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  1. 3:41PM BBT Tyler and JC are talking about Bayleigh. Tyler says that she was almost Miss America. Says that she won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America competition. 3:48PM BBT Tyler and JC talk. JC is disappointed in himself. He wanted to contribute. Tyler says he did. Tyler tells him that he did a lot behind the scenes and got the other side to collapse. Tyler says the other side couldn't figure out that JC was working with them. 4:06PM BBT The excitement has begun! The HG are wrapping the table with Saran Wrap to protect it as they are about to start tye-dying their shirts. 4:33PM BBT THe F3 are tye-dying their shirts. They are laughing because it is not going well. Tyler can not figure out if you have to get teh shirts wet first. 4:48PM BBT The F3 are now working on tye-dying bandanas now.Kaycee says they should all wear their tye-dye shirts for finale.
  2. 2:41PM BT JC is eating at the KT counter. Kaycee running laps near the HOH roo 3:02PM BBT Tyler walks into the KT and tells Kaycee that they have tye-dye for when the others are ready. He reads the instructions. JC is in the DR. 3:13PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee discuss that they are going to start a clothing line when they get out of the house. They are pumped. 3:34PM BBT Tyler and JC relaxing in their new lounge area. Kaycee has been called into the DR.
  3. Double Eviction Twelfth HoH 3 Tyler Double Eviction Nominee #1 2 JC Double Eviction Nominee #2 2 Sam Will any HG be bleeped during the DE Veto Comp? 1 Yes Double Eviction Veto Winner 3 Angela Will there be a break between the DE Comp & Meeting? 1 Yes Double Eviction Veto Used? 2 Yes Double Eviction Saved Nominee 2 JC Double Eviction Replacement Nominee 2 Brett Who will be the last HG to vote in the Double Eviction? 1 Angela Will the Double Evictee be a man or woman? 1 Man Will the Double Eviction vote be unanimous? 1 Yes Double Evicted HG 3 Brett Will the HoH comp be a Race or Elimination Comp? 1 race Thirteenth HoH 2 Angela Nominee #1 1 Sam Nominee #1 1 JC Will the Veto comp be played during the day or at night? 2 D Veto Winner 1 Kaycee Veto Used? 2 No Saved Nominee 2 -- Replacement Nominee 2 -- Will one or Two Level 6 Alliance members face eviction? 1 None Will the Have Not room be closed this week? 1 No Will the HG be given a crafts project during the week? 1 No Who will be the first HG to compliment Julie Chen? 1 Sam Will Julie ask the HG questions before the eviction vote? 1 No Will the nominee on the Left or Right side be evicted? 2 Left Will Julie reveal the vote results to the Evicted or Safe HG? 1 Evicted Who is the first HG to vote? 1 Kaycee Evicted HG 3 Sam This weeks Point standings gishy333tx 12 Points Amy123 21 Points BBWatchr 26 Points Total standings gishy333tx 125 Points Fuskie 94 Points Amy123 84 Points BBWatchr 78 Points vyvashuss44 62 Points KatFer 60 Points monadyan 46 Points Dade 32 Points kitten200 18 Points splatgun 18 Points Kakidoodle09 6 Points Flickz 6 Points nataliebb23 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 2 Points
  4. Eleventh HoH 2 Kaycee Nominee #1 1 Sam Nominee #2 1 Hayleigh Veto Player #1 1 Tyler Veto Player #2 1 Brett Veto Player #3 1 Angela Veto Host 2 JC Veto Winner 2 Kaycee Veto Used? 2 No Saved Nominee 1 -- Replacement Nominee 1 -- Will a former season HG enter the BB House this week? 1 Yes Will a Level 6 HG turn on their alliance this week? 1 Yes Will Angela and/or Tyler be a Have Not this week? 1 No Will Big Brother introduce a new twist this week? 1 No Will there be a Morphomatic comp this week? 1 No Who is the first HG to vote? 2 Tyler Evicted HG 3 Haleigh This weeks Point standings gishy333tx 12 Points Amy123 11 Points vyvashuss44 5 Points KatFer 10 Points Total standings gishy333tx 113 Points Fuskie 94 Points Amy123 63 Points vyvashuss44 62 Points KatFer 60 Points BBWatchr 52 Points monadyan 46 Points Dade 32 Points kitten200 18 Points splatgun 18 Points Kakidoodle09 6 Points Flickz 6 Points nataliebb23 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 2 Points
  5. 4:38PM BBT The F3 talking about when finale is. Kaycee thinks it could be tomorrow. She says Kaitlyn is coming through to her and it's tomorrow. They all laugh. 4:59PM BBT Tyler has now sat up in the lounge and is dipping his chex cereal in peanut butter. 5:26PM BBT Kaycee is napping. Tyler and JC talking about dreaming they are on Big Brother and they aren't. They dream they are home and wake up and they are on Big Brother.
  6. 6:15PM BBT The F3 are talking about their phones. Tyler says he doesn't care when he gets his phone. Kaycee says she wants her stuff as soon as possible. 6:20PM BBT Kaycee tells Tyler that his neck is bleeding. JC tells him to stop picking his pimples. He says it is a habit. Tyler now is holding a tissue to his neck. They start joking about how crowded the jury house must be now. 6:45PM Kaycee is napping, Tyler is working out and JC is wandering around the house.
  7. 9:10PM BBT THe F3 sit in the lounge. They can't wait to see Rachel. The talk about different HG. 9:24PM BBT Kaycee tells Tyler and JC that this entire experience feels like a dream. They are laughing and saying they are tired. 9:40PM BBT JC and Tyler talking in the lounge. Discussing the F2. They are discussing what Kaycee can do better then each of them. Tyler says to him as long as they each of the same end goal. 9:48PM BBT We have reels. It is time for the BB Part 1 comp.
  8. 9:32PM BBT She asks Tyler about more secrets. He says he won't tell her that he likes surprises. He says he will tell her when he is walking out the door. She says she is freaking out. She asks him if it is about her birth control. He won't tell her and she keeps guessing. 9:45PM BBT Kaycee still listening to music. Angela goes into the KT and announces 20 minutes until they can go to bed. Angela tells Tyler that they should go hang out with their friends one more night. 9:49PM BBT Tyler and Angela are in the HOH with Kaycee. They are enjoying some snacks. Kaycee tells them they won most of the comps and she loves them. Angela asks when they should tell JC about the L6 alliance. Kaycee says maybe the finale. 9:50PM BBT They talk about how they have won so many comps. Tyler says we accidently let one slip by and it was important.
  9. 9:00PM BBT We have audio only. Tyler and Angela are counting who has what votes. 9:03PM BBT Angela is calling every jury member a child and that they will be bitter. Angela tells him he has better odds. (we still only have audio) 9:07PM BBT Angela and Tyler are snuggling in bed. She is teasing him that she manipulated him into falling in love with him. They are playing the "I'm right no I'm right" game going back on forth about the jury. In the HOH JC and Kaycee talking. Kaycee says they are F3 in BB20. 9:10PM BBT Tyler confesses to Angela that he is a BB superfan. He asks her if she is angry. She says yes because he lied to her. He says he just kind of forgot. They are back to flirting and all is forgiven. Kaycee listening to music in the HOH room. 9:20PM BBT TYler tells Angela that just before he walks out he will kiss her and act like it was an accident. Angela says so we don't tell them (about the shomance). Tyler says he will tell them in his speech. 9:27PM BBT Tyler tells Angela that he has already won. They kiss.
  10. 4:37PM BBT In the HOH, JC, Kaycee continue to sing. Sam eating an apple in the KT. 4:49PM BBT JC and Kaycee have taken their act on the road. They are in the KT continuing to work on their song. 5:03PM BBT Angela, JC and Kaycee eating in the KT. 5:06PM BBT Angela has finished eating. She tells JC she has to go lay down and heads to the HOH room. 5:22PM BBT Angela sleeping. Kaycee put on her Veto costume for her DR session.
  11. 6:46PM BBT Sam tells JC that he did well. She was the only one that timed out. She says she tripped on the carpet during the comp. 6:55PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler celebrate in the SR. The HG are coughing from the comp. They had to run..
  12. 6:42PM BBT Feeds are back. Kaycee has won veto. The HG are talking about how they ran the entire time. They have "knight" costumes on. Kaycee appears to have won it quickly.
  13. 9:54PM BBT Feeds are back. Angela is wearing the HOH key around her neck. 9:57PM BBT The HG are at the dining table eating. It looks like food was provided for them. 10:04PM BBT Angela is trying to decide what type of music to request. The other HG are offering suggestions. 10:16PM BBT Tyler and Sam clean up the KT after the HG dinner. JC and Kaycee talk in the BBR about days and general chatting. 10:22PM BBT Angela is packing for the HOH BR. General chatting.
  14. 12:07PM BBT Brett is tell Angela how much damage he and his roommates did to their rental home in college. He talks about how he video taped himself repairing things in the house while drinking beer. 12:20PM BBT Brett continues making puppy chow. Tyler and Kaycee playing foosball. 12:31PM BBT Brett is shaking the puppy chow an the lid pops off and puppy chows flies. He heads off to get the broom. 12:42PM BBT Brett still adding stuff to the puppy chow. Brown sugar, peanut butter, butter, chocolate. Angela is helping him. 12:45PM BBT Angela is complaining that she was up all night because JC snored. Angela and Brett have put all of the dirty dishes in the sink. Hayleigh, Angela and Tyler snacking on the puppy chow. Brett has gone to take a nap.
  15. 11:39AM BBT Tyler eating. Sam and Angela still talking about the wild horses (they were in bad shape and Sam helped take care of them). 11:48AM BBT Angela doing her nails at the KT counter. She tells Brett that they should make more puppy chow today. Kaycee in the HOH BR listening to music. 11:56AM BBT Brett, Angela and Kaycee in the KT. They mention other HG still sleeping. Angela says this is nice and she could sure get used to this. Kaycee laughs and says this is how it is supposed to be.
  16. 11:10 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler go over options for who wins if each HG is HOH. Tyler says if Angela is HOH and Brett wins Veto - they have to get Brett to not use it. Tyler says that he needs Brett to think that he is down with his plan. 11:18AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler continue to talk about how to blindside Brett. Tyler says just keep pumping up Brett. 11:25AM BBT Sam is telling Angela a story about some horses back home. She mentions a friend back home and BB tells her to "stop that". We get FOTH for a minute and we are back and she is telling the story again.
  17. 6:40PM BBT HG are in the KT prepping food. Brett is heading to the hot tub. 6:49PM BBT Kaycee and Hayleigh are chopping up vegetables for dinner. Brett and Tyler are relaxing in the hot tub. 6:55PM BBT ANgela comes through the KT and takes a piece of vegetable out of the pan Hayleigh is cooking them in. She says she is starving. Hayleigh tells her to look what she is making her. Angela says she sees and is is looking through the fridge for food as she is hungry.
  18. 6:20PM BBT HG still working out. Sam is cooking. Sam has found dirty dishes in the drawer. She wonders out loud to Tyler why people don't wash the dish and just put them away. Tyler says he has no idea. (Angela and Hayleigh both have just rinsed dishes and put them in the drainer.) 6:26PM BBT Kaycee and Hayligh discuss how a copper IUD kills sperm. Brett is still working out..
  19. 5:01PM BBT In the BY, Tyler is talking about he has had too much coffee. Brett talking about a sexual act and telling Sam she likes to hear it. She says no she doesn't. She says she would go inside but it is nice outside. Kaycee and Hayleigh are laughing. Brett asks Kaycee if she every swapped spit with Rachel. Kaycee says "hell no". She asks Brett if he did. Brett says no. She is pretty but not his type. Kaycee says they cuddled but her legs were prickly. She says she told Rachel and she apologized. 5:16PM BBT Tyler is telling Brett and JC about what you need to do to pass a lifeguard test. Brett tells JC that it is funny that JC has grown up near the water in Miami and can't swim. 5:21PM BBT Kaycee in the HOH BR folding clothes. She smells a pair of pants to see if they are clean. In the BY, Hayleigh is running laps and the boys are talking about how busy they are gong to be after the BB season. 5:36 PM BBT Hayleigh in the WCA. Tyler is in there as well. Tyler asks her how she is feeling about the week. She says she wants a real talk with him. Not one where she talks and he nods his head. He agrees to have the talk. 5:47PM BBT All HG except Sam in the BY working out or running laps. Sam is in the HN room getting clothes together. 5:54PM BBT Kaycee tells Brett that he is more muscular then Mark was last year. She says that Caleb was ripped too. Brett says Jess was really built. Hayleigh says on the show he was lean. Brett says when Jess came in this season, his thigh was the size of Brett's waist. 6:03PM BBT Angela in the KT drinking something after running laps. Sam telling her that she just wants to be outside as much as possible. Angela agrees.
  20. 11:59AM BBT Sam, Tyler and Kaycee are in the KT getting coffee. Talking about the morning music. 12:07PM BBT All HG have now gotten out of bed and are moving around the house. 12:16PM BBT Sam is telling JC about her firehouse and the memorial they have for 9/11. She tells JC thank you for doing the wall. 12:30PM BBT JC is telling Sam about the shows that have been filmed on the studio lot. JC says they are living in a place where a lot of stars have been. 12:39PM BBT Brett joins Sam and JC in the BY. Sam asks him if he grew up with TV. He says yes and asks her if she did. She says they did but only had 12 channels. She says that she would run across the street to her grandparents of they wanted to watch cable. JC says that he was only allowed to watch TV between 6-8PM in his house. 12:52PM BBT Tyler, Angela and Hayleigh sunbathing. Kaycee playing pool.
  21. 11:05AM BBT Angela getting juice and Sam doing ADLs. 11:24AM BBT Angela eating and sunbathing in the BY. Sam is curling her hair. 11:41AM BBT And... Angela has rolled over to sunbathe her back and Sam is still curling her hair. 11:55AM BBT Anglea has flipped back over and after taking a bit of a break, Sam is back to curling her hair.
  22. Tenth HoH 2 Tyler Who Will Win The Jury Battle Back? 4 Scottie Will the returning HG win HoH? 2 No Will the returning HG be nominated or backdoored? 2 Yes Nominee #1 1 Scottie Nominee #2 1 Hayleigh Veto Player #1 1 JC Veto Player #2 1 Sam Veto Player #3 1 Kaycee Veto Host 2 Brett Veto Winner 2 Kaycee Will there be Have Nots this week? 1 Yes Veto Used? 2 No Saved Nominee 1 -- Replacement Nominee 1 -- Enter DragonCon here for a free 2 points! 2 DragonCon Who is the first HG to vote? 2 Brett Evicted HG 3 Scottie This weeks Point standings gishy333tx 40 Points Fuskie 40 Points Amy123 37 Points splatgun 18 Points BBWatchr 15 Points vyvashuss44 11 Points KatFer 8 Points Total standings gishy333tx 101 Points Fuskie 94 Points vyvashuss44 57 Points Amy123 52 Points BBWatchr 52 Points KatFer 50 Points monadyan 46 Points Dade 32 Points kitten200 18 Points splatgun 18 Points Kakidoodle09 6 Points Flickz 6 Points nataliebb23 5 Points Jinx 3 Points Nataliebb23 2 Points Vampirelover 2 Points
  23. 6:33PM BBT Sam and Kaycee in the KT. They try to figure out how long it has been since Sam smoked. Kaycee says 2-3 weeks. Sam says she tries not to think about it but she is very proud of herself. 6:43PM BBT Tyler, Brett and JC talk about what rooms used to be what in the house in past seasons. Hayleigh is still working out. 6:53PM BBT Brett, Sam, Tyler and Angela talk about Paul. Sam says that he could have done some damage with the brass knuckles of rings he had on his hands. Brett says it hurt when he hit his hand.
  24. 5:27PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee agree that Angela and Brett would expect them to take them to F2 because the jury hates them. Tyler says that he knows for a fact that they think that. Kaycee says that she is loyal to their F2. 5:43PM BBT Angela running laps. Kaycee playing pool by herself. JC, Tyler, Brett and Hayleigh are relaxing on the BY couches. Sam taking clothes out of the dryer. 6:06PM BBT Hayleigh is lifting weights. Brett is napping and JC is humming to himself. 6:18 PM BBT IN the BY, Sam, JC, and Tyler talk about BB19. They explain what Josh did last year. They explain who the HG were that visited the house for the engagement. 6:28PM BBT HAyleigh is asking Brett what other exercises she can do for her arms. Sam, Tyler and Brett general chatting. Kaycee and JC are in the KT eating fruit.
  25. 5:06PM BBT Kaycee listening to music in the HOH room. Brett laying on the couch in the BY. 5:12PM BBT JC, Brett and Hayleigh talk about foster children. Hayleigh talks about how her parents almost adopted a little girl. They talk about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and how many they adopted. 5:24PM BBT Kaycee comes into the KT where Tyler is. She suggests that he come up to HOH some time for them to study dates together pout loud. She says that way Brett doesn't have anyone to study with. Tyler says he hasn't heard Angela study.