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  1. 9:26PM BBT Fessy tells JC that he has a plan this week. He says that Hayleigh and JC are safe. He says that he isn't going to listen to anyone. He says he is going to do what he is doing because it benefits him. 9:34PM BBT Sam and Tyler chat in the WCA. He asks her if she is ok. She says she is sad but she did what she had to do. She hopes that Rockstar knows they are friends outside of the house. 9:36PM BBT Brett is talking to Angela and Kaycee. They are whispering. It sounds as though he is going to tell Fessy he voted to keep Rockstar. 9:42PM BBT Hayleigh and Scottie are whispering on the bridge. Scottie asks Hayleigh who Fessy is putting up. She says he doesn't know yet but Scottie is safe. Hayleigh tells Scottie that Fessy plans to put up Tyler and Brett. Hayleigh tells Scottie that Fessy is worried Scottie would take Tyler down with a veto. Scottie tells Hayleigh that he would do whatever Hayleigh wanted him to do. 9:50PM BBT Angela and Kaycee whispering about Angela being fake. She says she can be fake to Hayleigh because she likes her. She says she couldn't be fake to Rockstar because she did not like her. 9:53PM BBT Hayleigh tells Scottie when Fessy asks who voted for Rockstar to stay, he needs to raise his hand.
  2. 9:05PM BBT Fessy and Hayleigh talk in the WCA. They talk about the audience cheering loud for Rockstar. Hayleigh taking a shower and Fessy heads to the KT.. 9:18PM BBT HG roaming around the house. Eating, chatting and showering. No game talk. 9:24PM BBT JC tries to talk to Fessy. Fessy tells him that no one talks to him the entire game and now everyone wants to talk to him. He goes into the SR. He tells JC he is safe this week. Fessy tells JC that he doesn't want anyone to come to him to tell him to suggest what to do.
  3. 2:15PM BBT Angela and Hayleigh talk about beauty and such. Hayleigh talks about going into that field and making money. IG and social media. She says she doesn't want to get stuck in Texas and doesn't want to go back. 2:27PM BBT Sam telling he HG that they got the smelly good laundry detergent. General chatting. HG in the BY relaxing.
  4. 1:43PM BBT Brett and Tyler playing pool. Brett keeps singing and we keep getting FOTH. 1:54PM BBT HG in the BY. General chatting. Some are sunning and some are talking about working out. 2:03PM BBT Angela and Hayleigh talk about the jury house. They don't want to go but hope if they do that it is chill. Angela says it's game over at that point. She tells Hayleigh that Bayleigh told her they wouldn't be friends after the show.
  5. 1:36PM BBT JC and Kaycee are talking in the BY. Kaycee telling him how Haleigh apologized to her and told her that she wasn't her target and that she is sorry she is going home. 1:47PM BBT In the BY, Tyler, Angela and JC talk about Angela talking in her sleep. She says you can ask her questions in her sleep and she will answer. They laugh about BB calling JC to the DR a few nights ago and Angela yelled out to shut up and went right back to sleep. 1:51PM BBT HG keep singing so we keep getting FOTH.
  6. 1:11PM BBT Rockstar and Scottie talking. Rockstar says if they can send Kaycee home this week she thinks that it will still make Haleigh happy. She says if she wins She will put up Angela next to Brett. Rockstar says this is her 3rd eviction speech. 1:25PM BBT Most HG are in the BY sunning and general chatting. Rockstar and Scottie still chatting in the HOH. 1:32PM BBT Tyler and Fessy talking in the KT. Both are saying they are not targets of the other. Discuss F4 you have to win HOH or veto or you are out.
  7. 5:07PM BBT Hayleigh says that they need to win the Veto and she will put back the original nominees. 5:11PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela are in the WCA discussing who Hayleigh thinks is the Hacker. They are counting votes. 5:18PM BBT Fessy walks into HOH and asks Hayleigh her thoughts. She has headphones on but sees him. She ignores him until he walks out of HOH. She is unhappy. 5:23PM BBT Brett and Hayleigh talk in the HOH BR. Brett tells her it wasn't him. He says he wonders if it was trying to frame him. Hayleigh says she has three options and one of them is going up.
  8. 5:05PM BBT Feeds are back and Rockstar is up. She is upset. Some of the HG try and comfort her. Hayleigh and Tyler in the HOH room. Hayleigh doesn't understand why they are targeting Rockstar.
  9. 4:38PM BBT Hayleigh and Kaycee talk. They both swear they didn't win the Slacker comp. Kaycee asks why she was put up. Hayleigh says that Scottie told her that Kaycee talked about who to put up. Kaycee says she was in the room but she didn't say it. Hayleigh tells her that she isn't the target. 4:48PM BBT We currently have reels.
  10. 4:01PM BBT Angela and Kaycee talking. Kayee is asking if she should say "thank you" when she is taken off of the block like she doesn't know why. She says she told Hayleigh that she doesn't have the hacker. 4:06PM BBT In the KT, Hayleigh is pacing and telling Rockstar and Scottie that she they have to win POV. 4:14PM BBT Most of the HG in the BBR - discussing the hacker comp. They talk about someone is lying since the person will not admit they are the hacker. 4:22PM BBT All of the HG are in the BR. They are being called into the DR one by one for a few minutes. 4:35PM BBT Hayleigh and Tyler make a pinky promise that they are not the hacker.
  11. 2:32PM BBT Sam joins Angela in the HOH room. Angela tells her that she feels Bailey is still the hacker. She says the entire house meeting was a show. She says it makes no sense if Hayleigh really was the hacker. 2:36PM BBT In the HOH room Sam is telling Angela, Kaycee and Tyler that she knows they make sun of her. She says what you see if what you get. She says she has no idea how to strategize and she is going to be herself. She says she is surprised she is still there but she is just going to keep gong. She cares for all of them. 2:46PM BBT Rockstar and Hayleigh are talking. Rockstar is telling Hayleigh not to feel bad about anything. She says that she is in this position due to herself not winning any power. Bayleigh interrupts and asks for her bible. Rockstar gets it for her. Bayleigh says she needs to try breathing to relax. 2:51PM BBT Bayleigh, Hayleigh and Rockstar talk about Tyler not coming out of the HOH yet. They wonder what everyone is talking about up there. Bayleigh thinks he is crying about that he was made to look like a villain. She says that she has been nice to people who generally are mean to her. She says all she does in the house is cry.
  12. 1:54PM BBT Bayleigh tells Brett that she is sorry that she put him up and that she will not use her power against him. Brett tells her that she was so angry she was bleeding like she popped a blood vessel. She says she was angry because she doesn't break promises. 2:02PM BBT In the HOH, Kaycee, Angela and Tyler talk about the house meeting. They discuss Sam. Angela says that Sam always consoles whoever needs it no matter what she actually thinks. 2:17PM BBT JC and Hayleigh talk about the hacker power. Hayleigh says she couldn't let Bayleigh go home for something she did. She tells JC if Bayleigh stays she is going to use the power she has. 2:22PM BBT Bay and Hayleigh are takling. Fessy comes in and tells them that he has spoken to Brett. They are discussing if they have the votes to keep Bayleigh. 2:28PM BBT Hayleigh and Bayleigh talking. Bayleigh tells her that Tyler is truly a terrible person. Hayleigh says Tyler is yelling at Bayleigh for having a power. Bayleigh says she is ok if she goes home. She wanted to be the first black person to win BB but it's ok.
  13. 1:34PM BBT Bayleigh and Brett talking in the HNBR. Bayleigh is going over and over who said what and when things were done. Just rehashing. Bayleigh says that she can't be honest in the house and can't be herself. 1:41PM BBT In the PBR, Rockstar, JC, Hayleigh and Fessy talk about exes. Rockstar says she will not damage property or kill anyone but she will stalk an ex. JC telling stories of his ex and an argument his Dad had with a GF. 1:48PM BBT Bayleigh is explaining her power to Brett and how she can use it next week if she stays. She tells hm she knows the others are after her.
  14. 11:37AM BBT Rockstar finishes her smoothie punishment while Tyler and Kaycee fiinish cooking chicken. Rockstar heads out to the BY to run her 1/4 mile punishment. 11:42AM BBT Bayleigh is running with Rockstar to encourage her to complete her punishment. 11:51AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler finishing cooking the chicken. (It was expiring and they wanted to cook it for meal prep). Kaycee is calling Tyler her side nut. They are chatting. 11:55AM BBT Brett and Rockstar talking about her soreness from running. He tells her to make sure she stretches.
  15. 11:03AM BBT Rockstar, Tyler, Kaycee and Scottie are in the KT making food and discussing relationships. 11:17PM BBT Sam and Bayleigh are in the BY. Bay is saying she hopes Swaggy isn't angry. Sam says she hopes he went home to someone. Bayleigh says he lives alone. Sam says she hopes someone caught him when he left. Bayleigh says that he may have turned up Swaggy C times 10 to overcompensate. She says it sucks because she knows Swaggy has a whole bunch of girls and are all over him. She says he told her he had a bunch of girls calling him before he even came into the house. Sam says that maybe he was just trying to make her jealous. 11:22AM BBT Bayleigh and Sam talking about their lives back home. Bayleigh says Sam has a career and family. Sam tells Bayleigh she does as well. Bayleigh says she quit her job to come into the house. Sam says she did as well.