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  1. 12:35AM BBT Ross says that he is putting up Ari and Omarosa. He says he will break the news to Ari in the morning. Ari comes in and they discuss that Ross was wobbly but refused to fall. 12:42AM BBT Ari asks Ross if Mark has a deal with Omarosa. Ross says no. He says he will protect her through this one. They have 4 out of 5 for her tomorrow. He says at F4 though they all have to fight. 12:48PM BBT Ari, Ross and Marissa talking about their punishments (baby bottle, ears etc). Mark is cleaning the KT and dumping ice from a bottle of champagne they had. 12:52AM BBT Ross is telling Ari and Marissa that he is really hoping to hear from his Mom. He knows he can talk to her in just a couple of days but he is hoping to hear from his Mom.
  2. 12:30AM BBT Feeds are back. Ross and Mark are talking about someone with breast cancer. Sounds like possibly Ross' mom. Mark offers a friend who is a doctor. Ross says he may take him up on that. Ross won HOH. He says he wasn't going to let go. He says he has 2 HOH and 2 Veto
  3. 6:25PM BBT Ross apologizes to Brandi but says that she upset everyone in the house. Brandi says she thought he was her friend. He says he is but everything is different from 22 days ago. He says Marissa has been loyal to him. He says he feels awful but he has to choose between sending a friend home. Brandi says he made a deal with her. 6:30PM BBT Brandi gets up and walks out of the BR. She says "nice working with you. Remind me never to do that again". Ross tells Ari that he feels bad and if he could go back he wouldn't make the deal. He says a lot has changed but he can't change it.
  4. 5:57PM BBT Omarosa and James talking. Talking about who different HG would put up. Omarosa says that Ari is fighting with Marissa and Ross. James says no she isn't. Omarosa says that Ross pinky promised Brandi F2 so Brandi has been talking to Ari. 6:03PM BBT Omarosa talks about who has won what. James tells her that he didn't win things on purpose. Omarosa tells him to make sure he tells people that when he gives his speech. 6:07PM BBT James says that prisons have more sunlight and room then the house. He says at the same time he hasn't had as much free time ever. Omarosa says she is looking forward to getting home and getting fresh air. She needs to get her oxygen levels back to normal and then work out. 6:13PM BBT Ross and Brandi talk. Ross asks Brandi is she knows what Ari is doing. Brandi says yes. Brandi talks about them making a F2. Ross says she was the only one he knew in the house. He says he ment it. He says everything changes in the house quickly. Brandi says that she and Ari have never made a deal. 6:19PM BBT James and Omarosa talk. James says after the game he may take his handlers to dinner. Omarosa says she takes wrap parties very seriously because you see these people again and again. James says he will keep it in mind but doesn't know. In the BR, Brandi is calling out Ross for making alliances. We get FOTH.
  5. 5:26PM BBT All HG heading to LR. Brandi has something from BB she needs to read. It reads: Hello contestants, This is how you wear your hair extensions" She is joking. They woke up Omarosa and Ross for it. The HG leave the LR. Brandi says to have some fun, it was a joke. 5:32PM BBT Omarosa is in a foot jammie onesie in the MBR. Brandi says the DR asked her what her plan is. Brandi wants to blow up that Ross had F2 with her the entire game. Omarosa says they are going to pick them off one by one. 5:40PM BBT Omarosa and Mark are still playing pool. Omarosa looks like a giant pink bunny in her jammies (think A Christmas Story). Brandi, Ross and Marissa chatting in general. 5:54PM BBT Omarosa heads to the gym and talks to James. Says she was sleeping nicely and James says until loud mouth Brandi played the prank. He says at least she is going home tomorrow. Omarosa says that it is going to be a DE though.
  6. 4:42PM BBT The HG are in the HOH room discussing the people on the wallpaper and who they find attractive. It has just dawned on Marissa and Brandi that the people are on a diving board. 4:54PM BBT HG are released from LD. Mark is drying dishes. Ross and James discuss being live in 24 hours. James says no mater what happens it's going to be fast. He says they just need to adjust and go. 5:16PM BBT Ross sleeping. General chatting in the KT with James, Mark, Marissa and Ari.
  7. 2:22PM BBT HG are eating lunch. Marissa walking around and collecting her clothing and items to pack. 2:26PM BBT Brandi in the KT and says "let's play what would you do if you were HOH". Mark says he doesn't have to play. Brandi says it was a dual HOH with him and James. James says that Mark is a grown man. Brandi says she knows. Mark says that it is no different then her and Ari. Brandi agrees. 2:45PM BBT Mark tells the HG that BB has advised them not to put anything down the sink. TO scrape it into the trash first. (they clogged the sink) 2:47PM BBT Marissa and Ross talking in the BR. Marissa tells Ross that Brandi is saying she is going to have her Monday convos tonight. She tells him that Brandi and James were in the SR for a long time today. Marissa says she told Air that she would understand if Ari needed to vote for Brandi to stay. 2:54PM BBT Marissa and Ross talk. Marissa is talking about Brandi. She says that she is "scared" of her because she never knows what is going to come out of Brandi's mouth. Marissa jokes that she is bummed Zingbot isn't coming.
  8. 2:15PM BBT Feeds are back and Marissa is packing. Marissa has been nominated as replacement.
  9. 6:30PM BBT Feeds are back. Mark told Ari she did well. Ari has won POV. It was a puzzle with the HG faces. It was face morph.
  10. 8:35PM BBT Marissa and Ari explaining OTEV to Brandi. Marissa says that OTEV and Zingbot are usually at the same time in the game. 8:42PM BBT James says the more you can keep your word in the house the better but he knows it's hard. They then discuss what Omarosa has said about lies in the White House. They decide to nap. 8:53PM BBT Ari, Brandi and Marissa cleaning the KT. Brandi talking about reality TV. She says she has done 38 reality shows.
  11. 8:03PM BBT Omarosa talks about that she worked in the White House under the Clinton's for 2 years. Marissa says that she had no idea that Omarosa worked in the White House before. Omarosa says that her background was scrubbed when they talk about her. 8:14PM BBT Ross and James talk about when they have to get up early for work. 4:30 AM. James says the only good thing is then you are done by noon. They discuss that he feels bad about Ari nominated. He says that Ari wants to get out Omarosa first. Ross agrees. 8:20PM BBT James and Ross talking. Trying to figure out who is voting for who. Ross says he feels bad but he has to do what he has to do. James says if Brandi wins Veto, then it's Omarosa but eventually they need to vote out Brandi. James says it would be good if Ari wins the next one, she will put Omarosa out. 8:25PM BBT ROss and James continue to talk strategy. Ross says he is bummed he isn't playing. James says he felt that way yesterday during Veto. They are studying.
  12. 7:29PM BBT Feeds are back. All HG in the KT making dinner. Marissa, Ari, James and Ross in the SR. Ross hugs Ari. He tells her not to feel bad if she has questions. James asks BB for more water. He says they need basic needs. 7:39PM BBT Ross and Marissa in the MBR. Marissa tells him that Mark says it is time for Brandi to go.If someone comes down, then Omarosa goes up. If Brandi comes down, them Omarosa goes home. Ross thanks her for telling him. Marissa says that she is going to vote against Brandi. 7:50PM BBT dinner time in the BB house. All HG eating tacos. 7:59PM BBT Omarosa is talking about The Apprentice. Marissa asks her if she was 2nd her first time. Omarosa says she was 9th all three times. Marissa says she thought Omarosa was in the top 2. Omarosa says that top 2 was never her goal. She says she was in every scene and every board room.
  13. 6:28PM BBT James tells Ari that he has purposely not won the HOH. Ari says she thinks the next one is the last one. James says that there has to be at least 3 more. Ross and Mark are now playing pool. 6:45PM BBT James and Mark playing pool. Brandi doing dishes. Marissa and Ari whispering. Hard ot hear but it sounds like she overheard something in the KT. 6:57PM BBT OMarosa and Marissa talk about that it is getting to them not being able to go outside. Marissa says that it isn't about the house but more about not getting outside and the air. Omarosa and Marissa talk about the cop last night. They had to lay on a board. Marissa says that Brandi joked she was going to pop a silicone. Mark is called to the DR. Omarosa asks if there is an announcement tonight or a comp. Marissa says she doesn't think so. We get animal reels
  14. 6:02PM BBT Marissa and Ross are whispering in the BR. Marissa says that they want Brandi out. Ross says he doesn't know that is the right move. Marissa says that they can't argue with them. Marissa says that Brandi takes on the person who left. Brandi is now wearing Metta's clothes. Marissa says maybe split the vote and make him vote out Brandi. 6:07PM BBT Marissa says she was prepared to be nominated because she figured they want to split her and Ross up. Marissa says she isn't going to talk about it until the Veto. Marissa tells him that everyone tried to get her to vote Ross out. Ross says then if Brandi was included in that, why is he feeling bad for Brandi.+ 6:26PM BBT Ari and James chatting in the lounge. They are talking about the sofa in the KT is comfortable. Mark doing some cleaning in the KT.
  15. 5:37PM BBT Feeds are back. Brandi and Ari are nominated. Ari gives him a hug and says it is just a game. Brandi says she isn't angry. Mark says it is like having to nominate your son or daughter. 5:47PM BBT Ari and Brandi talk in the WC. Brandi says they knew it would be 2 out of the three of them. Ross comes in and they get quiet. Ari walks out and then Ross walks out as Brandi heads into the WC. 5:50PM BBT OMarosa talks to Mark abut the charity auctions she does. About him giving something to it. Mark says that is cool. Omarosa says maybe she will frame her HOH robe. Mark says you have to wear that thing. They can hear construction outside. Mark says they will be luck to get the yard today. 5:59PM BBT General chatting in the KT. Omarosa says that it is 9PM now back east so maybe her husband is watching. Mark says probably not. Omarosa asks if Mark's wife is watching. Mark says he can't even call it. He says she may watch it or never have any interest in it.