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    General Questions (Part 2)

    Agree with ya there. They both know the best move is to get rid of Janelle. Shane keeps repeating how Janelle is going to come after him before anyone else does. But they won't do anything about it though as long Dan and Brit are calling the shots.
  2. TbigbrotherfanW

    General Questions (Part 2)

    I'll wait until Danielle and Shane are alone and hear their convo before I believe that Frank is going on Thursday.
  3. "I told everyone we should have got rid of Frank week 1. I didn't have a vote but my I told my team that and they didn't listen to me!!!" Riiiiiight. I'm sure that's how it went down. All 3 of your players did "their own thing" yet it just happened to be exactly the same thing.
  4. TbigbrotherfanW

    Ian, Week 4

    Boogie told Frank last night that the only people he trusts 100% are him and Ian.
  5. The biggest floater this season. I swear she's spent more time up in HOH these first 3 weeks than anyone else in the game. She just happens to be competitive.
  6. TbigbrotherfanW

    Jenn, Week 4

    There's floaters and then there's Jenn. Because of the coaches "twist" she's stuck with one side. She is just no where to be found while doing this. Janelle is the one that is floating around.
  7. TbigbrotherfanW

    BB Live Show Discussion

    I'd say that only the first 4 because there are only 4 beds in there. But I was thinking earlier that if they do this, do you think Ian drops and accepts being a HN as long as the whole house agrees that whoever wins HOH won't put him up?
  8. TbigbrotherfanW

    BB Live Show Discussion

    Someone on another message board said he voted NO and then went to do it again but was told he could only vote once in a 24hr period. Yet, he was able to hit YES as many times as he wanted.
  9. TbigbrotherfanW

    BB Live Show Discussion

    And there we have it. Haha BB got a little tricky.
  10. TbigbrotherfanW

    BB Live Show Discussion

    They sure made the first 27 minutes look like they were voting out Joe.
  11. TbigbrotherfanW

    BB Live Show Discussion

    Voting the coaches in is now an "honor" for America lol
  12. TbigbrotherfanW

    Janelle (Coach), Week 3

    I can't stand her. Up in HOH talking to Brit/Ashley right now on BBAD she says this about Frank: "Of course I don't trust him, the first day we came in here, I was like he's the biggest target in the house and I want to take him down and no one listened to me. Willie tried to cut him a deal to come after us!" She must have a serious case of short term memory loss if she can't remember that she made her team vote to KEEP him week 1. And Brit is just as bad. Week 1 Janelle and her are bff's. Week 2 everyone hates her (including Janelle!). Week 3 she lets Janelle come back to her and they are bff's again. They both just need to walk out the door and end their BB careers.
  13. TbigbrotherfanW

    Ian Terry, Week 3

    From what I've seen, the ONLY time Ian has said anything game related is that he would never put up or vote out Ashley. If Shane told boogie they wanted Joe out for sure and were blaming Ian voting out Ashley, why in the world would boogie believe that? Makes zero sense.
  14. TbigbrotherfanW

    Ian Terry, Week 3

    How the heck did Ian's name get thrown under the bus?????? 1) was it Brit/Shane's idea? 2) why the f would boogie and frank believe that!?!?
  15. TbigbrotherfanW

    Shane Meaney, Week 3 (HoH & PoV Winner)

    Either way both sides of the house want him gone and will try and take him out next week. He would be smart to keep it the same and get Joe out. Janelle's team wants to take out Frank too so why not let them do that. Shane is pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place.