorite to show that the whole show was crap. Hoping that the HG realize how they were manipulated and how the answers were given to P...so obvious...and vote for anyone but. Hope they get Cody on Survivor...he might just do well there.