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  1. did you notice that when she was evicted, her cross was sideways on her neck like it fell over.
  2. so you have the hots for ice cold Cody
  3. well I enjoyed watching Paul get his nomination pick with Alex, Jason and Mark
  4. nice idea and true, but is she that smart?
  5. and licked his fingers after removing them
  6. thank goodness for the temptations that makes the only interest of this so far
  7. Satan temptation apples snake and of course God God God and Jesus Jesus Jesus...we are in the Middle Dark Ages
  8. If Cody does not win, we have to back off from the "production manipulates this whole thing" position LOL
  9. that was the circus barker hair style
  10. he looks like a '50s movie car salesman or circus barker
  11. I have a naturally high forehead and never heard that term. Plucking hair to make a high forehead was done in the Middle Ages, I did not know it had raised its head again. They were known as the dark ages and this time is emulating with the lack of education rampant ...anyhow thanks for the reply.
  12. O I wrote that for you perhaps you do not recall the song This is the season of the witch... and yes Klutz is appropo too
  13. Josh's fantasies are rampant. that bit about what he would do were he HOH which I doubt he will ever win...it is all fugue state.