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  1. Well Big Brother Netherlands started Sunday, and the theme is similar to USA Season six, six couples entered the house as brothers, sisters, couple, parent and child, etc. Their website yet again put free live feeds up this year, but oh yeah..good luck if you don't know Dutch. http://www.talpa.tv/big-brother/live.html
  2. windwaker

    Twist Possibilities

    I think, since these annoying wake up calls will be playing all season, there will be a secret room where there are no speakers or anything, kind of a luxury they would have to win. What do you think>?
  3. And while reading the website (or attempting to lol) go to this tranlation website, it makes pretty readable translations http://ets.freetranslation.com/
  4. If you're watching now (BBDT: 11:53PM) she's in the hot tub. Her name is Tonja if anyone is wondering, her biography is on http://www.talpa.tv/web/show/id=47633/dbid...ypeofpage=47737
  5. Yea, and i just think that's crazy!! If you're looking for her in the feeds, she's the one with the dark red frizzy hair. [edit:she doesn't always have frizzy hair, she was probably just having a bad hair day.]
  6. Most of you have probably found out about this and are watching, but for those who want to see the free live Big Brother Netherlands feeds, I give you the link: http://www.aldav.com/aldavtvdutch.html Even though I don't know Dutch, it is interesting to watch, and in the past two days, I haven't seen any FotH time outs . So enjoy! Oh and by the way, the time zone differences: Eastern Time: Dutch time is 6 hours ahead. Central Time: Dutch time is 7 hours ahead. Mountain Time: Dutch time is 8 hours ahead. Pacific Time: Dutch time is 9 hours ahead. and so on..
  7. Oh, thank you, ummm, what days are nominations, and evictions?
  8. I'm from US and I've heard that UK's rules are a bit different? Is it true?