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    Rachel Swindler

    Of course, the clutched Bible is not open

    Steve Arienta

    wish the young would keep him for the contrast

    Tyler Crispen

    that barrier reef fish understood him completely

    Scottie Salton

    Realistic about himself can't help but like him.

    Angela Rummans

    i will definitely steal that one Wicked

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    She is funny and sometimes she means to be.

    Faysal Shafaat

    Chose to eat ham and then remembers he is a Muslim and thinks the BB will respect that...what kind of special is that?

    JC Monduix

    AHHH the Wicked One we all know and love...thanks for the laugh

    Sam Bledsoe

    I like her and she is pretty naturally and fresh.
  10. NYROSE

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    The crap he is full of is the full of himself he is.
  11. NYROSE

    Kaitlyn Herman

    The Woo woo amuses me...something different among the usual
  12. NYROSE

    Bayleigh Dayton

    You speak true
  13. what a smear of a wounded gash is that mouth. wish she would not drink. I don't relate to her as her haters do but she is shallow.
  14. seems appropriate that Metta's info superseded James' LOL nothing there is nothing there.
  15. Well you were not ready for a game that lasted longer than a basketball game.
  16. I love his self awareness and ability to be real even in being a wackadoo himself. He lets us see his layers, his heart, his mind, himself. I think having to come to terms with being a minority honed all his honesty and humor and makes him the most human of all the contenders. Shannon has that quality also, but they got rid of her. He uses his gayness as an excuse for not being good at comps, but when he needs to pull it off...he does.
  17. Just don't let Omarosa win. Glad to see James gone; hated his attitude to Brandi...what a spoiled brat.
  18. holding back...hoping to be able to pull it out when he is in the last sprint. that is a decent strategy for his personality and position. I would not mind if he won, but I somehow favor Ross' amusing gay self.
  19. majoring in likeability ...her whole manner is the opposite of Omarosa...but she does not go to TMI because there ain't no Info in her of the sort thought inappropriate. those little fuzzy animal ears are honest on her...and still silly...and that too is honest. Ross is also silly, but he knows he is...this one doesn't.
  20. That interaction with Omarosa was a classic like a bird hypnotized by a snake. She wanted to be forthcoming, but nothing she would say could have an impact because Omarosa had an agenda from the outset to prove her not only wrong but to label her a racist. I was sorry to see her go and hope she wins the 25K fav award.
  21. How can one look so menacing and be so naive?
  22. CAn not agree with you on this one given that both dark folks asked to be let go. As for Omarosa, she is only dark when it suits her to be. Like a snake she sheds her skin when it suits her. There is never a moment that she is not "on" manipulating and putting out her groomed persona. I recall when she first came on the scene, she has taken classes in how to present herself since then. It shows. It makes me, and I suspect others, feel the essential fakery of the person.
  23. Omarosa is so groomed and manipulative...that interaction with Shannon, designed at every turn to keep her off balance until she could slip in the racist imputation was masterful and Shannon never saw it coming.