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  1. 8:35PM BBT Xmas comes into the KT. She asks Paul if he is feeling better. Paul says he is. He says he couldn't breath and he thinks it may have been a minor heart attack. He says 183 days in the BB house. He explains how Josh messed up dinner so he is remaking it. 8:45PM BBT Josh comes out of the DR. Xmas asks him if he was crying.Josh says he is just happy. They hug. 8:54PM BBT Josh and Xmas talk about freaking out. Xmas says she was freaking out while they were cooking. (she was sleeping). They talk about when they get to go out tomorrow night. Xmas says it is different for her because she is away from her family often. We get FOTH. 8:58PM BBT Paul is out of the DR and cuts the steak. He says it's a bit bloody but it's done. Then he says "now what" Josh is setting the table. On the menu - steak and veggies that were steamed in a pan with a lid, carrots with brown sugar and butter and rice that was cooked with Peanut Butter, hot sauce, salt, seasonings and some more salt. They scoop up their food into bowls.
  2. 7:51PM BBT Paul comes out. Josh has burned the carrots. Paul tries the rice. He says to throw it out. He says it tastes terrible. Josh says he was trying to make a nice meal for them. 8:05PM BBT Paul and Josh doing the cooking. Xmas still sleeping. 8:07PM BBT Paul is adding Peanut butter and garlic to his rice. 8:18PM BBT Josh cutting up more carrots and Paul is marinading the steak. 8:30PM BBT Paul is playing with his beard over the cooking food. He is smoothing the lines of it with his hands. He opens the pot and stirs his rice soup concoction. Xmas still asleep.
  3. 6:36PM BBT Josh gets out carrots and washes them with soap. he sits at the counter and starts to peel them. 6:50PM BBT Josh still cooking. 7:04PM BBT Josh still cooking. Xmas and Paul still sleeping. 7:08PM BBT Josh in the wave room talking to the feeds. He says he is trying to put his entire game together in a minute. Josh says Paul being anxious has made him anxious. 7:12PM BBT Josh going over his points. He feels he can't beat Xmas. He says next to Paul he can say Paul has played it safe and didn't make any big moves. Josh explaining what moves he has made. 7:16PM BBT Josh taking about how he got out his targets and had to blow things up. He says he won comps when he had to. Josh saying he has played the entire game being loyal and standing up for people and calling out people. He goes out to check on his food. 7:29PM BBT Josh still prepping dinner. He uses the WC and then runs his hands under the water for 3 seconds. He goes to the kitchen and says the rice is mushy and they will hate it.
  4. 5:38PM BBT As we watch Xmas rub Paul's face, BB calls out napping again. The other cams are on the words Money and Alliance. 5:52PM BBT Cams on an overflowing trash can in the bathroom. Qtips on the floor. Dirty mirror and tooth brush. Xmas cradling Paul. 6:10PM BBT Still a sleeping HGs and the overflowing trash can. 6:19PM BBT Paul and Xmas still napping. Josh cutting up steak in the KT. 6:31PM BBT JOsh making rice. He says this is his first time so don't judge. Xmas and Paul still in bed.
  5. 5:10PM BBT Paul sleeping. Xmas and Josh talking in the wave room. Xmas talking about the gym. They are just general chatting. Xmas says she wants to buy land and build a gym she actually owns. 5:21PM BBT Xmas talking to Josh about the 90 second speech. She says she doesn't understand why they were told all three of them will make one. 5:26PM BBT Xmas tells Josh that the people tomorrow will be pissed. She says "shouldn't have come at me you m'fers" And josh says he is going to be a d-bag if they come at him with stupid questions. Xmas says you need to do what is good for your game. 5:29PM BBT Xmas climbs in bed with Paul and he snuggles close. She is rubbing his neck. He is recovering from a panic attack he had. (he says he has had them all season). 5:35PM BBT BB tells the HG they need to be awake. Xmas says that is mean. She is comforting Paul as he recovers.
  6. 9:19PM BBT Paul comes out of DR and tells them POP sent them something. He steps on a Froot Loop and tells Josh to clean them up. Paul tells Josh they are going to step on them and get ants. Paul yells out to mas to come inside. Pop has sent them games, popcorn and candy because they have done so well. hey all cheer. They also get beer. 9:23PM BBT Paul unpacks the tote. Games and candy. Paul says he is taking the tote. Xmas trying to figure out what to play first. 9:29PM BBT Paul doing card tricks with the cards. Xmas is his assistant. 9:34PM BBT Paul teaching Xmas the three card monty. Xmas is giggling like a school girl and flipping her hair and smiling at him. (he is not showing her three card monty but another trick). He bets her his beer. He fools her and Xmas giggles at him him "where did he learn that" Paul says he did magic. 9:39PM BBT Paul tells them he has done magic since he was a kid and was a Jr. Member at the Magic Castle. Josh still trying to figure out food. 9:42PM BBT Josh is amazed at the magic tricks. The HG crack open their Budweisers. Josh is talking to Orwell. 9:44PM BBT Josh is saying he is getting lit. He asks Paul to teach him magic. Paul says when he has his magic stuff he can show them lots of stuff. Paul not showing Josh how to do the magic tricks. 9:57PM BBT HG playing cards and eating candy and drinking beer.
  7. 9:04PM BBT JOsh goes out to the BY and says to Xmas he is starving. Xmas tells him to make Xmas toast and eggs. He heads back inside and complains he wasn't Chinese take out. 9:07PM BBT Josh says he is going to clean the KT and then finds a bunch of ants and says he isn't. He starts to put soap on the dishes. He says he hates washing dishes. 9:10PM BBT Josh is complaining how he hates doing dishes. He keeps begging POP to hook them up with food. He says all he has done is wash dishes. She talks about how disgusting things are. (The trash can is over flowing on to the floor). Josh says he will stop talking and just be miserable but he continues to talk. 9:16PM BBT Josh still whining and yelling. Hates the ants, hates washing dishes etc.
  8. 8:18PM BBT Still napping HGs. 8:46PM BBT Every once in awhile someone turns over. Still sleeping. 8:52PM BBT Josh is up and wandering through the KT. Paul and Xmas still snuggled on the hammock. 8:54PM BBT Josh tells Paul what time it is. Paul says he just wants to crash. BB calls Paul to the DR. Josh says he wishes they would send them food so they don't have to cook. 9:02PM BBT JOsh doing his usual dance moves in front of the open fridge. Trying to figure out dinner.
  9. 7:17PM BBT The 3 HG talk about their families and how they will enjoy meeting each of them. Paul says his sister is nothing like him. Xmas says her sister is loud and has no filter. 7:26PM BBT Xmas talks abut Cody and how he has serious issues. Josh says he can't wait to grab a 40, a blunt and sit outside. The three start to nap on the hammock outside. 7:38PM BBT All 3 HG are sleeping. 7:56PM BBT All three HG are sleeping in the hammock.
  10. 6:41PM BBT Paul tells Xmas that he will never let himself down. He says he may let others down but he not himself. He says his band is successful now but he has been playing in a band since he was 12 years old. Xmas talking about being in business. 6:49PM BBT XMas talking about her training and coaching and shops. Paul says you have to be humble or no one will be thee for you. Josh agrees. Paul says you have to treat people as equals. Paul says that his accomplishments are great enough to be recognized but he doesn't jam it down people's throats. 7:03PM BBT Paul tells Xmas and Josh that he is still going to make a cool shirt for Raven and everything it makes will go to here for a new pacemaker or whatever she wants to do with it. 7:06PM BBT Josh says he is excited he has a travel buddy. Xmas says and a business advisor and life advisors. Paul says he travels at least once a month so Josh better not blow him off when he calls him. Paul asks Xmas to tickle his back.
  11. 10:22PM BBT Josh has put cream in Paul's hot sauce concoction. Paul and Josh arguing. Xmas asks what happened. Paul tells her. Xmas tells Josh he is going to get hot sauce thrown in his face again.
  12. 9:47PM BBT Feeds are back. Xmas and Josh talking about which HG was hard to knock down. Xmas says that the comp was that you had to knock down HG unless they were applicable to the question. Xmas says there was a slingshot. There was a nerf ball involved and a bow and arrow. No confirmation yet on who won. 9:49PM BBT Josh is laughing and tells Xmas she has a boot and pink eye and he beat her by 7 minutes. Xmas says it was more like 5 minutes. Josh won Pt. 2 9:53PM BBT Sounds like there was not a time limit on the comp. Both HG did not do well so it took a long time. 10:01PM BBT Josh and Xmas complaining how terrible the comp was. Xmas says he needs to rub her ass after all the dead lifts she had to do. Paul does a call out to BB for the finale day. Josh says they need alcohol. 10:06PM BBT Josh and Paul in the KT whispering. Josh says he is going to DR to request wine. Josh goes to Xmas and hugs her and tells her how proud he is of her. 10:15PM BBT Paul ordering Josh to finish the chicken and peel the garlic. Josh tells him no. Josh says why does he have to do everything? Paul says because Josh does nothing. Paul says he is the one that cooks. He is pouring half a bottle of hot sauce in a pan to cook chicken in. Xmas taking a shower.
  13. 12:01PM BBT Paul is sure that Cody was a saboteaur this season. Says he must be an actor. Josh says no that was Cody. Paul says he got upset at Cody when he made Raven cry (Paul told Raven to cry). Josh says that Cody was going to call Alex a b**** and anyone who would call a woman that is wrong. 12:08PM BBT The prev HG bashing continues. Josh talking about how he threatened to destroy each HG in the house but they didn't want to start things. Paul says that he thinks maybe Cody and Mark knew each other because they played together from the start. Paul says that the men cast this season were not savage like the girls. Paul tells Josh that if Meech was in the house she would have cracked Josh. Paul says Meech was personal. Josh says he didn't play personal. 12:19PM BBT Josh talking about how no one wanted to talk after noms. He said everyone was too scared to say anything. Paul says people were tip toeing around for no reason. Rinse and repeat during the convo. 12:24PM BBT The F3 calling out prev HGs. Saying they were idiots etc. Xmas says Alex came in ready to play. Paul says Alex told hm she was gunning to get him out and says "oh how the table has turned". Paul says that he has learned more patience in the house this year. He says that usually he can't even wait in line. He says if there are more then 6 people in line he won't wait. 12:28PM BBT Paul talking about his fan base being huge in Florida. He says it's Los Angeles, New York, Canada and then Florida how his fan base ranks. Xmas says she has a huge fan base in Florida as well. 12:42PM BBT Paul and Josh make plans to go to the Cochella Music Festival. Paul says he rents a truck and throws a mattress in the back. Paul cooking eggs for the HG. 12:56PM BBT Josh asks what if Elena and Mark still want to go after him after the show.Paul says it won't happen. Josh says he won't entertain it.
  14. 11:10AM BBT HG still sleeping. One cam on the memory wall. 11:25AM BBT Lights are on and HG are moving about. 11:28AM BBT BB Has called Josh to get up several times. Josh mumbles ok. He gets called again to change his batteries and not moving. Reading a small book.. 11:30AM BBT Paul comes in and tells Josh that it's just another endurance comp. They laugh and Josh heads out the BR door. Paul working on his beard and Xmas finishing her hair. 11:36AM BBT Xmas doing dishes. Josh tells Paul that Paul never cleans. Paul says that is because he has one cup and one dish. Paul puts his feet on the counter as he watches Xmas clean. 11:50AM BBT Paul mocking Jess talking about Cody beating Paul in the comps. The three are cleaning and laughing. Paul using a mocking voice to say "you ruined true love" He says he is getting all the arguments out so people can't tweet at him. They are now bashing Raven. Paul says Raven had family on the Titanic but she didn't know their names or what they looked like. Paul says his family was the iceberg.
  15. 3:01PM BBT Josh says that he doesn't see why people were trying to separate them. Xmas says they were stealth and no one connected the dots that they were together as a team. 3:03PM BBT The three of them agree that all of their hard work would be for nothing this season. Josh says you had to leave your ego and cockiness at the door. Josh says that Xmas won 2 HOH and got rid of Cody. Xmas says that having an ego is selfish. More HG bashing by the three of them. 3:21PM BBT Xmas talking about her friends. See says they took her out and bought her a really nice bottle of beer.It's like a champagne beer. She kept the bottle and they all signed it. 3:44PM BBT HG have crawled back in bed. Josh talking about girls he has dated. Says he would have fallen in love with Elena. 3:51PM BBT Josh still going on about how he would date a girl who he knows isn't good for him. he says he usually dates the girls for 3-4 months. Xmas says she doesn't understand why he would do that when he knows it isn't going anywhere. 3:56PM BBT The HG start to settle down for a nap.