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  1. When I think of some of the great lies told in BB in past years, of course the inimitable Dr. Will comes to mind. Yet, he told people all along that he would be lying and he did keep it about the game and he did not get so extremely personal. Now, we have Shelly. Tearful Shelly in the DR how she will never forget what that angel Jordan did for her. Spiteful Shelly who claims Rachel is being hard on her but is so blatantly taunting Rachel about Jeff's successes. Others have mentioned the theft of personal items and threats to destroy them. This is a whole new level of lying and is not just game; it is very personal. Too bad Shelly could not see the clip a few weeks ago when they were filming Josie and her dad and Josie said, "She needs to not keep lying so much." Out of the mouths of babes.
  2. Oh, my -- so you all don't think Shelly will be America's Favorite?
  3. BBJaxFan

    Adam - Week 6 - PoV

    OK, I may have missed something big. I was on vacation the last week in July and missed 4 TV shows. On the updates from late Sunday night/Monday morning it says Adam was talking to the camera and mentioned something about Adam still has the Pandora's box. Did he get some advantage in the game?
  4. BBJaxFan

    POV- Week 6

    I thought that she won the guarantee to play in next week's POV comp, not that she will actually have the POV. It seems a little confusing as to what she won.
  5. BBJaxFan

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I did not vote, so I cannot claim it did not turn out my way. But I did follow all the polls and predictions and it seemed to be Cassi and Dom all the way. Even if Brendon won (he does have his fans, as does Rachel, and he did that incredibly nice move of taking her off the block) I cannot believe that there were more than 2 million votes cast and Brendon got half of them. I doubt Keith got many, but Cassi and Dom were so far ahead in the surveys that it is hard to accept that their combined total was less than Brendon's total. Rigged? I don't know. But, since the season was billed as duos and J/J were the only duo remaining, it seems plausible that the producers manuevered to get another duo back in the game. Disappointing, at best.
  6. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    Remember Dom: "Worst alliance ever!" Apparently he was exactly right!
  7. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    OMG - Brenchel back together? Really?????
  8. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    Thank you all for your great news bits and updates - I almost wonder if I don't have the best seat because I don't have to watch all the dragging minutes that BB apparently thinks is good TV tonight!
  9. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    If they are dragging it out this much, either they have a very quick HOH contest planned for tonight or the winner of the Cassi/Lawon may be the HOH.
  10. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    Thank you so much, Maggie! I have followed the updates; I'm just bothered about missing the vote, who is evicted, who will come back and then how BB will handle the HOH. This is a pretty big bight to be locked out by CBS!
  11. BBJaxFan

    Live Show - August 11

    OK, all you BB fans, I'm counting on you for good comments and a little updating during the show. All shows on CBS are pre-empted in Jax tonight because the local CBS affiliate is showing the Jags-Patriots game.
  12. BBJaxFan

    Jeff - Week 5

    Well, his earlier rants that implied gay men were less than acceptable humans coupled with his comment last night that any woman who is upset must be "on her period" may be among the reasons that many people, like me, think that he is not a nice guy at all.
  13. BBJaxFan

    Kalia - Week 5 - HoH (Part 2)

    I second this - the object of the game is for each player to get him/herself to the end. Not to get J/J to the end. Although, I tend to think that Jeff is more the ass than Jordan. He was the one making those pompous statements to Kalia in the HOH after the POV game.
  14. BBJaxFan

    Jeff - Week 5

    His arrogance grows. He supposedly cannot tolerate floaters, yet he goes nuts when a player makes a strong move. With that kind of inconsistency, no wonder he shoots peas.
  15. BBJaxFan

    Adam - Week 5

    Wow - an impressive showing by Adam!