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  1. nitewings

    Frank, Week 5 (HoH & PoV)

    frank older brother likes how he is playing....
  2. nitewings

    Danielle, Week 5

    who said i look heavy ???
  3. nitewings

    Wil, Week 5 (Nominee) - Evicted 8/16

    as of now looks like he will... all joe has to do is not stir the pot... but we all know joe likes to run his mouth...
  4. you get the feeling your on the board alone.. your not but no one cares what you have to say...
  5. nitewings

    Britney, Week 4

    They all lie it's the name of the game.... lie and get others to believe it you last in the Bb house...
  6. nitewings

    America Votes - Coaches enter the game?

    She should be thanking BB for that....
  7. nitewings

    Dan (Coach), Week 3

    Dan is he still in the house ?????
  8. nitewings

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    Rachel it was great to see you win,you were with out question the best player. Adan you are a phony and a wuss, Dani you are a bitter sore loser.
  9. nitewings

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    Adam said he would have won. I have to say he lives in a dream world, how does a grown man fail at so many comps? Any one who thinks he threw any is crazy, the wuss just sucked. Adam you suck big time.....
  10. Look what Adam is trying to pull 11:20AM BBT: We are back. Adam and Porsche are in the BY. Adam: "Is there any chance you are taking me?" Porsche: "I don't think so because of the voting." Adam: "If I could make you a deal that would help us both." Porsche: "It would have worked out to my best advantage if you had beat me." Adam: "I can still give you 500K." Porsche: "You don't have time to talk to the jury." Adam: "I do if I am in the house-- I will give you Farah's necklace as collateral." Adam: "500K for you will do wonders 50K will get me what I need - I want 500K but I can do with the 50K. I can buy a ring." Adam: "I want to see something good come out of this money and I know you can use the money. You get 500K." Porsche: "I will think about it but Jeff and Jordan don't like me." Adam: "that's where I can tell them how to vote." Adam: "I will do everything I can to make sure you win. I will make it my goal to make sure you win." Adam: "I am not making this deal with Rachel and you can ask her. Rachel comes out." Adam: "I am not making this deal with Rachel and you can ask her." Rachel comes out, and goes back inside to get food. Adam: "I will come through - my vote is worth 50K. I don't want to put it in terms like that." Porsche: "I haven't been picking sides or been emotional the entire game." Adam: "I know that." Porsche: "I don't think that Jeff is a person that you can tell him what to do." Porsche goes over all she wants to do with the 500K. Adam is still selling his point. Adam tells Porsche that he can point out that Jordan helped her family and that Porsche wants to do the same. Rachel comes out with cereal and game talk stops.
  11. nitewings

    POV- Week 7

    If Jeff does not back door Dani, I hope Dani wins the next HoH and puts up J/J.