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  1. Adam either voted that way b/c he wanted a newbie to win, or he was mad Rachel did not take him to the end. Way to redeem yourself Shelly!
  2. TEAM RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I sooo forgot my password! I think b/c of what Dani said, she voted for Rachel. Kalia, def did not vote for Rach.
  4. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    No, she will kill them!
  5. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    So the newbs are actually playing the game now!
  6. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    Did you hear the audience go awww when Kalia won that? I cannot believe how conniving Shelly is. Heck, she may just have me rooting for her! Yep, I am drinking the Shelly
  7. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    No she did not. Was not quite nice was she? So now that Rachel went to the dark side, who am I rooting to win? Hmmm, don't much care, just want to see some drama at this point.
  8. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    I understand the whole thing to lie, I would do it too, but don't swear on family and the Bible and all that, just friggin' LIE!
  9. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    Wow, so this is the Daniele show now? That speech was quite lengthy. She may have been telling the truth, but geez, get off your high horse already!
  10. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    Aww man! I missed Jeffs face! Hey, they just mentioned the drama! I hate that they tell them it is de!
  11. Live Show - August 18

    Porsche is looking good to win this HOH comp. Her or Jeff.
  12. Live Show - August 18

    I have to agree with Rachel (and Dom), this year has been a season of cowards, spineless jellyfish, and some of the worse, most boring hg ever. Just when you think you have hope for them to make bold moves, they show you otherwise. They all know Shelly lies like a frayed rug, and yet they do not get her out. I am now officially TEAM RACHEL!
  13. Live Show - August 18

    I said I would not watch anymore b/c Brendon got back in, but I read the feed reports every day, and suddenly I am a Rachel fan. GET SHELLY OUT! PLEASE!!!!!!!
  14. Live Show - August 11

    I am so in agreement there. All polls I saw had the same thing. Read the synops on Mortys. It has been better than the actual show this season anyway.