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  1. 9:00PM BBT Tim, Joel. Love, Cassandra and Phil hanging out in the KT with just some general chatting. Feed switches to Kelsey now laying on Nick. They talk about not knowing the game at all. Kelsey says she feels dumb. 9:05PM BBT Raul comes over and tells him Maddy confirmed if she won HoH that she would put him up which means Ramsey would too. He asks who said that and she said Cassandra told her. Nick gets up and leaves. Raul asks if she would go talk to Maddy calls her a few names and is pretty heated. He says whatever that's obviously a compliment hes threatened ed by me. Maddy says no she just hates you like she hates everyone else. He says they need to put up Maddy and someone else that everyone else likes so Maddy goes. Maybe Nikki. 9:10PM BBT Kelsey tells him she like the brothers more then Dallas and wants to work with them but Jared doesn't want to. Raul says if we work with the brothers what can be beneficial for us later. She says because they are smart. Raul says but it will be harder to get the brothers out later. Kelsey says she wants to let the biggest fart out on him and the get up and walk away from each other. 9:13PM BBT Feed changes to the BR where Christine and Maddy have been all day. Christine is braiding Cassandra hair. Just talking about what cars they drive. Other feed changes from KT to Raul now talking to Mitch. He's telling Mitch how he had a convo with Maddy and apologized to her and made it all good but now he heard she said she would put him up. Kelsey joins them. Kelsey and Raul both ranting about Maddy and Dallas and Mitch is sitting there nodding staring off in to no where at times. 9:18PM BBT Feed goes off for a quick second and comes back to the KT. Other feed still on the BR. The 3 girls talking about the have not comp. 9:22PM BBT Raul and Kelsey now outside smoking. Kelsey says she hope Jared doesn't get jealous when she hangs out with the brothers so much. Raul says just don;t do it so much. Kelsey says her and Jared are "it is what it is". She thinks the brothers are cute but they are 21 years old boys. Joel comes outside. They start to talk about the Jackpot sign and the complaint box and speculate what they are. 9:30PM BBT Raul asks Joel if won HoH who would he put up. Joel tells them strong people. Raul jumps to say like Dallas and Kelsey jumps in and pushes how Dallas has lied and is in an alliance with Maddy. She doesn't trust Dallas, and doesn't understand why they trust Dallas all of a sudden. Joel says his second would probably be Maddy because they haven't talked much. Kelsey says Maddy needs to go for sure as she will always be Maddy's target.
  2. 8:25PM BBT Jared is locked away alone in his HoHR watching a movie on Shomi. Tim and Nikki talked while she eats in the KT. Kelsey and Nick chatting the in WC. Sharry finishing up pleaded her case to Phil outside. He promises nothing saying he has to talk to his brother and he loves both her and Love so he's still unsure of what to do. Sharry grills him about who's his targets are and who is on his radar and he says no one. 8:30PM BBT Keley now talking with Cassandra in the WC. Kelsey doesn't like that Sharry has been talking to Phil for that long so Cassandra decides to go get him and break it up. Phil tells Sharry he's struggling with the conversation. 8:35PM BBT Joel stops Cassandra in the hall and tells her that him Mitch and Phil had a talk and they are voting for Sharry, that he also had a long talk with Ramsey about who he would put up if he won and he told him that it would be the people that are stirring up trouble. Also that he felt bad for the way he (ramsey) is being attacked in the HoHR. He wants to see good people in the HoHR and feels that they made good social connections. Cassandra asked who he said he would put up if he won HoH? Joel says he said the big people and mentioned the 3. the walk down to the kitchen with Joel finishes that he thinks Ramsey will vote out Loveita. 8:40PM BBT Feeds go out for a minute. Cassandra is now talking to Phil. She starts off ewith how smart Sharry is and Loveita is as well but Sharry is a social gamer and can make people feel like she is with them and cares about them. Phil tells her "you and I probably want to evict her for the same reasons. For me I'm not emotional. Are you emotional? Cassandra says "No". Cassandra continues to tell him how Sharry will be fake and not 100% and that people are lonely and will fall for it. She switches to she doesn't know where Dallas stands and that he has lied to every single one of them. She tells him one of them need to win HoH this week. She asks him what his gut is telling him and he says his gut is telling him it doesn't matter. Cassandra says "Well if you're working me I need something back or I will call you Loveita." He says I will talk to you next week, She says no I'm telling you, you need to tell me. He says true, I'm not being Loveita I'm just careful with me words. Out of everyone It's not you, Kelsey, Jared, Joel, Mitch. Cassandra asked if it's Ramsey he says he doesn't want to put up Ram. Kelsey joins and practically sits on Phil. They speculate and talk about double eviction.
  3. 2:47pm BBT: Kelsey leaves to go inside and Mitch, Joel, Phil say they all feel that they are safer with Love staying. They aren't her immediate target. They are counting the votes and believe they can do. Phil says he thinks Dallas is stretchy. Mitch says he thinks Dallas may have learned his lesson and be more loyal next time. 2:51pm BBT: Outside the 3 agree that no matter how they vote they should tell Jared/Kelsey side so they don't seem like they are trying to spite them. "Jared's a reasonable guy it's Kelsey that's not." They head inside and say they need to have talks with Cassandra and a few others. 2:55pm BBT Christine, Maddy and Tim in the BR Christine tells them she has had breakfast and lunch delivered to her now. Rual made her lunch today.
  4. 7:36pm BBT Dallas, Kelsey and Jared go outside for a smoke. They are discussing the vote. Kelsey says she is voting Love. Dallas says that's what you want? They bring up the Jackpot sign and what it means then go back to talking bout the vote. Dallas says "you tell me what to vote" Jared said "No you vote what you want, I'm not gonna be a slave driver." Dallas starts to say something about a lady sat them down and talked to them about smuggling and production tells him to stop. 7:41pm BBT Feed switches from outside to BY where Ramsey and Christine are playing a game of pool with Sharry watching. Other feed showing everyone else in the BY by the pool talking about movies. 7:50pm BBT Dallas, Phil, Jared and Kelsey in the LR just general chat going on.
  5. 6:35pm BBT Maddy and Dallas talking in the BR Dallas telling her that its clear that it was Ramsey. He can't trust the people he's with and if he were to go to the other side (Jared and Kelsey) eveeryone is wishy washy over there too. Maddy questioning him why he didn't come to her and say anything, it wasn't fair to have people come to her and tell her. Dallas replies that it bothered him that her and Maddy were all close. He feels he is in a lose lose situation, he can't trust Ramsey or Love. Ramsey comes in and wants to join the conversation and Dallas tells him to sit down. Ramsey tells him he doesn't feel its a lose lose for Dallas and if he stays on this side he will be ok. Ramsey swearing he didn't tell them, they figured it out on their own "I didn't sell you out, I have you're back", they are telling you what you want to hear. If we break up we are all f*&ked". Dallas agrees. 6:44pm BBT Maddy telling them that they can tell you anything and you are going to believe it because its a game and it messes with you. Ramsey saying guys we need to stick together. Maddy "We need to do what we are doing right now, act like we aren't close and it will look like we aren't together and hate each other." They agree its a great game play. Ramsey again telling Dallas "I did not tell them and you are gonna watch the footage and see". Maddy says if she wins she will put up Jared and Raul. Cassandra walks in and Dallas starts to play the "guys there trust issues". They all act intense with each other. Maddy asks her if she is gonna be long. She leaves. Dallas says maybe I was a little manipulated because you swore on sacred things last night that a man wouldn't cross and he is seeing that now. Maddy says "Sharry has to go last night she was telling Maddy that she has to communicate with her before anything and grilling her about who she will be voting for. Dallas says he's apologized to Ramsey know and their best strategy would be to act like they hate each other. Nick walks in and sits down and awkward silence begins. Nick says sorry for breaking any convo up.They all talk about walking in oon convos and how many times it happens in the house. Nick leaves. Dallas goes back to our best strategy will be act they they aren't cool but don't over play it. Dallas again apoligizes to Ramsey and the bro hug it out. 7:00pm BBT Cassandra and Tim in the kitchen, the JACKPOT sign is flashing and ringing again which sends everyone in to a frenzy of what and why it's happening. It only lasts a short minute. A few of them check doors that are usually locked to see if they become unlocked. 7:02pm BBT Sharry telling Ramsey on the couch that she feels Love is ok with going home and she doesn't want to go home. "I need people and I concrete people". Ramsey says you can trust me. Other feeds are on the KT table were a few are arm wrestling, Back to Ramsey and Sharry talking about where people stand and what they say. 7:06pm BBT Feeds switch to HoH a bunch of them discuss cleaning, who does who doesn't, who's called out who for not cleaning. Christine and Kelsey talking about what they've wore for what will be on tv. Other feed show Love, Joel and Cassandra in the BY talking about who's votes they can get. Cassandra trying to figure it out using a lot of hims and hers while counting on her figures. Love says "I don't want to campaign against her". Cass tells her "You're not campaigning against her you're campaigning for yourself and everyone at home for you to stay". Tim and Mitch brings them drinks and joins them. Tim talks about his BB slop/ the halfway house and how tough it was too. He was really mean to the people the first week before he was one and at the time it was funny. Feed changes to HoH Christine, Kelsey and Jared talking about Love. 7:16pm BBT Maddy and Phil laying in a bed together no real game talk. Back to the HoHR Raul, Phil, Christine, Kelsey and Jared. Kelsey and Christine are only ones really talking, complaining about everyone talking in circles and repeating everything all the time. Kelsey said Love told her she was her biggest competition and she doesn't get why. Christine suggests it's a girl jealously thing. They talk about how watching the show you can get right in it and yell don't trust that guy and how its going to be cool to live it and re watch it. 7:26pm BBT Phil and Christine leave Kelsey and Jared alone. Kelsey feels it's stress free now and they agree it feels good and want to keep it that way.
  6. Happy to help when I can. Go to go for a bit,Hopefully I will be back this evening and help if needed
  7. 1:55pm BBT Raul finishes a good cry session with Ramsey and goes into the HoH where Kelsey is listening and dancing to music, they begin to listen together. Feeds change to the BY where a pool game is starting between Phil and Nikki (Sharry and Mitch watching) Loveita and Cassandra still talking in the BR. Still sort of the same same talk, a lot of what ifs. If she stays she wants to work with her because shes not on anyone high totem pole. Cassandra "The reason is because if I look at all the pictures there's only about 2 people I haven't made relationships with" Casandra thinks she has a really good relationship with Christine and can get her to use the veto to save Loveita, she tells her "don't say anything to Sharry this is a two part plan". Loveita believes they have the numbers and get it to work just need the veto used. Loveita says Maddy will vote with the majority and they will tell her too. Loveita keeps telling Cassandra to touch base with Christine, that Christine is looking for people. 2:09pm BBT Loveita says the wild cards (Tim and Nikki) are closest with Cassandra and if they can pull this move off now they are set. Cassandra says "Act like you are going home still" 2:11pm BBT Joel, Dallas and Phil in the HT. Joel says "I really didn't want to talk about the votes but since you guys are here what are you guys thinking?" Dallas says Sharry hasn't really showed to be good in comps Loveita has. It also has to do with who do you want to live with. Dallas admits to playing both sides and a bit over playing last week. Happy its out now and he has a clear conscience. Game talk end as Tim, Kelsey and Raul come out. 2:18pm BBT Cassandra and still in the BR Loveita promising she will never go against her. All they need to do is get Christine. Cassandra leaving now to go to Christine. They will touch base later. Cassandra goes in to the HoH sits down with Jared, Sharry opens the door questions what they are talking about. Cassandra says nothing just how hard it is be on slop. Sharry sits down. Jarred tells her the only way he can explain why he put her up is guilty by association. She says that sucks. Jared says he hears that its back and forth from the conversations and doesn't know whats going to happen. His target was Lovetia. At this point its not me. Sharry says "its the crowd, I'm talking to you because I feel you have a say." He replys some people have said what they are doing and he told them if thats what they want to do. Jared says to keep it between them but people see Loveita as mentally weak right now. People enjoy Sharry around, at this point its up to you if you want to be a good friend or a good big brother players. You we're never my target. Sharry says "it was a very good move". Jared "Personally I would like to keep you in this game cause I would like to work together, but right now its not up to me." Sharry "Some very good points made" 2:30pm BBT Joel and Phil alone in the HT discussing Dallas isn't so truth worthy and they can't trust him because of his vote last week. Phil "He was convincing I thought for sure he was voting for Kelsey" Joel agrees he has the same feelings. Tim comes out and says he wants to come outside and look up at the sky for a bit.
  8. 12:47pm BBT Dallas telling Harry and Maddy that he can not work with Ramsey, if they want to they can go on with out him. 12:50pm BBT Backyard opens Lots of yelling and excitement. Dallas leaves the girls to go smoke. Maddy telling Sharry that Loveita is the type of person that is all about herself. "If I won an award she wouldn't care." Sharry nonchalantly agreeing. Maddy now telling her that her and Dallas are very very close and she is upset that he went in somewhere and exposed them to people. "i don't care that I'm exposed just upset he didn't tell me first" Maddy feels Dallas is a big target. 12:55pm BBT Sharry says she told Dallas and is now telling Maddy that they as floaters all need to come together and will have the numbers. 1:00pm BBT Tim telling Christine when he was talking to Loveita she kept saying she was fine and ready to go then she had a meltdown but looked it the mirror and laughed. Christine says "shes a piece of work" They agree Loveita needs to go first. Tim loves the first row to watch the crazy train, his favorite part of the game. He says he has no strategy he just loves the human nature of it. Maddy and Sharry are in agreement that someone used intimidation on Dallas and Dallas blames Ramsey but they don't think it was Ramsey. They hate that all there plans have changed because of the intimidation and also because Kelsey wasn't evicted the first week. Maddy leaves Loveita comes over they discuss who should leave between them this week. Loveita tells her "if it works out I stay then IO stay, I'm not camplaining or saying anything" 1:12PM BBT Dallas, Kelsey, & Jarrod outside smoking, Dallas telling Kelsey that sucks he can't trust the people he thought he could. "me targets are clear to me, no more pussy footing around" Jarrod "it will be cool if one of you win HoH" Know they are all discussing how Loveita was going back and forth with I want to go now I don't want to go. Christine comes outside. Kelsey leaves saying "don't follow me to your room" 1:19PM BBT Tim going around with batteries. Loveita talking to Cassandra in the BR can't here much BB telling them to turn on mics. Loveita asks her who her alliance is and she says no one. Lovita says "so you're just a free vote" Loveita campaigning if she stays what she will do. "if I stay it would be nice if you and I would work together, but we would need more people. They are a trio and they did it day 1. I know you don;t like Sharry but I fell we could of been a great trio" Cassandra "She went around saying she doesn't trust me" Maddy walks in and breaks the talk which switches to slop and awkward silence while she changes to go workout. 1:26PM BBT Outside Jared and Joel talking about the Dallas issue. you me kelsey dallas and Ramsey. I told you I was gonna vote one way and I voted the other way feed changes to Sharry and Christine in the WC Sharry wants to tell her about something that happened and have broken up alliances. Christine says she doesn't know what happened. Sharry says " OK so basically I think Dallas was kind of interrogated. I feel there is intimidation in the house. Christine " Didn't you guys have intimidation the first week?" Sharry: "no we had power they are using intimidation which is different" Christine is not having it says "Theres two sides to a story maybe the person doesn't know they were intimidation. I'm going to leave the noms the same." Sharry asks what are you picking up on in the house? Christine says she thinks people are over thinking and haven't established anything solid. Sharry asks her how do you decide your vote? She answers I don't know for Paige it was easy and missed home. Sharry says so its a personality trait thing? She said no for you two I feel like I could flip a coin, I know that doesn't sound go for you.
  9. Sunday, March 6th around 12:30pm HGs playing hide & seek. Mitch was trying to get in to the pantry to look for anyone but it was being restocked by staff
  10. 2:09PM BBT: Jillian is now chili with Talla. Emmett talking with Gary and Gary is called to the DR. Emmett goes out to the KT. 2:14PM BBT: Emmett says he is going to lay in the have room ask Jillian if she wants to come. She says "Why not my room." Emmett says "A change of scenery, I'm getting sick of that room." Jillian says "I know." Emmett decides to make a smoothie instead. He shows Jillian a rash on his arm and she says "hives." 2:20PM BBT: Jillian goes up to the HoH to wait for Gary so she can scare him/ Talla is in the shower, she is so short you can't even see her head over the shower door. 2:26PM BBT: Jillian waits in the pillows (Gary still in the DR) Talla in the shower. Emmett went and scared her. Emmett goes up and tell Jillian "They are building something big out there. Maybe a luxury comp." Jillian names some carnival rides she would like it to be. 2:29PM BBT: They see Gary out of the DR on the HoH tv and with that the feed are off. "THE LIVE FEEDS ARE DOWN BUT THE FUN ISN'T OVER YET!" then it tells us to tune into the shows for finale week. I think BB wanted to let us watch Gary do his makeup for 2 hours one last time. He started around noon and finished at 2:30pm when they feeds went off. Thanks BB but you could of at least let us see Jillian scare him. On a personal note I just wanted to say Thank you to Morty and and everyone else who is involved in all the hard work you do to get these updates out. I've been a follower of Mortys for years but this is my first BB season helping out with updates. I enjoy it very much and can't wait for BB15
  11. 1:28PM BBT: Talla back in the KT still talking about getting Pepsi. [i wonder if she will get to drink one before she is evicted]\ 1:30PM BBT: Talla hears voices [not just in her head, I heard them too] and lets a little scream out. Feed 1 switches from Gary to Jillian lying under a huge stack of pillows, listening to music in the HoH room. 1:35PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH again and back before I can send the update. Jillian asking BB to help her trick someone. She wants them to ask one of the HG's to go check on her so she can scare them. "My back is getting sore back here." 1:40PM BBT: Jillian carefully gets out of her pillow hide out and locks her door then heads to the WC. Her feeds change to Gary but we hear her toilet flush. Talla struggling to push garlic through a garlic press. Looks like she is making garlic butter but she completely melted the butter to liquid and doesn't know what she did to it. 1:51PM BBT: Talla finishes cleaning the dishes, puts some of her butter onto a couple pieces of bread and puts them into the oven. Gary still on the other feeds doing his makeup. 2:03PM BBT: Emmett comes out of the DR asks Talla where Jillian is. She tells him upstairs. He goes up and looks for her and as he is walking by the bed to leave she jumps out of the pillows and yells "Boo." She really did scare him. And now he is telling her he will get her back.
  12. 1:06PM BBT: Emmett is sitting on the couch in the LR. Jillian is screaming from the DR and knocking that she is locked in. She gets out and goes to the HoH room. Camera 3 is still black. 1:08PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH 1:12PM BBT: Feeds come back. Talla cutting peppers. Jillian is snacking in the SR. Emmett walking around. Gary looking through clothes in the BR. Talla is making chili not spaghetti sauce. 1:17PM BBT: Emmett asks Jillian if she wants a bite of his steak. She says "Did you have a big one." They both smirk. She asks again "Did you have a big steak." 1:19PM BBT: Jillian asks"What is it called when a person only eats meat." Emmett answers "Carnivore." Feeds go to SotH for a moment. When they return Talla still in the KT. Gary still applying makeup. Jillian and Emmett aren't on the feeds. 1:26PM BBT: Talla goes tot he SR to get mushrooms and sees BB gave her a case of Pepsi. She's very happy and loves it.
  13. 12:46PM BBT: Talla beats Emmett at puck ball and does a huge celebration of screaming and jumping around. "So happy, so proud of myself. Haven't had lunch hungry." 12:50PM BBT: Talla now trying to cut an onion. She says "They say the trick when cutting an onion is to have a candle lit so you don't cry." Emmett asks if she eats onions with everything. She says "Well my mom put it in everything because it takes away the smell of the meat."Emmett asks if anyone eats pork in her family. She whispers "My sister." 12:55PM BBT: Cameras are taking there turns of going in and out of the "Off the Hook" screen. Talla looking in the SR for things for her spaghetti sauce. Emmett goes tot he BR and ask Gary if he wants him to do his makeup for him. And the best he ever looked was the day he did do it. Gary tells him to get over himself and laughs. Talla is burning her sauce so she sprays it with cooking spray. Emmett tells her she should of unthawed the meat first. He tells her to take the clump put and defrost it in the microwave, She says "Can I do that." 1:02PM BBT: Talla says "How do I know when its done?" Emmett says "You should be able to stick a fork right through it." Talla says "OK lesson learned I guess I was just impatient." Emmett now sitting at the dining room table and eating.
  14. 12:27PM BBT: Feeds return. Gary is now in the shower. Talla alone in the HoH. She says "What is happening today, If this is my last day I'm going to cry." Jillian comes out of the DR and now plays puck ball with Talla. 12:33pm BBT - Emmett comes into the KT while Jillian & Tallla play puckball and talk about chocolate. Gary gently stroking the shampoo out of his hair. Talla hears something and Jillian says they are building something out there. No they're not, Talla says confidently. All I know is I want to look gorgeous. I want to get dressed up. SotH. 12:35pm BBT - Feeds back. Emmett is looking for a baster. Talla doesn't know what that is. Talla: F*ck, I can be so annoying. Remember when I annoyed myself? Emmett says yes, that was funny in his monotone sort of way. She's just staring into space and thinking about her shoes, the $180 blue shoes (on sale) that were delivered after she entered the house. Emmett cutting up some steak. Gary done with his shower. Talla won't know if the shoes arrived until she gets home, they will look good with her white jeans and purple tube top. 12:36PM BBT: Emmett sits down to take Jillian's turns of puck ball while he waits for his food. Gary is out of the shower now. 12:44PM BBT: Talla and Emmett hear noises from the BY. Talla says "But they can't keep us locked out all day." They continue playing puck ball. Jillian seems to be in the DR. Gary now sitting down in the BR to start his makeup.
  15. 12:12PM BBT: Gary weighs himself and he is exactly 200lbs. He says "I'm almost out of the 200 club." Jillian wants to play chess, Emmett doesn't think they are going to give them the chess board. Emmett now in the KT on the sofa. 12:15PM BBT: Feeds go to SotH. But come back! 12:19PM BBT: Emmett goes up tot he HoH and tells Jillian they are building something in the BY. Jillian says "What the heck could it be." Emmett says "With my luck they DQ'ed me and it's another POV. I can't even win anymore without worrying they are going to take it away from me. I also have to worry about jury votes. I have to worry about Talla isn't going to rip my head off after I do what I'm going to do to her." 12:24PM BBT: BB asks Jillian and Emmett to both come down to the DR "I just need to..... and we get SotH.